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Full Version: S74 DFA Bounty #3 - The Future
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We're at our third DFA bounty of the season:

You can feel the excitement in the air and your draft, the real start of your SMJHL career, coming closer. It makes you wonder where this could all lead to eventually..

Written Task: What are your goals in the leagues? Long term, mid term, short term; what are you hoping to accomplish with your player, or hoping to find on the teams you join. Are you looking for individual success, and maybe even a HoF induction, or will you focus on team success? (250 words min.)

Graphic Task: Create a hockeycard for your player, including at least your render, name and the logo of an SHL team you could see yourself playing for.

Reward: $750,000 for doing one of the above

Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S75 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S76) are eligible for this bounty.

There is no need to claim this anywhere. After grading the money should pop up in your account 'automatically'.

Deadline: Sunday, Jan 28th @ 11:59pm PST
The biggest dream of my life is about to happen, the SMJHL draft! Most would say the SHL draft is their dream but not I, the SMJHL draft is the one that matters to me. Basically if you cant get into and excel in the SMJHL, there is no SHL dream and as a result the junior draft is the one that really counts to everyone. Now thats not to say that the SHL is not the end goal, quite the contrary. The SHL is the big doggie, the flashing lights, the money, the woman, the CUP!

Along the way there will be a ton of mini goals and hurdles to reach and overcome. Some of the more important ones to me are easy to obtain while others may be almost impossible. The first and probably the easiest for me to reach will be playing my first game, both in junior and the SHL levels. As easy as this goal sounds, it is not without the its hurdles may I refer you back to the draft conversations. Next I would have to say would be is reaching 100 games, because if I can stay in the league and reach 100 games, then I should be well on my way of my next goal of reaching 500 games. 1000 SHL games would be my ultimate goal as a defender because that means im proven and reliable, someone a team can count on to do their job and do it effectively. I would even have a chance at becoming a Hall of Fame player if I could reach that point.
Turtle Bob joins the Cuffy agency an agency that has put out a few solid players but never a HOF type player. It’s always been something Bob has wanted to do. Be a member of the SHL HOF.

But that’s not what’s on his mind right now currently we are going to do what we can to help whichever team that drafts him to the four star cup. There are goals for Bob every step of the way but first his junior years he wants to win that 4 star cup. Not worried about getting any personal awards as he will have lots of time to do that when he enters the SHL right now he wants to show the world that he can play on a team and do what is needed to win games with that team. Bob would love to get drafted in the first couple rounds but if he doesn’t that wouldn’t bother him any. He will just be doing what he can to be the steal of the draft.

Juniors don’t really bother Bob for personal accolades it’s just a playing field to prove to the SHL Gms that he will become a first round pick in that draft maybe even a top 5 pick. Turtle Bob is going to be that guy he will become a top pairing dman in the league and will win plenty of championships along the way. HOF is a long ways away but that will be the end goal for Turtle Bob.
Hello all, 

Brayden Point here!

I am breaking this post into sections as I am finding a lot of questions and the sections will help with clarity: 

Short term goals: I am looking to develop my talent as a top SMJHL hockey league player. I want to be a number 1 draft as I know that I am capable of going far. I will do this by training and learning as much as I can - You have my word that I will do what is asked and become the best. I know what is required to grow as a player I need someone who can help me from a coach and team view. 

Mid goal: My mid goal is to take what I have learned from the SMJHL league and become a top draft within the SHL leagues. I want people to know who I am and what passion I bring to the table. I want the coach and team to know that I bring 110% and will do what it takes to score. My signature is getting hat tricks and driving the puck into the back of the net. 

Long term: Long term I want to win championship cups and ultimately make my SHL team a dynasty. Winning a championship with a team is something special. Having an entire team that wants to celebrate along with the fan base is the most rewarding experience ever. This community has welcoming to me so I would also consider a leadership role within the league or team that I am on - I am used to in past years wearing an A or C on my jersey and am of course a fast learner. 

What I want in a team: I need an active team that will support my ambition and help me grow. I ideally would like to have a team both on and off the ice (when I am not practicing I enjoy gaming and hanging out in chats or VC). I do want a coach that will push me to get me to new heights. Growth is important to me and while I am skilled I am humble enough to know I have a lot to learn. I have set goals that I am going to meet and will appreciate all the help I can get. 

