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S49 PT#3 - SHL Big Brother program

As an SMJHL player, I was paired up with a big brother from the SHL. Like a few of my teammates, I too was paired up with a familiar face in the Scarecrows locker room: Nicholas Williams (@Nictox ). During the week, Williams treated us to ice cream every single day. He said that one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make in your life is picking out what flavor of ice cream you want to eat, and he taught us how to make an informed and educated decision each and every time. He also mentioned that just because you didn't get the flavor of ice cream that you wanted today, there's always a chance tomorrow to get out there again and achieve your goals/try the other flavor of ice cream. One of the days when we were out for ice cream, Nicholas knocked the ice cream cones right out of our hands and told us that sometimes life comes at you hard and you may lose something you love, but you've just gotta move on and get yourself a new ice cream cone.

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I was given the opportunity to skate with Boromini Cannellini, who is currently in the SHL, and learn the ropes from him during a series of drills. Because my English is not so good I had trouble telling him what I was good at, so I just said "make shoot" a lot to show him that I was a good goal-scorer. But he didn't seem to like that, so he had me shoot the puck at him, but more slowly and on the ice, in a variety of situations. I didn't get it, but he called it the "pass". He even taught me a technique called the "saucer pass", which is shooting in the air but the puck is supposed to touch the ice before it touches the stick. I do not understand the North American game, sometimes. After that we skated back and forth, me chasing him with the puck for some reason. It was fun but I did not understand what he was trying.


As one of THE power forwards of the SHL, I was asked to take an up-and-comer with a similar philosophy under my wing and try to bring his checking tendencies under some kind of control. As the current SMJHL hits leader and likewise a power forward, Anthony Archer @Zach definitely fits that bill. I don't really put much stock into what we as hockey players do when not on the ice - unless it involves copious amounts of drinking - so instead I tried to put Archer through many of the on-ice scenarios he would face and what he should do during them. One example was what to do when on a two-on-one situation with a teammate against the goalie. Obviously, the correct answer there is to fire the puck at the net, as passing is for chumps and more than likely you're just a better shot than that teammate could ever hope to be. Similarly, if you happen to have one of those guys that just randomly skates around the ice with the puck and refuses to do anything with it, sometimes it's necessary to chase him down yourself, knock him off the puck, and go score. He'll probably even get credit for the assist still.

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Delver Fudgeson spent his day of the Big Brother Program with his New England Wolfpack SHL team's oldest and most crotchety player, Tigole Bitties @Ace. Drafted all the way back in season 36, Tigole has been working hard maintain his place as one of the SHL's top players, despite his deteriorating body and mind. Young Delver was fortunate enough to get to warm up his mentor's soup, massage his legs until the feeling came back, and helped him access his emails from relatives. Most of the struggles came when Delver was unable to get Tigole's blackberry working, as the youngster had never seen a relic like that. There were some words of advice along the lines of making sure Delver works hard to reach his full potential so he can help the Wolfpack as soon as he can. Also some tips about what he should focus on if he wants to succeed in the SHL the same way he has in the junior league. Delver was fortunate to be able to spend time with an incredibly seasoned veteran such as Tigole Bitties, and really takes his advice to heart. Even if it looks like he will be bringing adult diapers to this legendary hockey player sometime down the line, Delver is looking forward to his future interactions with this SHL legend.

I don’t know why, but one day Delver Fudgeson @Massive Coiler showed up at my house and started massaging my thighs. I figure that he was just trying to make a good impression, so in the spirit of the team, I let it happen. He then started to go through my email for some reason, claiming that I didn’t know how to connect with my family in Greenland correctly. Whatever.

I brought him back down to earth while he was I’m then midst of rifling through my underwear drawer and we went over some of the best ways to adapt his game to the rigors and pace of the SHL. He is a smart kid, and I know that he’d most likely be successful without my help, but if I can help steer him in the right direction, it’ll make him be that much better for the Pack.

What a weird kid though.

