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Full Version: S73 DFA Bounty #3 - The Future
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Playoffs are still going on, and we're at our third DFA bounty of the season:

With playoff hockey going on in the league, you can feel the excitement in the air and your draft, the real start of your SMJHL career, coming closer. It makes you wonder where this could all lead to eventually..

Written Task: What are your goals in the leagues? Long term, mid term, short term; what are you hoping to accomplish with your player, or hoping to find on the teams you join. Are you looking for individual success, and maybe even a HoF induction, or will you focus on team success? (250 words min.)

Graphic Task: Create a hockeycard for your player, including at least your render, name and the logo of an SHL team you could see yourself playing for.

Reward: $500,000 for doing one of the above

Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S74 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S75) are eligible for this bounty.

There is no need to claim this anywhere. After grading the money should pop up in your account 'automatically'.

Deadline: Sunday, November 12th @ 11:59pm PST
The question makes you stop and think. To be honest, before looking at this third bounty, I don't even think I've thought that far ahead of Muon. I'm not sure what I'd hope for him. I'd like to be drafted, although I think that should be fine, I'd say it's pretty rare for someone in a sim league not at least to get picked up by someone. I guess I'd like to see him do a little bit better than my last player, although I was thrilled that Dork was able to make it to the majors and spend a few seasons helping out, even just a little bit, in the Stars Rebuild. I know money is always going to be an issue for Muon, and so that's, unfortunately, going to cap his potential, but I do think that with a bit of coaching, I should be able to craft at least a moderately successful pro career for my second player. I plan to be careful with the money I do make, and while I likely won't be able to get max training or equipment, I should be able to earn here and there and at least do enough to keep myself on a roster. I'd like to see him have a more offensive-focused game, and I'd just like to rack up the assists, that's basically what I'm going for. Anything else that I can do that can help him contribute to the team would just be gravy. But I hope that by doing just enough to make some money, hitting all the PTs I can, and vibing, I can contribute whatever I can to helping on the ice and helping my team win.

284 words
My goal is to find a community and a franchise that I can make a lasting difference in. Being the best sounds fun, but only one player gets to do that, and every season is a new roll of the dice. If I become the best, I’d be thrilled. If my name lasts longer than my playing career, then that sounds great, but if my teammates and fans have positive memories after I’m gone, I’ll have been fulfilled. I know I’m a worthy and good hockey player, that’s not the question. I’ll score my fair share of points, and win my fair share of games. Probably less than I’d hope, but I could win all of the games and wish there were more games to win. I want to be a beacon of hope to those who don’t find themselves at home in the hockey world. Which as we all should know by now, is far too many people. I hope to be a representation of what people like me can aspire to, and be a good benchmark to inspire others to surpass me. Having competition is the key to growth, and if I can be a friendly and valiant competitor, I hope I can inspire and be inspired by my peers for a long and successful career. I hope to be a student of the game until the very moment I hang up my skates for the last time, after ensuring that someone else is worthy of taking the reins.
I have always been first and foremost, a team player. If a team finds success, I'm happy to know that I was a part of it, and helped make that happen. I'd be lying if I said awards, the Hall of Fame, and winning the cup didn't appeal to me, though, but I never want to make them a goal. They're a dream; something to strive for, but if unattainable, it doesn't sting nearly as much because you know that you tried your best. When it comes to Andrade La Sombra and my third sim league, I want a team that's open and willing to help me learn the ropes of the SHL. A team with a community, with welcoming arms and open minds.

Sure, I want my player to be competitive. That's why I picked a forward in the first place. But that's not my main goal. My main goal is to have a dependable player; someone who the team can rely on in order to make a difference. Whether that difference leads to a cup is a different matter entirely. As a person, I simply want that community, like I stated before. So far, the SHL has been the most welcoming out of all the sim leagues; I find myself chatting in the general discord with a lot of the more experienced SHLers, and I don't feel out of place at all. I know that I plan to max earn, and I hope that, along with my infectious personality (/s) will be enough to land me on a team that I'd love to play for!

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My first player, Daryl Urquhart, had what could be considered a successful career, far more than I ever expected! A WJC Gold and an Onoprienko trophy in the J and 2 Cups in the majors, as part of the Seattle playoff train, would mark anyone’s career as awesome. But honestly, he struggled to stand out. His crowning glory was the all-time +\- leader for the Argonauts, but a -40 final season cratered that. He was solid enough, but he was kind of *just there*.

