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    Thread: S77 mPT #0: Latest News
Post: RE: S77 mPT #0: Latest News

I think some more images could be helpful in the new landing pages - there is a lot of text all at once and I think a few rotating images would help. Regardless I love the portal so good work!
PT Archive 3,773 Views
304 Replies
Seymour 06-09-2024, 05:53 PM
    Thread: S77 Primetime #1: June 14th
Post: RE: S77 Primetime #1: June 14th

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
SHL Player Progression 3,920 Views
301 Replies
Seymour 06-09-2024, 05:51 PM
    Thread: S77 Awards Predictions
Post: RE: S77 Awards Predictions

SHL Player Progression 4,471 Views
314 Replies
Seymour 06-09-2024, 05:51 PM
    Thread: S77 Season Predictions
Post: RE: S77 Season Predictions

SHL Player Progression 4,692 Views
336 Replies
Seymour 06-09-2024, 05:49 PM
    Thread: S77 Hattrick #1: Looking forward to this
Post: RE: S77 Hattrick #1: Looking forward to this

Yes Yes Yes
SHL Player Progression 4,106 Views
309 Replies
Seymour 06-09-2024, 05:45 PM
    Thread: S77 PT #0: Call me again when the season starts
Post: RE: S77 PT #0: Call me again when the season start...

Bean vacationing in Florida going to his favourite Marvel movie, Spiderman. Still have to rep the Elk tho. [Image:]
PT Archive 3,458 Views
276 Replies
Seymour 06-09-2024, 05:43 PM
    Thread: S76 All Star Week
Post: RE: S76 All Star Week

Code:1. Milestones, up to 3 TPE. Milestones are folded in with All-Star Week. Link your Milestone claim as task 1 for up to 3 TPE towards your 8 total. ----------------------------------------------...
PT Archive 6,135 Views
266 Replies
Seymour 06-02-2024, 09:21 PM
    Thread: S76 SMJHL Milestones
Post: RE: S76 SMJHL Milestones

CENTER Goals -> 33 or more Assists -> 49 or more Points -> 80 or more +/- -> +25 or higher Penalty Minutes -> 24 or fewer Shots on goal -> 193 or more Hits -> 68 or more Takeaways...
SMJHL Player Progression 1,613 Views
95 Replies
Seymour 06-02-2024, 09:19 PM
    Thread: S76 Championship Week
Post: RE: S76 Championship Week

1. CW TRIVIA, 3 TPE max - 1.5 TPE for participation, 0.5 TPE for each correct answer. This is completed through a Google form linked below. Make sure to spell your answers correctly or you will not ge...
Championship Week 5,935 Views
265 Replies
Seymour 05-23-2024, 09:09 PM
    Thread: Some Stampede signings
Post: RE: Some Stampede signings

Processed Signings 158 Views
15 Replies
Seymour 05-17-2024, 04:12 PM
    Thread: S76 Sarmad Khan Voting
Post: RE: S76 Sarmad Khan Voting

PT Archive 4,549 Views
277 Replies
Seymour 05-14-2024, 09:06 PM
    Thread: S76 Raymond Lindsay Voting
Post: RE: S76 Raymond Lindsay Voting

PT Archive 6,158 Views
284 Replies
Seymour 05-11-2024, 07:40 PM
    Thread: S76 mPT #5: Due the popular demand
Post: RE: S76 mPT #5: Due the popular demand

bean has had his best season yet and it is quite exciting to see the work put into Bean finally start to pay off on the ice/sim.
PT Archive 5,604 Views
260 Replies
Seymour 05-11-2024, 07:39 PM
    Thread: S76 PT #5: Push it to the limit
Post: RE: S76 PT #5: Push it to the limit

Choccy milk helps this bean recover [Image:]
PT Archive 4,137 Views
230 Replies
Seymour 05-11-2024, 07:37 PM
    Thread: S76 PT #4: Changing Stripes
Post: RE: S76 PT #4: Changing Stripes

Bean letting the ref know it was a bad call [Image:]
PT Archive 4,874 Views
242 Replies
Seymour 05-05-2024, 08:43 PM
    Thread: S76 mPT #4: :kermitknife:
Post: RE: S76 mPT #4: :kermitknife:

i am going to UPS first class priority send them 87 cans of empty beans and a note that says youre next. signature required and picture delivery.
PT Archive 4,549 Views
261 Replies
Seymour 05-05-2024, 08:37 PM
    Thread: S76 Playoff Bracket - Due May 6th 5PM PST
Post: RE: S76 Playoff Bracket - Due May 6th 5PM PST

PT Archive 4,318 Views
313 Replies
Seymour 05-05-2024, 08:36 PM
    Thread: S76 Primetime #4: May 3rd
Post: RE: S76 Primetime #4: May 3rd

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
PT Archive 5,724 Views
323 Replies
Seymour 04-28-2024, 07:44 PM
    Thread: S76 Hattrick #4: Why can't we all be friends
Post: RE: S76 Hattrick #4: Why can't we all be friends

yes no yes
PT Archive 6,757 Views
322 Replies
Seymour 04-28-2024, 07:43 PM
    Thread: S76 mPT #3: Trade deadline
Post: RE: S76 mPT #3: Trade deadline

I think the BUF GMs should prepare to add once Bean is ready to be called up. The window opens when the can of bean opens.
PT Archive 5,070 Views
265 Replies
Seymour 04-24-2024, 03:24 PM



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