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Deep Dive #2, A look at the NBB Rookies
(This post was last modified: 03-20-2024, 04:22 PM by Ultimatedestroye.)

Now as the season comes to a close, I remember that I have to write a deep dive before the playoffs end for the SJMHL, so I need to spit out a quick 500 words on a doc. Don’t worry, my old article about teams and their tpe will come out later this week as large amounts of TPE has been distributed to the masses of rookies, making them go from 250 scrubs to 350 capped behemoths.
At the end of the season, let's look at how the rookies of the Nevada Battleborn did this year, I’ll be giving them letter grades based on the TPE they have now, and the stats they had this season

Round 1 - Pick 7 | Jim Wieners, User: JohnFranklinKennedy | Current TPE: 365 | G: 19, A: 45, GR: 74, OGR: 73, DGR: 68 | Grade: A+
Jim was the first pickup Nevada made this year, and its been stellar. JFK has hit the SJMHL cap of 350 TPE, and Wiener's contribution to the first and second line has been great with 45 assists. Absolute stud!

Round 2 - Pick 20 | Cade de Vries, User: Ultimatedestroye | Current TPE: 357 | G: 7, A: 19, GR: 62, OGR: 57, DGR: 68 | Grade: B
Hey, that's me! Well for a second-rounder being at the cap of TPE is quite good, which puts me in A territory, but the lackluster stats of the rookie point shooter bring me down to a B.

Round 3 - Pick 34 | Connor simard, User: Noname99 | Current TPE: 278 | G: 16, A: 11, GR: 65, OGR: 68, DGR: 54 | Grade: B
He is a good third-round pickup, being on his way to being capped by the beginning of their second season. He put up alright numbers being on the second lines, being a reliable goal scorer for the team

Round 4 - Pick 48 | Chopper Donquixote, User: amjohnson636 | Current TPE: 331 | G: 5, A: 17, GR: 65, OGR: 58, DGR: 62 | Grade: A+
This late pickup was brought to you by Bamford, and this rookies ratings are also brought to you by Bamford. Our second resident fighter/agitator came into the league and has made nearly the TPE cap, which as a 4th rounder is mighty impressive. The stats for the defensive center are good for his assist totals. Most importantly, he went 3-0 in fights in the SJMHL, which is extremely impressive as a rookie but also insanely impressive as that is the best fighting record league-wide!

Round 4 - Pick 56 | Thorn Brown, User: thornwbrown | Current TPE: 189 | IA | Grade: D
Has been cut from NBB

Round 5 - Pick 62 | BD Bronk, User: maysay | Current TPE: 185 | IA | Grade: D
Has been cut from NBB

Waiver Pickup | Connor simard, User: Noname99 | Current TPE: 278 | G: 16, A: 11, GR: 65, OGR: 68, DGR: 54 | Grade: B
Connor was one of our FA signings and has been good on the seconds, putting up a great OGR of 68, but lacking in defensive prowess. His TPE is great sitting at 278, which is very high for a FA signing

Waiver Pickup | Lucas Raymond, User: jjlangabeer | Current TPE: 337 | G: 2, A: 9, GR: 58, OGR: 53, DGR: 63 | Grade: A-
Lucas Raymond has been a superstar when it comes to earning TPE, as he sits 3rd overall in the NBB rookie class, which is highly impressive for an FA signing. The defenseman put in a good defensive stand in the second line with 72 blocked shots and 99 hits.

Waiver Pickup | Trent Rivera, User: TrentGachii | Current TPE: 211 | G: 9, A: 23, GR: 60, OGR: 60, DGR: 54 | Grade: C
The passing-minded forward picked up 23 assists on the season, however, his defensive skills were lacking. He also looks to be going IA

Waiver Pickup | Josh Fewer, User: fancey13 | Current TPE: 216 | G: 6, A: 16, GR: 58, OGR: 55, DGR: 58 | Grade: B-
This waiver has shown signs of life as of late and looks to be more of a low-earning prospect. However, he has put in consistent work over the year and hopefully, that progress will continue to shine in later seasons

Waiver Pickup | Weldon Mcconnell, User: cabana84 | Current TPE: 219 | G: 18, A: 16, GR: 67, OGR: 69, DGR: 57 | Grade: B+
The offensive-minded forward has put in a bunch of work on the ice and it has shown. Only playing in 48 games, he put up an impressive 34 points, which extrapolated would be 46 points in a season. The late bloomer was a great pickup for the team, and earns himself a B+

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