So, with my new player, Inge Baardsen, I’d like them to be a player who gets noticed. Not necessarily as a star player or anything, but someone you can put your finger on and say ‘he’s been a valuable contributor to this team’. As more of a playmaker, I want him to be the driving force behind a player slotting them away on a consistent basis, the Pippen to a Jordan if you will. And I believe that starts with me. I had a bit of a false start with my previous player. I was late getting on a team and ended up IA for a little while early on, which dented my earning. Then, for some reason, the change of sims cratered my players scoring, in what should have been his peak seasons, which killed the immersion a bit for me, so I didn’t earn as well as I could have the final few seasons. I’d like a player who gets better and is an active contributor to his team. I don’t necessarily need to win a cup, but I’d especially love to help a team rise and claim their prize, the way we did in Seattle. That would be extremely satisfying. Goal number 1 is to find a J team that fits!
Ideally Ju-gong would be a goalie that managed to help his team achieve their goals. Whether it be making the playoffs, or winning a cup, the target would be to be a dependable rock to silently help the team chase the success they desire. Ju-gong doesn’t need the spotlight, and if anything, doesn’t crave it. Being a team player is most important in all cases, and any sacrifice or concession made to help the team win is the optimal play. I would have no issues seeing Ju-gong as a backup player for long stretches of their career, but of course, any team glory is happily received. Just like the player is exploring a new place and trying to show their value, so too do I hope to make a reasonable impact as a newcomer to the community.

Short term goals are mostly the same, to find Ju-gong a group that values team accolades the highest, and would appreciate his services as starter or backup. Having a team that is there to pick each other up and support one another through the hard times is an ideal fit. There is little importance on draft stock, another little status symbol that doesn’t mean much to a humble player. The first season getting time on the ice and bonding with teammates is the entire goal. Looking into more distant objectives, obviously making it into the SHL would be an clear one. Helping the team achieve more is always the most important, but hopefully some fun cup runs and moments come along with the journey. If not, simply the experience of going to war alongside teammates is reward enough.
[Image: GOeLuMH.png]
In sim leagues, I want for my players to be the backbone of a successful franchise, not so much the main star. Coming from the PBE, I have some understanding of how this sim league system works, and thus I have a better understanding of what I want my player to be, even though I'm a total novice in terms of hockey plays, style, stats, or terminology. 

With that being said, my short term goal with Sebastien Levesque is to get accustomed and to learn more about the sport of hockey, always providing assistance on the ice when necessary. My mid term goal is to make a name for myself as the eminent blocker and defensemen in the minor league as well as for Norway. As for my long term goal, I always try to shoot (no pun intended) for All Time records that may not be the first ones to come to mind when people refer as the being "the best player ever" such as goals and/or points. In this case, I want for my player to become the All Time leader in shots blocked. 

All in all, I want to be the backbone of a great team. Hopefully I get some hardware with this player (something that I'm lacking in the PBE so far), some All Star games, and who knows... maybe I get lucky and Levesque ends up HoF worthy at the end of his career. Finally, I don't have much expectations regarding the team I want to be drafted to, either minor or major league. Open to everyone when scouting comes, and eager to meet even more amazing people here.
If you were to ask her, Elly wouldn't know what the Hall of Fame was. But if she understood the concept, she wouldn't be too focused on it, as the most important thing she has is her team. of course she does want to live up to her family name as well and play the best she can on the ice. Her immediate focus is getting recruited to a team first and foremost and getting settled into an actual league. She's trained hard to reach this point and wants to make a lasting impact on/with her team, whomever they may be. from then on she can focusing on honing her abilities and getting to know the life of a (sim) league player. Elly never forgets her roots and will inspire any team she will be apart of and has more to learn. she has abilities she can focus on, and can learn from those around her. Even during times of loss, she won't let her head hang low and will help her teammates push forward to meet any goals. looking into the future, Elly would want to be most known for how she carried her team in both the good times and bad. Its not about the hall of fame. It's about what she accomplished with her team and how she could be a true part of it all. when she goes back home one day, she will carry with her a snow leopard's pride and her teammates wishes showing she did her "leap" proud, (note: a leap is a collective group of snow leopards), And maybe just show that a beautiful feline such as herself can be just as graceful on the ice.