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Deep Dive #1 A Look Into NBB's Playoff Scenario

Hello people, 

Today I will be taking a look at the Nevada Battleborn's playoff situation as the season comes to a close. Feel free to correct me in the comments below if I am mistaken on the playoff format for this league. As far as I am aware one team in each of the 4 team divisions do not make the playoffs. This puts Nevada in quite a pickle as we still have yet to clinch a playoff spot. With an abysmal minus one-hundred-thirty-one goal differential it is easy to say we are far from "sitting pretty" in the standings. So that brings us to the question of how exactly Nevada can make the playoffs. Fortunately for us Battleborn, Kelowna has had an even harder season than us. They sit five points behind us in the standings with a game in hand. The Knights have a goal differential of minus one-hundred-eleven. This steep difference for sure hurts the Battleborn when it comes to that tiebreaker. Neveda also has a tough schedule coming up facing off against eighth ranked Yukon, third ranked Maine, and then finally a date with the number one team in the league, Quebec. This schedule is far from easy. Kelowna face even more difficult opponents as they play Quebec in back-to-back matchups. They follow that pair of games with a trip to second ranked Colorado before finishing off the season against tenth ranked Anchorage. Both of these teams need to figure out a way to win. If the Knights drop both games to Quebec Nevada need only win one of their last three games. The game against Yukon will be massive for Neveda to make the playoffs. A win against Yukon sets Nevada at fifty-one points on the year. That would be an eight-point difference with two games left if Kelowna drops both to Quebec. Even if both aren't dropped against Quebec, losing against Colorado would also seal Kelowna's fate with a Nevada win. To say the least, the Knights are walking on thin ice. Fortunately for them, the Battleborn have been ice cold as we have dropped three in a row including a ten to nothing beatdown via Anchorage. If the playoffs began right now (correct me if I'm wrong figuring this out was a headache and a half) Nevada would pair up against the Regina Elk. While some may write us off, I have reason to believe that we have a chance against the top five team. Three of the last four games against the Elk were one goal games; two of which Nevada came out victorious in. It is still very difficult to tell who will make the playoffs as many teams are vying for position within the standings. As it stands right now there is no guarantee Regina even makes the playoffs at all as each team within the 510 Division features a winning record. I'm sure they wish they were in the kindergarten league known as Addition Subtraction that has two teams sub forty points, both of whom will make the playoffs by default. This has been one hell of an exciting first season in the league and I am filled with nervous excitement as the regular season comes to a close.

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