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As the recent newly appointed co-GM of the Minnesota Chiefs; I thought it would be a good idea to describe the prospects coming up in RFA who would be the biggest help to the team and honestly valued superstars and core legends for years to come.

1. @Nerio Bobby Sharp- Sharp is an incredibly talented and dedicated forward, skilled in playmaking. Currently he is also a player updater and has shown a driven passion within this league. He would instantly be on Minnesota’s 2nd line as-is and would eventually be our top line superstar once Nova’s years die off. He is stuck behind a stacked core on Buffalo and would get zero minutes; with the next in line “chosen golden boy” being Luffy, with no love paid to him. Sharp would be our valued core superstar and not just a piece in the cog but a true leader and star.
2. @gillon Kristoffer Svensson- Svensson is another amazing forward stuck in a logjam, likely relegated to 4th line minutes at the promise of “in the future you’ll get minutes I promise just wait for everyone to retire”. Well Minnesota has playing time available now so he would be an extremely valuable player to fill some of our holes in forward and be guaranteed top-6 right off the bat. I could see some of these forwards going for MVP in the future considering they’d be playing under an MVP’s tutelage in Terrence Nova. There is a lot to learn in terms of player builds, and lines in your favor here.
3. @Lynxfire - Kalevi Karhunen- Kalevi has “Franchise Dman” written all over him. It looks like he may also be stuck behind some superstars and given some vague promises of “some day you’ll start”. Well in Minnesota since we need defence just that badly, he would be top 4 right off the bat, and could move into top pairing quite quickly. Our last superstar Defenseman actually won best defensive dman, so it seems like we know how to let our stars shine through lines and usage.
[email protected]Vandy - Eric Vanderberg- Eric is more of an underrated stud with potential for the time being; but we have noticed him and would like nothing more than the opportunity to let him flourish and grow here.

These prospects are still obviously restricted in the coming offseason, it was just my intention to let them know that they are valued and could be in starring roles in another situation Cool

Also to most SHL GMs- your players aren't on here so relax



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