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SHL 10 Year Anniversary - Bonus PT

One of my favourite SHL memories was helping out @Tanner with Hamilton GM duties while we were at the top of the SHL. I don't remember all of the stuff that happened, but we won a couple of cups and had a great team atmosphere going. That was the peak of my SHL activity and we had a great team that went to a couple of finals and won a couple of cups that we probably shouldn't have won.

Another favourite memory is just looking forward to sims and coming online to chat with everyone. I can distinctly remember having to referee some tyke hockey games at like 8am, 9am, or 10am on Sundays mornings in December, but thinking on the ice how much I was excited to see how my team and my player would perform in the sim that day. It got even more fun when I had the opportunity to GM for the Montreal Impact and I got to scout new players, chat with them, and decide who would be a good fit with the team. I was also heavy into recruiting players. Mainly through HFBoards, I would message members and see if they were interested. There are a few members that I recruited who stuck with the site, and I am really proud of that.

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Wow, 10 years is a huge milestone for any community. I am grateful to be apart of this amazing one. I have just finished my first season in the SMJHL, and boy was it exciting for me. I went from not knowing any clue as to what the hell was going on, to still not really knowing what is going on but I am going at it with confidence. I really am loving this, it has been all sorts of exciting watching all of us rookies grow over the last two months. The upcoming draft is going to have a lot of Krakens called, and believe me, we are going to tear up the SHL when we get there. Thankfully, this league is pretty forgiving in terms of mistakes. It is pretty hard to mess up a player build. Early on I thought I Panda Panico was going to be in the toilet and not worth anything. After some tweaking and some much needed help from Fuzz, Panda is starting to really get the hang of things on the ice. I had no idea what to expect when I started this league, I didn't know if I would be an insane goal scorer or the DPOY. But I am happy with where I am at. I can't wait to see where the next few years takes the SHL. I am glad to be apart of this.

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My favorite memory/time of the SHL is two fold, first, joining the Calgary Dragons, and second was finally winning my first Challenge Cup in S50. After going inactive with my first player due to not enjoying my time to much and being burnt out, I came back with a vengeance with my second player and it wasn't long before I tasted glory with him. I could not have done it without all my teammates in Calgary. Each and every one of them have made my time back here so enjoyable, and it truly does feel like a big group of friends even though we've never met. They've helped me through some tough times and are honestly just an all around great group of guys that I am happy that I have managed to join and build relationships with. @Steelhead77 and @c00kies . I'm so grateful you 2 picked me and welcomed me into the team. @BarnabasCollins you're a hell of a goalie and a hell of a cook. @Mike Izzy Izzy you're the man, you do so much behind the scenes for the team and it's much appreciated. @xDParKyou were a great first D partner and I'm glade we got to comeinto the SHL both as true rookies on our own pair. @Slappydoodle not much can be said about you, you're not around much, but you make up for it in your short bursts of activity in the LR. @Katth @Weretarantula you two are great guys and I'm honored to be a part of the scouting team with you two.

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So far, I think my favorite SHL memory is getting drafted to Colorado.  When I first joined the site, I wasn’t really sure what this was all about and whether I would really enjoy the league.  I was pretty honest with juniors GMs that I had a full time job and just didn’t know whether sim leagues would be for me, but if I did in fact like it I would be a good player because I’m a competitive person.  A night or two before the draft I had my first conversation with @hhh81, I don’t remember exactly what we talked about but I remember thinking that Colorado would absolutely be a place I’d be happy to be.  I do remember hhh was really honest with me, telling me he thought I was probably worth a top-20 draft pick but he had other players ranked higher for his picks at 1, 3, 13 and didn’t have another pick until 34.

When the draft finally rolled around, I realized I had been really enjoying myself and checking the site more frequently - suddenly disappointed I wasn’t more aggressive in the pre-draft process to get drafted higher. The picks kept rolling in without getting to hear “Sven” called and by around pick 20 or so I was starting to get frustrated that I hadn’t marketed myself better.  After another few picks I realized this means I might keep dropping and get picked up by Colorado with their pick in the 3rd.  I was ecstatic to finally hear my name called and get to join Colorado.

