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Full Version: S74 DFA Bounties #2 - The Present
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The second DFA bounty:
You've made it. You're on the list to be drafted into the SMJHL.

Written Task: Write a summary of your scouting profile, highlighting why you you're expected to do well in the upcoming draft (250 word min.)
Graphic Task: Show us the cover photo for your scouting file. Must include your render, name, position and nationality.
Reward: $750,000 for doing one of the above

Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S75 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S76) are eligible for this bounty.
There is no need to claim this anywhere. After grading the money should pop up in your account 'automatically'.

Deadline: Sunday, Jan 28th @ 11:59pm PST
Will Nuck Right Defense 6'4 220LBS

Will Nuck has surprised all with his burst onto the scene in recent months. He was not seen as a player who was going to have the talent tor ambition to make the draft cut a short time ago, to a now a player who is showing real promise and desire to be and stay engaged. It is still to be seen where he will land among the rankings of players entering into the SMJHL draft but what he has shown is promising.

Nuck may not be as gifted offensively as his other defensive counterparts but what the young man lacks in offensive talent he more then makes up with his defensive game. Hes a hard nosed player who has a bit of a mean streak, he loves the net front battles and getting in players faces. Hes chipy yet not mouthy like you tend to see in similar players of his build. He is a dog in the corners and in front of the net, always laying lumber but in a correct manner that sees him spend little to no time in the penalty box. Hes has no fear to step in front of a puck or drop the gloves if needed. Although his fighting ability is not the strongest his heart is there when a tilit is needed to calm things down or ramp them up.

I believe that any team looking to shore up their back end with a hard nosed defender, would be over the moon to have Nuck on their bench come next season.
Turtle Bob is a two way defensemen coming from the “Cuffy” agency an agency that hasn’t been very trustworthy for SHL Ready players lately but this guy he has got it. A few reasons Turtle Bob should be looked at are the following.

Lr Presence. Turtle Bob is a very solid guy in the locker room he will get along with any teammate given to him and hopefully make a few friends while they make their way through the juniors.

Jim Lahey trains him. Lahey has been working with Bob ever since he has signed on with the Cuffy player agency. Lahey was once a very solid two way dman himself. Lahey was most known for his run with former linemate Chris Partlow with the Texas Renegades.

Turtle Bob has what it takes to be one of the best Defensemen in the league and he should be drafted for that very reason. He has impressed a few scouts already in the SMJHL who has been reaching out to Bob. He has a great personality and would play for any team in any situation whether they are in a small rebuild or they are competing Bob will do his best to be the best defensemen he can be for the team that chooses him. He’s ready to play at this level and will be waiting for his name to be called in the upcoming draft. Until then he will remain in the gym doing what he can to get himself as ready as he can be to play in his first SMJHL game.
Name: Brayden Point 

Role: Center (Sniper)

Height: 5 FT 10 IN

Weight: 178

Shoots: Right

Jersey: 21 

Brayden Point is a Center who lands pucks into the back of the opposing teams net. He knows what it takes to win a game and knows the importance of playing as a team both on and off the ice. There is a lot that goes into playing a game of hockey and reputation among peers and fans is a part of the game that is often overlooked. Brayden Point has been playing hockey his whole life. It is a passion and a dream to be a top draft and go on to win cups within the SHL. Winning games as a team and making it happen. After winning his first championship while in grade school, Brayden bonded with his teammates and still regularly talks to them to this day. Brayden is expected to show up to practice, meet, beat, exceed training goals, and quickly become a top team asset. He is an offensive player who gets shots on goal and goal scores for the team. He pairs well with teammates who can pass the puck to him and a solid defense to stop the opposing team from scoring. Brayden is no stranger to the spotlight, teamwork, and nothing satisfies him more than his signature special of getting hat tricks! Brayden is eager to find a team that will support the ambition he has and help him become a top player within the SMJHL and raise to become a top player within the SHL. He wants to ultimately become part of a dynasty within the SHL. Young with a lot of talent and passion.

Message from Brayden: 

Let's make it happen! DM's are open both here and on Discord - I am serious about wanting to be the best. I have a passion for the sport of hockey and want a team and coach that will support that. 

(324 word count)
Swedish wonder Jim Wieners is expected to go in the first round of the upcoming SMJHL draft. While his original scouting profile suggested a speedy, high skill winger with a tendency to flash puckhandling and playmaking skills, recently he has looked more the part of a power forward type player. Because of this recent development, it is difficult to exactly say what his role would be on a SMJHL team. Could he be a top line winger with a knack for power play production? Could be be a checking line power forward who specializes in forechecking and forcing turnovers? His versatile skillset makes it difficult to predict what exactly he could be at the junior level, it's a good problem to have for any potential general managers. This versatility is poised to allow to form easy chemistry with linemates, it'll be easy for coaches and managers to move him up and down the lineup as needed. Despite a focus on offense, his defense is not far behind at all. He's a very defensively responsible player, extremely good at checking and pressuring opponents into making mistakes, and then letting his skill take over and capitalizing on those mistakes. Mr Wieners can play center, he can play wing, he can play a physical game, he can play a skill game, he can play a shutdown game, he can do anything he's asked to do. And he will take care of all responsibilities given to him while bringing a great presence into the locker room.
Alexa Johansen

Left Winger

5’10” 176 lbs.

