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Full Version: Updating Your Player
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What does TPE stand for and what does it do?

TPE stands for Total Points Earned and are the points that you add to your player in order to make them better. You are given a free 155 TPE at the start to begin with and then you're able to earn more TPE by purchasing workouts once a week, completing point tasks and the weekly activity checks!

What is Uncapped TPE vs. Capped TPE?

These are the two types of TPE given out in the SHL. It's usually clearly stated as to whether the TPE you are receiving is capped or uncapped. Capped is the majority of the TPE you earn from Play by Plays, Post Game Shows and Point Tasks, though you may occasionally get uncapped TPE from these. Uncapped TPE is given out for things such as recruitment drives, some point tasks, team training camp, 500k/1M workouts, activity checks, equipment and various mini games/activities around the site for special occasions and a couple other things. This TPE does not count towards your TPE caps that reset each season.

What are the TPE caps?

The caps are a set number of TPE that cannot be passed each season.

In the SHL:
Training: Unlimited
Point Task/PT: 35 TPE

In the SMJHL:
Total TPE Cap of 350 TPE to be eligible for the SMJHL (Though you may "bank" TPE above this limit, but it cannot be applied to an attribute)
Training: Unlimited
Point Task/PT: 30 TPE

When do the TPE caps reset?

After each SHL Draft passes is technically regarded as the start of a new season. At this point, all TPE caps reset for the coming season back to zero.

What falls under each cap?

Point Tasks --> Any point tasks completed under your league's Player Progression section.

How do I update my player?

See here:
and here:

For how to create an update thread!

This is the correct format for an update thread:


Points earned:
Adjusted attributes:

How do I know when I have been updated?

A player updater will come into your thread and write "updated". Until they do this, please keep all updates in a single post and then create a new reply to the same thread after you've been updated.