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RE: S73 DFA Bounty #4 - The Alternative Timeline - Serpe x 13 - 11-19-2023

If my player wasn’t currently pursuing a career in hockey, they would be working in the financial sector. While playing hockey, Slurpe also was going to college for his Finance degree, and he graduated with it last year. Specifically, he wanted to focus on the analytics side of things and had a few jobs offers from some fortune 500 companies if hockey does not work out. While being a leader on the ice, he would also want to have some sort of leadership role in his financial career as well. This would involve having a team below him who he not only manages but also motivates to do better in their careers. From a very young age, Slurpe was very good with numbers, constantly winning math games among class members and finding excitement using excel spreadsheets for both homework assignments and in his personal life. Additionally, Slurpe is a constant advocator for financial literacy classes for high schoolers, as there is truly not enough help there for young adults to understand topics such as budgeting, credit cards, etc. This entails going to several local high schools to give presentations about these financial related topics and hoping that these students take things seriously to better understand their financial future. Last, if everything does go well, Slurpe would like to create classes for these high schoolers to take over a semester to allow for extended time to go into these topics. Overall, Slurpe is going to make a difference whether it is on the ice or, or in the office.

RE: S73 DFA Bounty #4 - The Alternative Timeline - Repgnar - 11-20-2023

If Slowpoke wasn't set up to be a hockey player then I think he'd likely be a wild Pokémon. Ice skates allow Slowpoke to be sped up to when it comes to physical activity. That's the one physical aspect of holding any job I think holding Slowpoke back. I'd like to think Slowpoke would just get to chill in the wild, basking in the sun, getting some treats from nearby travelers, and just living life to the fullest as a wild Pokemon. You know, that doesn't sound half bad as the responsibilities would be much lower all around. By playing a defensive-minded position and having skates to help speed up his otherwise slow moving actions, Slowpoke has found new life in the sport of hockey. I mean, just imagine a Slowpoke in a game of football or baseball? I'm pretty sure pitcher is the closest thing he could do but I wouldn't be surprised if he was given a balk on the slow windup. And don't even get me started in the world of American football. Again, there's a slight possibility he'd make a decent kicker but any team with a half decent special teams unit would be on the placeholder before Slowpoke makes contact with the ball. Slowpoke is capable of making the right decisions but the world is so much faster than he is when it comes to movement. Don't let that face confuse you. So yea, if Slowpoke was never introduced to the world of hockey I'm pretty sure he'd remain a wild Pokémon living it day by day. Did you know it can take up to a whole day to notice its tail has been bitten off when fishing? Thankfully it grows back but still.

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