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An Early Look at the Standings
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We're only about a fifth of the way through the regular season, but I thought I'd take a quick look back at the preseason standings and see how each team has done so far up to this point of the regular season. 

1. Detroit Falcons Falcons (preseason: 3)
The Falcons currently sit alone at the top of the SMJHL standings after finishing the preseason in 3rd, but in a three-way tie for the most points. They have gotten off to a very strong start here in S48, winning 7 and picking up points in 9 of their first 11 games of the season. Winger Savoli Tankovic leads the entire league in points, while teammates Travis Bitties and Raino Kyllonen have also cracked the double digit mark. The powerplay sits near the bottom of the league at just 17.14% but that hasn't seemed to hinder the offense as they still have scored the second most goals, averaging 3.27 per game.

2. Anaheim Outlaws Outlaws (preseason: 4)
The Outlaws find themselves sitting pretty at number 2 after wrapping up a respectable preseason where they finished 4th. Anaheim is coming off a Four Star Cup winning season, and they don't seem to be experiencing any championship hangover. The special teams units for the Outlaws is second to none, as they possess the best power play (34.15%) and the best penalty kill (88.24%) numbers in the league. If they continue clipping along at that rate, they'll be a tough team to beat in the postseason. Defenseman Corey Kennedy leads the SMJHL in assists, with an astounding 13 so early in the season. Rookie Noah Tedla is also off to a hot start with the helpers, as he's racked up 9 assists in his young career.

3. Montreal Militia Militia (preseason: 5)
The Militia also find themselves near the top of the standings after having a respectable preseason. The Militia have been excellent defensively thus far, having given up the fewest goals in the league. They also possess the best goals for/against ratio, scoring 1.3 goals for every 1 goal against. The 19th overall selection in the entry draft, Hugh Jazz, is proving to be quite the steal as he's amassed 12 points and leads all rookies in scoring. Wingers Herry Morris IV and Ravyn Tedisko are also sporting at least a point per game, while goalie Aleksi O'Koivu-Volkova leads all goalies in goals against average with a mere 2.26.

4. Vancouver Whalers Whalers (preseason: 2)
Vancouver finished the preseason tied for the most points, and have remained as one of the top teams so far in the regular season. The Vancouver offense has been unstoppable in the early goings and lead the league with a whopping 3.45 goals for per game. They've been relentless on the attack, averaging more shots on goal per game than any other team in the league. Theo Morgan leads the team and the league in goals scored, while Aaron Wilson, Bobby Bobcalf, and Kaspars Claude all sit above a point per game. Vancouver should look to clean up the penalties moving forward if they intend on remaining high in the standings as they come in averaging north of 12 minutes per game, the most in the league. The Whalers have recently signed Lithuanian defenseman Mikas Bieksa and have high expectations of the blueliner.

5. St. Louis Scarecrows Scarecrows (preseason: 1)
The Scarecrows finished the preseason at the very top of the standings, tied with Vancouver and Detroit at 64 points but having more wins than the other two. With such success in the preseason, one might have expected them to be slightly higher in the standings at this point in the season. Alas, the Scarecrows have gotten off to a bit of a slow start by their standards and find themselves down in 5th place early in the S48 campaign. The team is not afraid to get physical, as they lead the league in both shots blocked and hits delivered. Forward and captain Nicolaj Muller is off to the races, leading the team with 12 points in 11 games. The Scarecrows have made one addition to their roster since the preseason with centerman Jakub Bruchevski, and he has already contributed 3 points in his first two games which both resulted in wins for the Scarecrows.

6. Halifax Raiders raiders (preseason: 6)
The Halifax Raiders have managed to stay consistent so far in comparison to their preseason ranking, and sit in 6th place. Much like their position in the standings, they have been fairly average in just about every category up to this point. They've done a nice job of getting themselves more powerplay opportunities than any other team, and still score at a 23.26% rate on the PP. Their penalty kill is also near the top of the league, killing off 81.82% of all chances. The Halifax goalies have split time evenly, but goaltender Mike McKorsy may find himself getting more playing time as he owns a league best save percentage at .912%. Centerman Esa Parmborg leads all other centers with 13 points, and winger Josef Kubinec has so far maintained a point per game pace.

7. Anchorage Armada Armada (preseason: 8)
The Armada had a sub-par preseason and haven't shown much improvement yet a fifth of the way into the regular season. Anchorage plays one of the least physical games in the league, as they have compiled the fewest hits and the fewest shots blocked. A nice benefit of this is that they have racked up the fewest penalty minutes in the league and in turn have allowed only 5 goals on the penalty kill. The Armada have scored fewer goals than any other team, and this is not aided by having a league-worst faceoff percentage at just 46.94%. Despite the team not putting many goals on the board, Olivier Cloutier has found a way to place himself at the top of the leaderboard for goals scored with 7. Defenseman Kalevi Karhunen has also done his part offensively, putting together 12 points in only 10 games.

8. Colorado Raptors Raptors (preseason: 9)
The Colorado Raptors had an unimpressive preseason, and are off to an equally unimpressive start to the season. They've done well in preventing shots from reaching their goalie, allowing the fewest shots against in the league. This strong defense has resulted in the 3rd best goals against average in the league (2.70). Unfortunately for them, that kind of performance has not been matched on the offensive end of the ice as they have the second worst goals for average at only 2.40 per game. This is despite having the best faceoff percentage of any team. Winger Julio Tokolosh is the only player who has managed to score at a point per game pace. The Raptors have recently signed two-way defenseman Denver (very fitting for Colorado) Wolfe to their roster, so maybe his offensive talents will help turn things around for the team.

9. Lethbridge Lions Lions (preseason: 7)
The Lethbridge Lions are off to a less than ideal start after a mediocre preseason performance. Just days into the season, the GMs have already been released after failing to complete offseason tasks. An interim GM has been appointed and for the sake of the Lions, hopefully this will result in things taking a turn for the better. The biggest weakness of the Lions has been their special teams play. A league worst powerplay (12.20%) and league worst penalty kill (71.05%) will need to be addressed if they expect to make any kind of positive noise this season. The Lions attack has been led by Eva Lykke Aparjode and Boruvka Banananak, who are both averagine just under a point per game. Cant Eykhil has been a strong opponent in the faceoff circle, as he leads the league with the best faceoff percentage of 59.70%. 

10. Kelowna Knights Knights (preseason: 10)
The Kelowna Knights don't have much going right for them early in the year. They wrapped the preseason up in dead last, and coincidentally find themselves in the same position 11 games into the season with the worst goal differential in the league (-12). Rookie Raquel Castillo Gutierrez does lead the league with the best shooting percentage at an amazing 26.67% scoring rate with 4 goals, but I wouldn't expect that percentage to hold up as the season progresses. The Knights put up some of the fewest shots per game and allow some of the most against, which isn't really the combination you'd hope for. Defenseman Piotr Horvat leads the team in scoring, with 9 points in 11 games. The Knights do own one of the better powerplay units in the league, scoring on 27.50% of their opportunities. They'll need to maintain that success on the powerplay and hope the rest of their game comes into form as the season progresses.

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Enough said.

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