Success wise: I want everything I know that I will be well known for scoring goals and of course I want to become a hall of fame player but I am humble enough to know that as a center I am nothing without my teammates to the left, right and behind me. I want to be well known myself but provide credit to everyone that helped to get their along the way. It is about the team, the fans, and the success we overall share. 

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You know I really don't know if I have much in the way of goals. Obviously player and team success are something to reach for, that's what it's all about. But mainly I'm just here to good time. Most important goal I have is to have an enjoyable experience here in the Simulation Hockey League. I would like to score a ton of goals and win a bunch of awards and championships and all that, although if I had to choose I'd rather a championship over any individual awards, but as long as we're all having a good time in the locker room I would consider my goals achieved. I will still work hard to become the best player I can be, I'll still do all the stuff I gotta do to be productive. My biggest goal I think would actually be to become the captain of my team. To me that would be a sign that I'm making a difference on the team and making it a more enjoyable place to play, and that's what really matters to me. My player could be toiling away playing 8 minutes a night but if I really feel like I'm a part of things and am making an impact than I'll be happy. I would also like to set the SHL record for most goals in a career but that's like a minor goal who even cares I just wanna be a silly little guy. That's what it's all about at the end of the day
As she got off the call with yet another scout, Alexa let her mind wander a little bit. Really, this should be mostly handled by her agent, but so many of the scouts wanted to talk to her directly… thinking just a little ahead, she guessed it made sense. Of course they all wanted to take the best pick at the draft.

She could almost feel the lights, and imagine the clapping and the roar. 1st overall!... even Alexa realized that one might be a little improbable, but she had the skills. What did they do in the SMJHL draft? Shake hands? Get a hat? Maybe teams gave a stick instead, that would be cool. She was planning to be there, either way, Las Vegas wasn’t all that far from San Diego. But beyond that…

She hoped to go to a team somewhere in the west, if Alexa was entirely honest. She could imagine arriving in Vancouver, getting blasted by rain as she got off the plane. But what if she went early, like she hoped? The 1st pick was in Quebec City, after all… now there was something it was hard to imagine. Living in Quebec for four years, trying to learn French in addition to English and Norwegian, maybe growing attached?

And then the SHL Draft… she would be there, as well, she was sure of it. After a year in Quebec, maybe she would go to Montreal, and become a real hero of Quebec, as she imagined it. But then again, maybe she would go to Carolina and then LA, the Jimmy Wagner route. And that would bring her home, or close to it. Or maybe it would be something she hadn't even thought about at all.

And that was a thing to think about, too. Being close to home, there for her father as he got older. And then she'd be able to bring him to big games, too. Imagining the SHL playoffs, knowing her father was in the seats, filled her with fire already.

And, it was hard to imagine, but she knew she wouldn't play forever. Of course, she was going to be an instant Hall of Fame lock, she was sure of it. Her speech… her speech would be about her mom. And her dad. And growing up in a place with little access to hockey, but a desire to grow. About how much she was inspired by her dad. Would he be there, too? She couldn't even imagine him not there, cheering in that way of his. And she would tell them about losing her mom, about how she wore the number 16 in honor of her. About how her mom's steady advice when it came to life kept her from giving up her dreams.

And after that… who would know? Alexa had no ideas for what life after hockey would be like, not yet. She barely even knew what life with hockey would be like. But no matter what, it was just one week. One week to take her first exciting step towards being the best to ever do it…

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So my goal with Jennifer is to get a Challenge Cup. It’s one of the only things I wasn’t able to do with Slavakov and the main goal that I’m missing. I’m also technically missing a WJC medal but its much less important. It would also be nice to win a player-based award. I won the Elias Armia in S59 but no other awards besides that. Winning a scoring title or playoff MVP, whether at the J or SHL level, would be incredible. It would be nice to make the Hall of Fame, and maybe the backlog will be clear by then with Smith leading it, but its not as important as getting Challenge Cups and in general playing well.

