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Full Version: Chirper # 32 (AC WEEK #490)
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You will be able to earn 100k per post in this week’s Chirper thread, up to 600k per week. However, there is a daily cap of 2 on paid chirps. You may post 2 chirps on 3 different days, 1 chirp on 6 different days, or anything in between to achieve the maximum payout.
Happy Chirper #32 y'all
Hope everyone has a great week and congrats to the folks drafted yesterday!
The #32 Chirps Podcast
And we're off
I'm a member of the Atlanta inferno. Still processing this all... gonna be the best 2nd rounder of all time bro
the chirper
alwaya gotta grind for Lord Chirper
Real happy with the draft results for Texas! Welcome to Texas new draftees!
Yesterday was an exciting day in the league! Lots of fun!
I am grateful to have been drafted
I’d feel better if I was a first choice selection forever ?
I love the smell of fresh tpe in the morning
What should I make my profile picture be on the forums?
Its Monday.  Draft days are nigh.  I hope to remember to chirp.