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    Thread: Apple or Grape
Post: RE: Apple or Grape

9 hours agoKeven Wrote: There's a debate? This is clearly the red m&m. Make the red m&m sexy again
General Discussion 96 Views
9 Replies
notorioustig 9 hours ago
    Thread: Two Teammates (2x Team Spotlight)
Post: RE: Two Teammates (2x Team Spotlight)

The good ol' days
SHL Media 78 Views
3 Replies
notorioustig 06-11-2024, 11:18 PM
    Thread: S77 Season Predictions
Post: RE: S77 Season Predictions

SHL Player Progression 4,692 Views
336 Replies
notorioustig 06-10-2024, 11:13 AM
    Thread: S77 Awards Predictions
Post: RE: S77 Awards Predictions

SHL Player Progression 4,471 Views
314 Replies
notorioustig 06-10-2024, 11:08 AM
    Thread: S76 All Star Week
Post: RE: S76 All Star Week

Milestones: (claim 3) 2. 2 TPE c) It is certainly difficult to disregard the clear advantage that having the presumptive MVP on a line would be ...
PT Archive 6,142 Views
266 Replies
notorioustig 06-02-2024, 02:54 AM
    Thread: S76 SMJHL Milestones
Post: RE: S76 SMJHL Milestones

Penalty Minutes -> 24 or fewer (24) Hits -> 68 or more (83) Takeaways -> 32 or more (47) Claim 3
SMJHL Player Progression 1,625 Views
95 Replies
notorioustig 06-02-2024, 01:35 AM
    Thread: S76 Milestones
Post: RE: S76 Milestones

Never mind
PT Archive 2,195 Views
147 Replies
notorioustig 06-02-2024, 01:33 AM
    Thread: S77 Mock Draft: Top 10
Post: RE: S77 Mock Draft: Top 10

PT Archive 2,940 Views
176 Replies
notorioustig 05-26-2024, 12:15 AM
    Thread: HIRED: Buffalo Stampede GM
Post: RE: HIRING: Buffalo Stampede GM

Holy shit
Archive 598 Views
22 Replies
notorioustig 05-21-2024, 08:14 PM
    Thread: S76 Sarmad Khan Voting
Post: RE: S76 Sarmad Khan Voting

PT Archive 4,555 Views
277 Replies
notorioustig 05-20-2024, 02:07 PM
    Thread: Hamilton Steelhawks Extension
Post: RE: Hamilton Steelhawks Extension

Processed Signings 184 Views
17 Replies
notorioustig 05-18-2024, 03:32 PM
    Thread: S76 Raymond Lindsay Voting
Post: RE: S76 Raymond Lindsay Voting

PT Archive 6,158 Views
284 Replies
notorioustig 05-12-2024, 07:45 PM
    Thread: S76 PT #5: Push it to the limit
Post: RE: S76 PT #5: Push it to the limit

Jesus Murphy is always ready for playoff hockey, to the point where it almost seems as though he was intelligently designed to take part in the roughest, most physical time of the year and come out on...
PT Archive 4,141 Views
230 Replies
notorioustig 05-12-2024, 07:43 PM
    Thread: S76 mPT #5: Due the popular demand
Post: RE: S76 mPT #5: Due the popular demand

Always thankful to the Hammy fellas for being a great group of friends, not to mention my other LRs in Seattle, Anchorage, and Detroit. Been fortunate to be around a lot of great folks as an SHL user
PT Archive 5,609 Views
260 Replies
notorioustig 05-12-2024, 07:38 PM
    Thread: S77 Fantasy Signup
Post: RE: S77 Fantasy Signup

Old Fantasy Groups 14,034 Views
299 Replies
notorioustig 05-07-2024, 05:45 PM
    Thread: Chirper #64 (AC Week #522)
Post: RE: Chirper #64 (AC Week #522)

Hope everyone has had an awesome weekend. Have a good start to your weeks folks
Chirper 11,958 Views
1,295 Replies
notorioustig 05-06-2024, 12:47 AM
    Thread: Chirper #64 (AC Week #522)
Post: RE: Chirper #64 (AC Week #522)

First day at the new job tomorrow, finally the bad anxiety has been replaced by good anxiety
Chirper 11,958 Views
1,295 Replies
notorioustig 05-06-2024, 12:47 AM
    Thread: S76 PT #4: Changing Stripes
Post: RE: S76 PT #4: Changing Stripes

To be a good referee requires a very deep understanding of the game and its players, and is most certainly an extremely difficult job at the best of times. Where I feel the greatest room for improveme...
PT Archive 4,880 Views
242 Replies
notorioustig 05-06-2024, 12:46 AM
    Thread: S76 mPT #4: :kermitknife:
Post: RE: S76 mPT #4: :kermitknife:

There is no body of water you can put between us that the Armada cannot or will not cross to end your miserable attempt at a playoff run.
PT Archive 4,550 Views
261 Replies
notorioustig 05-03-2024, 03:53 PM
    Thread: S76 Playoff Bracket - Due May 6th 5PM PST
Post: RE: S76 Playoff Bracket - Due May 6th 5PM PST

PT Archive 4,320 Views
313 Replies
notorioustig 05-03-2024, 03:51 PM



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