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    Thread: S75 SMJHL PT #3 - Rivalry Week
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL PT #3 - Rivalry Week

The Citadelles rival as of late has definitely been the Detroit Falcons. It most likely started way back in season 69 (nice), where the two bird teams of the league squared off in the four star cup fi...
SMJHL Player Progression 914 Views
38 Replies
Faelax 02-24-2024, 06:04 PM
    Thread: S75 SMJHL mPT #3 - Lights, Camera,
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL mPT #3 - Lights, Camera,

The Citadelles have been planning on doing a film series for a while, sort of a drive to survive style show that's a dramatized recap of what goes on behind the scenes each week of the season.
SMJHL Player Progression 833 Views
39 Replies
Faelax 02-24-2024, 05:55 PM
    Thread: (GRADED) Deep Dive #2 - A Look Back At Buffalo's S60 Cup Win
Post: (GRADED) Deep Dive #2 - A Look Back At Buffalo's S...

In season 60 of the SHL, the Buffalo Stampede would win their second challenge cup in five seasons. Coasting through the eastern conference playoffs, they had an epic duel with the Chicago Syndicate i...
Archives 41 Views
1 Replies
Faelax 02-14-2024, 09:11 PM
    Thread: Deep Dive #1 - A Look Back At QCC's S69 Cup Win
Post: Deep Dive #1 - A Look Back At QCC's S69 Cup Win

In season 69, the Quebec City Citadelles won the Four Star Cup, their second cup in franchise history. With a respectable record of 38-21-7, the Citadelles finished sixth in the league, and would be p...
Archives 42 Views
1 Replies
Faelax 02-12-2024, 11:52 AM
    Thread: S75 SMJHL mPT #2 - Party Time!
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL mPT #2 - Party Time!

Anna would definitely be one of, or maybe even the main singer in the QCC band, as she used to a singer in a pop group back home in Norway when she was growing up.
SMJHL Player Progression 1,104 Views
42 Replies
Faelax 02-12-2024, 10:59 AM
    Thread: S75 SMJHL PT #2 - Season Preview
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL PT #2 - Season Preview

Many people around the league view the Quebec City Citadelles as the overall favrite to with the Four Star Cup, and with good reason. From top to bottom, the team is absolutely loaded with talent. Ide...
SMJHL Player Progression 958 Views
38 Replies
Faelax 02-12-2024, 10:56 AM
    Thread: HIRED: SMJHL Commissioner
Post: RE: Hiring: SMJHL Commissioner

Archive 286 Views
10 Replies
Faelax 02-07-2024, 04:26 PM
    Thread: S75 SMJHL mPT #1 - Introductions
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL mPT #1 - Introductions

Hello, my name is Faelax. I’ve been here in the SHL for four years now, and I’m ready to get going on my newest player. I’m a long suffering Blue Jackets fan (emphasis on the suffering), and I’m hopel...
PT Archive 1,736 Views
43 Replies
Faelax 02-07-2024, 07:59 AM
    Thread: S75 SMJHL PT #1 - New Places
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL PT #1 - New Places

For someone who had been full in confidence for her entire life, Anna Skovgaard was nervous as the plane touched town in Quebec City. She had been here before, her older brother Nikolai played for the...
PT Archive 1,884 Views
44 Replies
Faelax 02-07-2024, 07:56 AM
    Thread: S75 SMJHL Predictions
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL Predictions

SMJHL Player Progression 1,400 Views
44 Replies
Faelax 02-05-2024, 08:06 AM
    Thread: QCC Rookie Contracts
Post: RE: QCC Rookie Contracts

Processed Transactions 55 Views
3 Replies
Faelax 01-29-2024, 10:09 PM
    Thread: S75 SMJHL Mock Draft
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL Mock Draft

The HO average that I apparently get
PT Archive 1,900 Views
37 Replies
Faelax 01-25-2024, 08:24 PM
    Thread: S75 SMJHL Interested Prospects Thread
Post: RE: S75 SMJHL Interested Prospects Thread

Player Name:  Anna Skovgaard Position:  Center Recreate or First Gen?:  Recreate Who was your last player?:  Nikolai Skovgaard Full Discord Username:  Faelax  How many hours a week do you usually have...
PT Archive 1,566 Views
39 Replies
Faelax 01-22-2024, 06:20 PM
    Thread: S75 Early Bird PT
Post: RE: S75 Early Bird PT

Anna Skovgaard is a smooth skating center from Norway. She has a knack for finding the back of the net, especially from in front of the net and in the slot. She is not afraid to throw a big hit and is...
PT Archive 1,153 Views
36 Replies
Faelax 01-22-2024, 08:17 AM
    Thread: S74 -> S75 Offseason Survey
Post: RE: S74 -> S75 Offseason Survey

PT Archive 6,527 Views
304 Replies
Faelax 01-20-2024, 09:20 AM
    Thread: S74 SMJHL Playoff Predictions
Post: RE: S74 SMJHL Playoff Predictions

PT Archive 1,063 Views
47 Replies
Faelax 01-05-2024, 08:02 AM
    Thread: S75 Fantasy Signup
Post: RE: S75 Fantasy Signup

Old Fantasy Groups 14,102 Views
268 Replies
Faelax 01-04-2024, 08:40 PM
    Thread: A Merry QCC Flexmas
Post: RE: A Merry QCC Flexmas

Merry Flexmas indeed
Processed Transactions 127 Views
3 Replies
Faelax 12-25-2023, 01:57 PM
    Thread: BUF signs the herd
Post: RE: BUF signs the herd

Processed Signings 378 Views
15 Replies
Faelax 11-13-2023, 07:19 AM
    Thread: S73 mPT#2: Entitled Creativity
Post: RE: S73 mPT#2: Entitled Creativity

Nikolai is winding down his playing career, and looking to the future. He has been reading some books by famous coaches to try and figure out what kind of system he wants to run and how to implement i...
PT Archive 4,863 Views
255 Replies
Faelax 10-12-2023, 02:25 PM



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