With Slavakov, he played well as a forward and even played well as a defenseman in FHM6, but once the league made the switch to FHM 8 it was all over. Defensemen in general could no longer reliably get points, and while he was getting a decent amount of blocks and takeaways, it wasn’t what I joined the SHL to do. That’s why I’m so excited about what I’ll be able to do with Jennifer. I would love to see her at the top of the points standings every season, and hopefully lifting the Challenge Cup as well. In terms of the international side of the SHL, I’m not really sure what my plan is yet. I created as an unassigned player so I’ll get to pick my destination, and of course my goal is to end up with IIHF gold medals.
In the short term, the goal here in the SJMHL is just to do as much as I can for a team. I would love to be able to pick up the Offense and Defensive stuff at the same time in my rookie year. I think ROTY is out of the question, along with any defensive defenseman awards. ROTY probably goes to a C or Winger, and being a defensive defenseman isn't Cade de Vries’ play style. Mid term, I would like to win a 4 star cup with whatever team drafts me, which I think is a reasonable goal to have. I also would like to go R1 in the SHL draft, which might be more short term than long term, but a man can have dreams, right? I think a longer shot goal (or maybe… a slapshot goal…. I’ll leave) would be to generate either the most assists, goals, or points for a defenseman in the SJHML. 3rd or 4th season probably, but a man can dream. In the long term, breaking the 4th wall for a second, I would like to go to my IRL hometown of the Atlanta Inferno, or my ISFL “hometown” of the New Orleans specters. I would like to win 1 championship with whatever team I end up going to, and maybe i’ll try and stick with my team (Especially for the Atlanta Inferno or the New Orleans Specters), or maybe i’ll try and become a highly sought after “Mercenary” a man that just goes around to teams and sells his services for short periods of time, with a set of rules, because honestly, Free Agency is boring for a lot of sim leagues.
Matviy Cajabi's has always had a simple outlook when it comes to his hockey future. Work hard, and no matter what happens he can always be happy with the effort he's put in. No one can take that away from him.

So far, that hard work has paid off. His short term goals have already been met. With the support of his family, he has left the comfort of his home to travel to North America. He understood that to take the next step in his hockey development he needed to come to one the best leagues in the world, the SMJHL. For a young man, the decision to leave the only place he has ever lived was difficult, but the exposure of playing in the SMJHL to better his chances of becoming a pro hockey player was worth the sacrifice. Fortunately, he has family in Manitoba that he's been staying with which has made the transition easier, while he awaits hearing his name called at the upcoming junior entry draft.

What can we expect from Cajabi moving forward? While his stats have always stood high and above his teammates, that isn't to suggest that he isn't a team player. He is the definition of a team player and has done whatever it takes to help his teams succeed. Don't expect that to change when he makes his debut with his new team. Of course, a lot of that will depend on which team he ends up on, but he'll do whatever is asked of him in order to give his team the best chance to win. Of course, a lot of that comes back to that hard work he's known for. His contributions on both ends of the ice will be sure to make any team he lands with better for it.

As for his future, one never knows what will happen. Given his genes, sheer will, and trajectory, there is nothing to suggest that Cajabi won't have a long and successful career in the SHL. The goal, as it is for most anyone who plays professional sports, is to become a champion. Any individual success is secondary, but knowing Cajabi and his determination it wouldn't be surprising to see his name etched onto some other hardware throughout his career. Given his commitment to defense, hearing his name as a perennial Brandon Holmes trophy candidate should become the norm. An eventual leadership role seems likely, and he has mentioned that he thinks one of the ultimate things to acheive is to be awarded the captaincy as it is a show of respect from the team and teammates alike.

The phenom, Matviy Cajabi. Future champion? Captain? Hall of famer??? Don't bet against it.
[Image: p4fVkVt.png]
[Image: Qfq99DX.png] Here we see a possible future where James gets drafted into the Wolfpack, heralding back to his first team ever, the Wolverines. (Inspired by the Marvel Snap card game for design!)
After recently being drafted to the Yukon Malamutes, Ylib Kove's goals have slightly changed compared to what they were before the draft. There was a lot of hype in Quebec City around another Kove sibling potentially joining the ranks of the Citadelles, so Kove didn't have to worry too much about fitting in with a team that already knew his family. Now, however, Kove finds himself in a completely new city that isn't as familiar with him. This means Kove's first short-term goal is to get acclimated to the cold of the Yukon. Of course this is only referring to the weather, because his new Malamute teammates have been nothing but warm to him on his first day. Of course the goal of acclimation will still apply to becoming more comfortable with the team as well, but it's a goal that should be very easy to meet. In terms of longer term goals, Kove is looking about 10 years in advance. In 10 years time he wants to become one of the very best forwards in the league. He wants to lead whichever SHL team he ends up on to a challenge cup and potentially win some other awards along the way as well. In the next 4 years, applying those same goals to the SMJHL is a good medium-term goal as well. However, it's not as big of an achievement to become a star SMJHL player in Kove's mind since so many top players reach the same skill cieling in the J league and only really get their chance to grow and flourish when they get to the big leagues.