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    Thread: Pack Giveaway (closes on Sunday, March 3rd @ 11:59PM EST)
Post: RE: Pack Giveaway

If I post twice can I get 6?
Trading Cards 1,675 Views
189 Replies
Sburbine 02-26-2024, 10:01 PM
    Thread: S75 mPT#2: Saying Hello
Post: RE: S75 mPT#2: Saying Hello

Thanks to @Nhamlet for drafting me and bringing me into the NL crew and of course thanks to the greatest scout of all time @yosh for succesfully scouting the future GM (me)
SHL Player Progression 5,444 Views
279 Replies
Sburbine 02-25-2024, 11:15 PM
    Thread: S75 PT#2: Bobby Oh-Boy
Post: RE: S75 PT#2: Bobby Oh-Boy

Option 2 Jay O'Neil takes leg day very seriously, haven't big legsĀ and thunder thighs is more of a way of life for Jay than anything else. These days his legs are bigger than his waist, he's huge. Th...
PT Archive 4,066 Views
240 Replies
Sburbine 02-25-2024, 11:04 PM
    Thread: S75 Primetime #4: March 1st
Post: RE: S75 Primetime #4: March 1st

:monarchs: :stampede: :steelhawks:
PT Archive 5,200 Views
316 Replies
Sburbine 02-25-2024, 10:33 PM
    Thread: S75 Hattrick #4: Wrapping up the regular season
Post: RE: S75 Hattrick #4: Wrapping up the regular seaso...

yes no no
PT Archive 5,267 Views
317 Replies
Sburbine 02-25-2024, 10:32 PM
    Thread: SMJHL Expansion
Post: RE: SMJHL Expansion

:outlungus: makes his return but as the primary logo
SMJHL Announcements 1,225 Views
59 Replies
Sburbine 02-20-2024, 07:09 PM
    Thread: S75 Primetime #3: February 27th
Post: RE: S75 Primetime #3: February 27th

:renegades: :wolfpack: :blizzard:
PT Archive 5,044 Views
328 Replies
Sburbine 02-20-2024, 01:31 PM
    Thread: S75 Hattrick #3: Goalies are people too
Post: RE: S75 Hattrick #3: Goalies are people too

yes yes no
PT Archive 5,162 Views
331 Replies
Sburbine 02-20-2024, 01:29 PM
    Thread: The Simulation Hockey League is Manipulative and Exploitative
Post: RE: The Simulation Hockey League is Manipulative a...

Teddy's Ferrari collection isn't going to maintain itself smh, classism is hurtful to the more fortunate
Graded Articles 838 Views
39 Replies
Sburbine 02-19-2024, 03:22 PM
    Thread: S75 Primetime #2: Or the beginning of the end?
Post: RE: S75 Primetime #2: Or the beginning of the end?

:steelhawks: :stampede: :wolfpack:
PT Archive 5,375 Views
327 Replies
Sburbine 02-18-2024, 12:45 PM
    Thread: S75 Hattrick #2: Steve's Hat Picks
Post: RE: S75 Hattrick #2: Steve's Hat Picks

no yes no
PT Archive 5,674 Views
330 Replies
Sburbine 02-18-2024, 12:44 PM
    Thread: S75 mPT #1: First Impressions
Post: RE: S75 mPT #1: First Impressions

Everyone was very friendly and joining the general discord and my class server was a great introduction to start meeting people and get to know the league. Thankfully creating just a few days before t...
PT Archive 5,615 Views
296 Replies
Sburbine 02-18-2024, 12:43 PM
    Thread: S75 PT#1: Orr What?
Post: RE: S75 PT#1: Orr What?

Option 2: When Jay O'Neil was 8 years old he was both bored and unpopular enough with the other kids to learn how to juggle. He believes that this ability has helped him become the professional hocke...
PT Archive 5,080 Views
258 Replies
Sburbine 02-18-2024, 12:41 PM
    Thread: NL Goes Full Degen
Post: NL Goes Full Degen

[Image:] NL is happy to bring in our newest waiver pickup to help bolster the blue line Joe Degen - @JD3gen - 1,000,000 + 2,000,000 HO Bonus Dropping IA Roman Roy ...
SMJHL Roster Transactions 92 Views
1 Replies
Sburbine 02-13-2024, 09:55 PM
    Thread: S75 mPT #0: Happy Anniversary!
Post: RE: S75 mPT #0: Happy Anniversary!

Wow 75 seasons, the league is getting old. And like most 75 year olds, refusing to retire and letting younger leagues take over. Jokes aside, it's pretty incredible that the league has lasted so long ...
PT Archive 9,630 Views
310 Replies
Sburbine 02-11-2024, 08:28 PM
    Thread: S75 PT0: Gebeneezer Boogie
Post: RE: S75 PT0: Gebeneezer Boogie

Prompt 2: Everyone needs to follow the Jay O'Neil method of off season training, it does wonders for the mind and body and gets you primed and ready for the season. First you have to either buy/rent...
PT Archive 8,469 Views
264 Replies
Sburbine 02-11-2024, 08:24 PM
    Thread: S75 Hattrick #1: Last Hurrah
Post: RE: S75 Hattrick #1: Last Hurrah

yes yes no
PT Archive 2,953 Views
315 Replies
Sburbine 02-11-2024, 11:13 AM
    Thread: S75 Primetime #1: Is this the end of the beginning?
Post: RE: S75 Primetime #1: Is this the end of the begin...

:pride: :aurora: :dragons:
PT Archive 3,067 Views
316 Replies
Sburbine 02-11-2024, 11:12 AM
    Thread: NL Plays a Game of Peek-a-Boo
Post: NL Plays a Game of Peek-a-Boo

[Image:] Newfoundland is happy to welcome our latest waiver pickupĀ  Pique Boo - @jason kranz - Standard 3,000,000 contract (1+2 HO bonus) Dropping Harry Sachs - @Se...
SMJHL Roster Transactions 71 Views
1 Replies
Sburbine 02-08-2024, 10:13 PM
    Thread: 2024 who wins superbowl
Post: RE: 2024 who wins superbowl

49ers 35-27
General Discussion 1,156 Views
73 Replies
Sburbine 02-06-2024, 05:37 PM



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