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PT 4 - Rookies vs Senddowns

The league is potentially looking at adding a SMJHL rookies vs. SHL send-downs game.  If you were in charge of creating the rosters, who would you select to play on each team?

Pick a player for each position on the all-rookie squad and one for each position on the send-downs squad and give reasoning why you selected them. You can pick based on performance in the sim, or because you like that member, or because they have a cool name--whatever method you prefer.  Write at least 200 words.

Create an ad for the game. Ad must include at least 2 renders.

4 TPE for doing the thing

You may do either the written or the graphic task, but you will not get credit for doing both.

Only S48 SMJHL rookies (S49 SHL draftees) are eligible for this PT.  

Do not claim TPE for this task until a post has been made in the claims thread

Link PBE or NSFL submissions here to get credit for Welfare claims.

July 7, 10 AM MDT

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C: Esa Parmborg  raiders
LW: Nicolaj Muller Scarecrows
RW: Julio Tokolosh  Raptors
D: Corey Kennedy Outlaws
D: Jules Watt  Raptors
G: Kasperi Braulin  Whalers

Analysis: The Senddown team consists of a smattering of players from all across the league. While my list is by no means guaranteed to indicate the best players at each position, it does generally indicate the most point-getters from each position, even though I acknowledge that there's a difference between getting points and doing what your position needs. However, generally speaking, I valued points over all other attributes (even for defensemen). With that said, it makes sense to have these players identified since they led their position group in overall points, regardless of whether it was goals or assists. The only contention I think anyone could really have with this list (besides prioritizing points over other stats) is having Kasperi Braulin rated higher than Tibuk Soonika  Outlaws . The reason I rated Braulin higher is because although Soonika has a better save percentage in more games, Braulin has the better goals against average, is less than 1% way in save percentage, and has done this on a worse team (albeit still a very good team). 

C: Skao Anazibf  Falcons 
LW: Hugh Jazz  Militia
RW: Cody  raiders
D: FR Finn-Rhys  raiders
D: Delver Fudgeson  Lions
G: Malcolm Weekes  Knights

Analysis: Similar to the Senddown team, I focused heavily on point totals for building the Rookie team. The only exceptions to this rule were adding myself (because really, why wouldn't I add myself? I think I'm awesome.) and putting Hugh Jazz as a left winger instead of his build which is as a right winger (in fairness, MTL plays him on their first line as a left wing). The rest of the list really shouldn't garner too much hate since the rest of the list was pretty much the highest point producer for their respective positions.

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BlizzardRaptors  raiders Switzerland  FINN RHYS  Switzerland raiders Raptors Blizzard

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                                          LW-  Jagger Fourquette (Detroit)         C - Bo Kane (Colorado)         RW- Hugh Jazz (Montreal)

    D- Noah Brusky (St. Louis)                  D- Delver Fudgeson (Lethbridge)

          G- Knox Booth (Colorado)

The only place to start with this team is with RW Sniper Hugh Jazz from the Montreal Militia, not only does he lead all rookies in points with 26, he's top 10 in the SMJHL in points as well, Jazz slipped to the 2nd round and is proven to invaluable to the Militia by playing on their 1st line, and 2nd line Power Play unit. Next is left winger Sniper Jagger Fourquette from the Detroit Falcons, the winger was taken 4th overall and has lived up to the hype by being 2nd in rookie goals with 9 while playing on the Falcons 3rd line. Last but not least of the forwards is center man Bo Kane from the Colorado Raptors. While playing has a Sniping Center his 60 Face off attribute is one of the highest among rookies, and his scoring is enough to be in the top 10 in rookie scorers. My teammate Defensive Defense man Noah Brusky is next on the list not only is he a great locker room presence off the ice, on the ice he lays the wood. While not having great offensive stats, Brusky is poised to become the definition of a lock down defense man. Next is Lethbridge Dman Delver Fudgeson, Fudgeson like Jazz was drafted in the 2nd round but is proving teams wrong. He leads all rookie defense men in points and plays on the Lions top pair. The 2 way defense men isn't just offense though his high defensive attributes puts him near the top in rookie defense men. Last but not least is rookie Goalie Knox Booth also of the Colorado Raptors. Being a rookie Goalie in the SMJHL isn't going to give you much game time, but Booth has made the most of it. In 8 starts he was a .908 save% and averages 2.37 goals allowed making arguably the best back up G in the league. 

Send downs 

                                              LW- Nicolaj Muller (St. Louis)          C- Esa Parmberg (Halifax)             RW- Theo Morgan (Vancouver)
                                                                          D- Corey Kennedy (Anaheim)               D- Julies Watt (Colorado)
                                                                                                 G- Tibuk Soonika (Anahiem)

This team is almost self explanatory, Muller and Parmberg lead their position groups in points while Morgan leads the SMJHL in goals. Muller is the captain of the most physical team in the league and he plays tough just like the rest of the team. This forward not only scores but they play all facets of the game well. Corey Kennedy is probably the best all around defense men in the league, he leads all defense men in points and is 2nd in the league in blocked shots. Julies Watt is a terrific offensive defense man who is 2nd in points by a defense man and is tied for 3rd in Power Play goals. There are 3 goalies all very close to each other but in the end I decided on Outlaws starter Tibuk Soonika. Soonika leads the SHJHL in save% and wins, and his 2nd in average goals allowed. 