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Kraken Wolfpack Kraken Wolfpack Kraken Wolfpack Kraken Wolfpack Kraken Wolfpack Kraken

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Since Jules Watt is a very nice person and great hockey player he was asked by the Syndicate organization along with the SHL PR Department to participate as one of the first members of the SHL Big Brother program, meant to help rookies and first year send-downs get accustomed to the league. As a Colorado Raptors alumni, he was assigned to help out his replacement Denver Wolfe @iRockstar. They first started out by going to the rink and doing some defensive drills that included passing, skating, agility, and shooting. The group then next went to the SHL Hall of Fame, where they both studied from legendary players in the past. Next they dropped by an elementary school, to sign autographs and talk to the kids there about motivational stuff like following your dreams and working hard. Both Jules Watt, and presumably Wolfe enjoyed the experience, and ended the day with pizza and Wolfe's favourite pizza place. Jules Watt is certain to participate in this program again.

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ty goatlab

The player I decided to took under my wing was no other than the 1st overall selection of the recent SHL Entry Draft, Elijah Jones. Surprisingly he was still free, I would assume because most people were to intimidated to even ask a player of his caliber to be their protegee. But Elijah said yes when I approached him so I took him under my wing for a week to show him around the city, have him live with me and my family and try to give him some pointers about becoming a successful SHL player and not breaking under the pressure that comes with the tag of "First Overall Pick".

But ultimately things ended up way different than I expected because it turns out that Elijah didn't need my help at all. In fact it looked like he had a whole lot of things figured out a whole lot better than I did so at the end of the day, I probably ended up learning more from him than he did from me. He could also drink way more beer than me which was quite surprising and helped me install a new home security system... Okay, maybe that turret was a bit much.


Elijah Jones was informed by the league that he would have to commit to Big Brother Mentoring one Saturday of the season. Elijah Jones drew his card from the office of Big Brother and saw the name Rex Kirkby on it, Jones recognized the name immediately. Rex Kirkby, defenseman for the West Kendall Platoon. Jones was invested in Kirkby since he selected him in the SHL fantasy pool that he’s a part of. Jones and Kirkby mostly spent the Saturday working together over the difficult expectations Jones would face as an SHL rookie. Kirkby spoke about his time as a rookie, and how he overcame the nerves associated with being new to the league. The two wrapped up their session over a Top Golf outing. Jones requested Top Golf because he heard a lot of business ends up on the golf course and if he ever misses the playoffs in the SHL he’ll likely end up playing golf anyways. @Acsolap

Elijah Jones - Winger - #33 Anchorage Armada - Los Angeles Panthers
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Being one of the new draft picks of New England I had three big brothers to spend time with recently. First off I spent time with Gordie Boomhover @gordieboom, he made me drive the long way to the training rink which being in Boston means we get stuck in quite a lot of traffic. It wasn't bad though Gordie would chat with me the entire ride there and told me a lot about what it takes to be a true pro in the SHL. I'm very grateful for all the time he took out of his day to take me under his wing. Next week was Eko Van Otter @hotdog and he took me to places that people to Boston would never know to check out. One day at around 11 AM he threw me into a strip club and I swear I've never ran out of a place so fast in my life. I'm not quite sure what lesson he was trying to teach me but all in all it was a pretty awesome week and Eko is a pretty cool guy to grab a beer and some ice cream with. The last person I spent time with was defenseman Ensio Kalju @jRuutu, Kalju's lesson was to make sure I'm always aware of my surroundings. One morning without warning he checked me while I had a hot cup of coffee in my hand, safe to say I was not very happy but he made up for it when he bought me an Irish coffee later in the day. One night I stayed over at his house and he changed my alarm and then screamed at me to get up and that we were late. A few minutes of scrambling later and he told me it was just a drill. While being with the Finnish Dman has made me a little paranoid I did really enjoy my time with my new comrade but I probably won't be asking to stay at his place any time soon. I'm eternally grateful to my big brothers for their time and wisdom. Hopefully I'll be able to repair their kindness when I make it up Wolfpack.

