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S48 Detroit Falcons Interested Prospects Thread

Do you have any previous sim league experience?

I've been a member since S1 and I've also taken part in the VHL occasionally.

How much time do you think you'll be able to make for the SHL on a weekly basis?

6+ Hours, I work a desk job and can find time to do point tasks during down time at work.

What do you spend time doing on a daily basis? Favorite games? Favorite chips? What NHL team are you into?

In my free time I typically watch hockey or game a bit, mostly Apex with my brothers. Favorite NHL team is the Devils.

You can spend 1-5 seasons in juniors. Most elect to spend 2-3, but you may want to spend more time because you actually like juniors, or you might spend less because you are ambitious and want to make it to the SHL as fast as possible. How long do you think you'll spend in the J?

It all depends of course, I see myself in the Juniors for at least 3 seasons though.

Do you use Discord? If not, are you open to using it?

Yup, I have and use discord often.

Do you have any interest in being a Falcon?

I've always thought of the Falcons as one of the more successful SMJHL teams, so I have definite interest.

Anything you'd like us to know going into this draft?

My free time on weekends may be limited, however it's all subject to change and there could be exceptions.

Share your best joke or meme

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