I would really like to see this game happen, but at the end of the day looking at the quality of players the game would most likely be a blood bath. 

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Scarecrows Russia Wolfpack

1st SHL Goal - S52 Game 1 vs Tampa 3. New England Wolfpack , Jakub Bruchevski 1 (Eko Van Otter 1, Delver Fudgeson 2) at 8:10

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C - Mika Kandinsky @Mika_Kandinsky  Scarecrows
LW - Nicolaj Muller @esilverm   Scarecrows
RW - Barrett Blackwood @MrStennett   Scarecrows
D - Lyle Odelein III @Huck24  Scarecrows
D - Izem Abioye @eddiesnothere   Scarecrows
G - Billy Sorokin @oddly_colored_beef  Scarecrows

You may have noticed a theme with this senddown roster, as it's full of Scarecrows. This is by no means biased or favoritism, the Crows are just the best team in the SMJHL and have the most to offer in terms of senddown talent. Center Mika Kandinsky was the 10th overall pick in this past SHL draft is in just his second year in the SMJHL, and he has lit the league on fire after a slow start to the season. He finds himself as the second highest scoring centerman in the league. The captain of the Crows, Nicolaj Muller, was an easy pick for the senddown roster. He's currently in his third season in the SMJHL and has Buffalo salivating to call him up, as he leads the entire league in points thus far. Rounding out the forwards, we have second year stud Barrett Blackwood. Blackwood finds the ice on the second unit for a stacked Scarecrows squad, but his efficiency is off the charts. He tallies points at an even 1 per 20 minutes of ice time. He was drafted by the Blizzard and is sure to contribute valuable minutes soon with that kind of efficiency. Moving on to the defense, we have second year defenseman Lyle Odelein III. Drafted by New Orleans, Lyle has proven that he can be an elite presence from the blue line on the offensive end. He's jumped out to 20 points in the first 29 games of the season and has shown zero signs of slowing down. Next up we have another second year defender, Izem Abioye. Izem was picked up by West Kendall, and is looking to be a solid two-way defender for years to come. He is a dependable man on the back end and his +/- rating this season sits near the top of the league. Last but not least on the senddowns squad is goalie Billy Sorokin. Billy enters into his 4th season in the SMJHL, and his third as a starter. He led the league in wins the past two seasons, and is primed to make it three straight seasons here again. Chicago will be calling his name in the near future for sure.

C - Jakub Bruchevski @JaytheGreat  Scarecrows
LW - Theodore Sober @shitpostbot2000 Scarecrows
RW - Hugh Jazz @ThatDamnMcJesus   Militia
D - Noah Brusky @BrewskyBoy Scarecrows
D - Delver Fudgeson @Massive Coiler   Lions
G - Malcolm Weekes @Molholt  Knights

With such a formidable senddown squad on the other end of the ice, this rookie squad will have quite a challenge on their hands. But while this rookie squad may be young and inexperienced in comparison, they'll be sure to come into this game full of energy and ready to make an impression on any SHL scouts that may be in attendance. Having a number of Scarecrows on the rookie roster should also give these team an inside edge into the gameplan of the senddowns. In the faceoff dot for the rookies is Jakub Bruchevski. Bruchevski arrived in the league after the entry draft, but signed with St. Louis shortly after. He immediately made his presence known in the first 3 games of his career, tallying 2 goals and an assist while playing limited minutes for the Crows. Winger Theodore "chwooky" Sober was a late round pick for the Scarecrows, but he has since proven to be an excellent addition to an already stellar roster. Sober is a physical player and won't be afraid to lay the body on his teammates from St. Louis in this game to prove something to the scouts. In our first non-Scarecrow player to crack the lineup, we see Hugh Jazz from the Montreal Militia. On draft day Hugh Jazz saw himself fall almost into the third round at pick number 19, but he has since turned out to be the biggest steal of the draft. He leads all rookies in scoring by a country-mile, and is up near the top of the league even when you include the senddowns. Hugh Jazz is sure to provide an offensive spark to this rookie team. Onto the defensive end for the rookies, we first have Noah Brusky. Brusky hasn't put up many points in his rookie campaign, but he has been a shutdown defender on the back end. Sharing the ice with Brusky will be Lions defenseman Delver Fudgeson. Fudgeson was drafted in the second round on the entry draft and has wasted no time in establishing himself as a premier piece on the Lions blue line. He was thrust onto the first pairing as a rookie and has proven that he is capable of playing with the big boys. In the net for the rookies is Malcolm Weekes. Weekes came into the league shortly after an entry draft that saw four goalies get selected. In a league where the goalie market was already fairly saturated, Weekes was not worried about finding playing time in the SMJHL. He knew he had the skill and perserverance to bust onto the scene and found himself a starting role on the Knights.