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Scarecrows Russia Wolfpack

1st SHL Goal - S52 Game 1 vs Tampa 3. New England Wolfpack , Jakub Bruchevski 1 (Eko Van Otter 1, Delver Fudgeson 2) at 8:10

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There aren't many prospects in the West Kendall organization. Of the five that we have there is only one defenseman, Izem Abioye. I wanted to take him in and get this young defenseman ready for what awaits him in the SHL. The scouting reports on Abioye say that strength is his biggest weakness so I wanted to get him ready in the physical regard. I met him at the airport with an oversized wheelbarrow. I threw all his stuff in along with myself and made him push us all the way to my home. The kid took it like a champ. During the week, we worked on blocking shots and decision making. I set up Saw-like puzzles all around my house to get Abioye ready to make split second decisions when he joins us on the Platoon. To work on blocking shots I took a page out of the Mighty Ducks book and just tied him up and ripped clappers at him. In the end I think that he really showed perseverance, tenacity, strength, and drive. Yeah, he showed serious PTSD. @eddiesnothere

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Tony For has always had a soft spot for Dmen at Anchorage, so naturally he took Gabe Johnson under his wing. He had forgot, of course, that during his time at Anchorage, he had called Gabe "the worst defenseman ever", so the relationship wasn't exactly strong. Anyway, not to let that get between him and teaching, he got to practicing with Johnson, attempting to demonstrate the skills he might need to succeed at the SHL level. During the time away from training, naturally Tony Ford tried to teach Johnson how to really enjoy himself on a night out in Anchorage. Unfortunately, these efforts were largely in vain, as the moment they entered a bar Gabe immediately ordered a diet coke. And when they attended a party held by a good friend of Ford's in the city, Gabe didn't seem to know what a recreational drug was if it hit him in the face. Who knows how he'll pan out in the SHL but he's not great at a party...

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Extra special thanks to @Julio Tokolosh for the sick gif one

I think it would be best to mentor a player whose game is most similar to mine, that way I would be able to draw more closely from my experiences such that I am able to actually give advice on what helped me, and they are able to develop their game to the fullest. Being a sniper, I think I would choose to mentor the guy who's a sure shot. That guy is the one and only Sureshot Dombrowski (GloveHandMcGee). I played my junior hockey with the Vancouver Whalers as well, and was one of their top scoring options during my three seasons there. So already, we have some similarities. I think I would go through the obvious hockey skills that any good sniper would need, good shot, skating, etc. but I think there isn't enough of an emphasis on training the mind. So most of my mentorship would focus on getting Dombrowski's mind mentally sharp no matter what the scenario would be. That is what will make them into the next great SHL sniper.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Please take care of it. Here are some helpful links just in case.

Algonquin College Student Support Services - 613-727-4723
Crisis Text Line - Text 'HOME' to 741741
Distress Centre Ottawa and Region - 613-288-3311
Good2Talk - 1-866-925-5454
Kid's Help Phone - 1-800-668-6868
Mental Health Hotline Ontario - 1-866-531-2600
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255

Click here for a list of crisis centres within Canada

If you have the contact info to your local mental help centres, let me know!

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It came as a big surprise to Raquel Castillo Gutierrez @Jiggly_333 that former Knights captain and current SHL star Alex Light came to help her for the Big Brother Mentoring week. Throughout the week, the two worked on improving Raquel’s skating and shooting as well as talking about goalie habits, in order to increase the goals scored.

As much as the special training on the ice was, it was off the ice that came the best moment of this week. It was a big discussion between the two pertaining to being drafted late in their respective SHL draft years and having to struggle through adversity and the stigma of not being wanted by a team.

The last night of Big Brother Mentoring Week, the two of them got absolutely plastered in one of the bars near Prospera Place in Kelowna. The next day, both were back on their respective teams to continue their journey through the SHL.

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