Alexa Johansen (preferring to wear the jersey number 16) is something like a proto-dangler type left winger. She’s also an Opposite winger, largely right handed, and should be flexible enough to play either winger position. Her most notable abilities, at current, are her acceleration, her balance, her reading and ability to find open space, and finally her puckhandling. She is otherwise promising in most offensive aspects of the game, including passing,  agility, and strength, but shows room to grow.

Alexa’s largest weaknesses would be the defensive side of her game. However, this can largely be attributed to the majority of her background in the sport being roller hockey. In her time playing ice hockey, she has shown a willingness to get involved on the defensive side, and in the last few months has shown remarkable progress and focus on improving that side of her game, taking her from a problem in the two way game that could lead to situations that played like penalties without being one, to a serviceable first line of defense that can be covered for when needed.

Overall, Alexa Johansen is most likely to serve best as a point-getter on the offensive end for any team. Ambitious, flexible, and still growing at a rapid pace, she could be molded to fit in most offensive roles, and even turned into a two-way player with the right focus during training sessions.

This confluence, plus her personality, suggests that she has a combination of current ability and potential well worth taking high in the SMJHL draft.

Word Count: 264
[Image: valscoutdark3.png]
[Image: 11Z4Mn1.jpg]
Jennifer comes over to the SMJHL as a prodigy in Korea. Known not just as a talented hockey player but also a world famous idol, she is someone that will bring eyes to whatever team drafts her. But what will that team receive on the ice from Jennifer?

Jennifer is a very offense heavy player. Think of Alexander Ovechkin or Auston Matthews. Her mind immediately goes towards goal, and her mission is to lead the league in goals and points. She does this through both intelligence and strength. She has worked on her strength and her balance to make sure she can play in the more physical league of the SMJHL, and has also worked on her checking. Intelligence, she has matered the ability to both read the offensive zone as well as find space in the offensive zone. She also has great accuracy when it comes to shooting, and is a great passer and puckhandler as well.

The biggest weakness in Jennifer’s game is on the defensive side. She is not a good hitter or a good shot blocker, her defensive positioning isn’t great, and she is merely an average stick checker. However, she is good at reading the defensive zone and knowing how to defend what’s coming, even if she herself isn’t the best at it.

Finally, in terms of athletic ability, she has good speed and good acceleration, as well as great agility. With all of this information, Jennifer looks to be a premium prospect looking to change the SMJHL.
In the draft, teams look for value in a player; offense, defense, vitals, etc. Well, with de Vries, you get it all in one. You get yourself a player that can score from the blue line, and be able to pass it out to open teammates for easy assists. Having a defenseman who can contribute to a team offense in a meaningful way every shift is a boon for a team, and having a player who can simply line up and score is also a great thing to have. On defense, you’re still getting a defenseman, who can do all of the usual defense stuff, but what makes him a juggernaut on D is his size. Standing at 6 foot 7 inches, this beast of a man can lay out players foolishly trying to rush the goalie, or just be a wall when it comes to blocking shots. His 265-pound frame allows him to be a strong man, and push out any center trying to screen the goalie. Plus, right now he is easily one of the top 5 prospects for defense. I think he’ll be one of the first 24 picks of the draft just from teams wanting a keynote player for their team. He also brings over his own Dutch cuisine and traditions to a team, and what better than someone else's fresh homecooked meals for a team that's completely new to everyone? Cade de Vries brings a New look, play style wise, Frame wise, and culture wise to any new team, so pick him up!
[Image: ew8qKDN.png]
James Howlett (#10, Nationality: Canadian) looks to be a must-have for any team looking for a sturdy centerpiece for their lines. Able not only to take a hit but give it back tenfold, James’s best trait seems to be his ability to break through his foes. Don’t let his gruff demeanor and physical attitude fool you, either; this opens up huge opportunities for his teammates too, though sometimes that seems to be secondary to the act of pushing others around. This itself adds to his appeal too, with a huge intimidation factor once the enemy sees his true nature.

This leads to Howlett’s main weakness, which can be described as a lack of polish. His abilities on the ice are impressive certainly - he scored a goal in his first playoffs - but his origins as a player for an unofficial traveling team and the fact that he picked up hockey almost out of necessity rather than desire leave something to be desired in terms of technique. This also means that Howlett will sometimes go for dangerous plays, putting himself in harm’s way for minimal gain. The first weeks of practice will be long for a team that picks him and hopes to break bad habits.

Despite these shortcomings, Howlett remains a solid choice. Given some time in professional leagues and a secure team he’s almost certain to grow into an unstoppable force, and the camaraderie he’s developed in his pre-league teams isn’t anything to sneeze at. Give him time to prove himself on the ice, and he’ll prove himself behind the scenes.