[Image: DrbPYHV.png] [Image: UDyqktK.png]


[Image: XPwzjex.png]

Team Senddowns:
C – Esa Parmborg raiders
LW - Nicolaj Muller Scarecrows
RW - Julio Tokolosh Raptors
D - Corey Kennedy Outlaws
D - Jules Watt Raptors
G – Tibuk Soonika Outlaws
Simply put, this is the best of the best of the Senddowns. Each of these players are the leaders in points for their position as well as they are all brimming on the edge of being full time SHL regulars. Having personally played against these teams and watched these players (usually from the bench), I can tell you that they are regular stand outs on a nightly basis and a true testament to what development can do for you while you’re down in the SMJHL. It’s clear that these players understand what to do to net themselves positive numbers in vital statistical categories that make a difference. If there ever was a team of Senddowns to be chosen it must start with these six, that is of course if you want to have any success.
Team Rookies:
C – Bo Kane Raptors
LW - Jagger Fourquette Falcons
RW – Hugh Jazz Militia
D – Noah Andros Falcons
D - Delver Fudgeson Lions
G – Malcolm Weekes Knights
When deciding upon the new crop of SMJHL draftees to represent the team I went with a mixed bag. I wanted to look for opportunities for chemistry and game breaking skill so up front I made sure to include high flying sniper Hugh Jazz with 4th overall pick, Jagger Fourquette riding on the left. In the pivot is none other than Raptors center Bo Kane who will balance out the high octane forwards and supply them with plenty of goalscoring chances. On the defensive side I went with 1st overall Noah Andros, his poise will help settle the group and his partner Delver Fudgeson will be an excellent compliment to Andros game, allowing both of them to create plays off the point. Representing the rookies in net is Malcolm Weekes of the Knights, who along with the defense will create a wall that will be hard for the Senddowns to penetrate. This group hinges on chemistry but it’s a challenge I believe they will overcome in spades.

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Player Page                Update Thread 
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LW Cody raiders
Every team needs a goalscorer and his shooting has been top tier scoring 11 goals in 25 games, with a little more ice-time he should be able to score against a more experienced glove and his checking will help the team on defense

C Bo Cane Raptors
One of the highest TPE earners and versatile, that's the type of player I want playing in the middle if I want to win draws against the send down crew and keep up with them the full 60 minutes

RW Hugh Jazz Militia
This was a no-brainer, with all the points he has scored so far I'm sure he will bring momentum from highlight plays and give the crowd something to cheer about

RD Delver Fudgeson Lions
He can score and he can defend, perfect fit for the roster I'm trying to construct

LD Noah Brusky Scarecrows
Strong shutdown defender that will be able to keep up with the send downs strong offense

G Malcom Weekes Knights
Most experienced rookie goaltender and I'm going to need the goalie with the most minutes to go up against a team with probably more experience than the whole rookie line up put together



LW Julio Tokolosh Raptors
Leads the league in points, well rounded and dangerous. Would probably get the most ice time

C Timmo Kyllonen raiders
Pure passer that leads the league in assists. Should easily thread the needle against the rookies

RW Theo Morgan Whalers
Teammate and leads the SMJHL in goals, the rookies are going to be shaking in their boots when he lines up for a shot

RD Satoshi Zizagooney Falcons
Highest scoring defender in the league + I like his name Cool

LD Corey Kennedy Outlaws
I think he is the best two-way defender with offensive capabilities. I can see him being the best defender on the ice against an inexperienced rookie team

G Kasperi Braulin Whalers
We play on the same team and his numbers are outstanding, you will see him standing on his head more than once

367 words

pbe pt - username squishes

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Send downs

Centre: Essa Parmborg
Left Wing: Nicolaj Muller
Right Wing: Julio Tokolosh
Defence: Corey Kennedy
Defence: Jules Watt
Goalie: Tibuk Soonika

The SMJHL is full of talented players, especially the send downs who have had time to develop their game and are just waiting for the chance to play in the SHL. These players right here are the all-stars of their positions and are considered currently the best producers at each role. This line-ups goal is to push the pace of the game quick and fast so the rookies aren't able to keep up.


Centre: Bo Kane
Left Wing: Jagger Fouquette
Right Wing: Hugh Jazz
Defence: Delver Fudgeson
Defence: Heat Siecker
Goalie: Knox Booth

These selections for the rookie team brings a very complete line. They are all very effective offensive players but are not one-dimensional and can play a complete 200 foot game. Bo Kane's 60 faceoffs will be able to compete against a send down who's faceoff rating will be a little higher. His offensive ratings, as well as defensive, are higher or flirting with 70 to make him a complete player. Jazz and Fouquette sit 1st and 2nd in the rookie scoring race currently so it would be very special to see them work their magic together. Fudgeson is the highest scoring rookie defender currently who has a really impressive shot. Siecker is also one of the highest scoring defenders but his focus offensively is his crisp passing which will work nice with Fudgeson. Booth is the best goalie to come out of the S48 SMJHL draft to me so it's a no brainer to play him.

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Raptors Canada pride
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PBE PT - Kahn

Elijah Jones - Winger - #33 Anchorage Armada - Los Angeles Panthers
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Toivo Kosonen - Defenseman - #33 Retired
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