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Full Version: General FAQ's
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What program is used to sim games?

We sim games using STHS or Simon T Hockey Simulator.

When I send a PM, should it show up in my sent items?

The way the forum works is that sent items don't show up in there unless you check the little options box when you go to send a PM that says:

[ ] Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder

What is the media payout scale for the SHL/SMJHL?

The payout scale is relative to the number of words written in an article, or minutes talked during a podcast.

The SHL Media Payout Scale is --> HERE <--

The SMJHL Media Payout Scale is --> HERE <--

How often is media/graphics paid out?

Media and graphics are paid ~once every week by the directors of each section. They will then calculate your payout and deposit it into the bank for you.

Does my player's age/birth place/number matter in the sim?

No, those have 0 tangible effects on the sim.

Can I change my player's name?

You may change the name of your player ONCE. There is a $4 million fee to do so.

How do I edit my signature/avatar?

Click on your username and once in your profile, on the left sidebar select OPTIONS and then Edit My Signature or Avatar Options.