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Honestly, after a few years on SHL, the number of bad memories overcome the good ones. However, there’s still a few ones I cherish despite the bad times I had. I remember when I started here, being welcomed so warmly in the S36 class by @Pris and the other mentors as well as some other members, especially you, @TheDangaZone. I remember after stepping out of my little bubble and joining the smjhl ho as an intern. I made my way slowly to a more permanent role in the smjhl ho where I shared responsibility with @storm, @ztevans and @Zoone16. I don’t think I’d have stick with the SHL if I hadn’t been part of something important early on in my journey here and made those strong friendship. I can say confidently that the person I mentioned in this post will forever be part of my memory and the joy I find in SHL. I have made many other friendships through the years, especially recently since joining buffalo. But as we say, in a way, nothing beat your first. I don’t talk a lot of some of you guys anymore, and it’s my bad to an extent, but I wanted you guys to know you’ll be a part of my memories.

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I am coming up on 5 years of being registered on the site (even though I have had some bigger stretches of inactivity throughout), but man what a blast that first year was. I found the site while I was deployed in Afghanistan and had a lot of free time. My first player, stupidly named Zack Hoover was a prospect for the Season 25 draft class We didn't have discord during the time, but groupme and locker rooms were where I managed to make some friends that I will never forget. Luke Fleming @Nereus, Geoffrey Allen @Allen, Jack Durden @Durden were the big three that I immediately connected with. The draft class was massive and brought players and members such as Jasper Clayton @Eggy216, Adam Falk @NJBadApple,Travis Kudleychuk @BeanSnoodie, Johnny Cahill @JLysohirka, Ryan [email protected]TML99, Robb Wind @Winter is Coming, Maria Maximov @enigmatic, Nikolaus Scholz @karlssens, Lord Pretty Flacko @Baelor Swift, into the SHL family.

With having such a massive draft class, I remember all the media that was flowing out and how everyone was trying to one up one another. The banter all around was very fun to be apart of, especially seeing how many of the older members on the site disliked our draft class and how we acted. I was drafted by the Vancouver Whalers and the locker room activity was absolutely insane. A couple of months into my time on the site, I was asked by @JHS to become co-gm of the Vancouver Whalers, and then the season after I became the head gm for a couple seasons. Being in charge of an SMJHL team was probably the most fun I have ever had on a website full of internet strangers.

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Oh gosh, where to start! There have been so many great memories, almost all with Colorado. It was my home very early and (after some early angst about getting passed over by Detroit) I haven’t wanted to be anywhere else. I was honored to become GM in S48 and work hard to make some great friends and keep them engaged in the site. Thanks again to @39alaska39 for laying hte foundation and then @Tate @jason97 @ProjectSaint @wumaduce @NONAME @LordBirdman @Thatguy91 @Duff101 @lespoils @OrbitingDeath @gurbs @FreakinAnime and so many more for making me look smart.

Some of the most fun I’ve had on site has come from writing media. I know many of y’all probably are surprised by this—since being GM, I haven’t really had time to write a ton of media like I did in my earlier days. That being said, I love writing media and telling stories. Hell, 90% of Jakub Novak came from me screwing around in weekly PTs rookie year, as the screwball partner for Darrow’s quiet, serious guy @Esso2264.

With that, I want to help introduce others to some of the media I’m proudest of. Very early on rookie year I set off to write a multi part season preview for the SMJHL, and I didn’t even know where the season indexes were! That was a TIME (a 12-15k word time) and I even went back and revisited my preseason predictions after the season. Look at me without any of the jadedness and feuds! I was so precious and open minded.
Some other pieces I’m proud of was the two part series where I shat on Darrow and J.P. Gay’s play my sophomore season then talked about how we started to dominate on the back half once split up. I also did a media piece looking at how the S47 Hamilton Steelhawks completely fell apart in a blaze of failure.
That all said, the area I think I’m best known for media wise is my draft analysis. I took to that immediately (and would thrive if SHLN wants to bring me on as a draft correspondent) with stuff like this, this, and then my magnum opus breaking down my own draft approach in S48. I also wrote a few pieces reflecting on my own S49 Reddit draft and then redrafting the S45 SHL Entry Draft (aka my draft), which were fun.
This makes me ask, where is Dave Coulier? When will he come back to amateur scouting?

I don’t know.

Argonauts Argonauts

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I've only been around for (just over!) a year now, and I'm still looking forward to more. The SHL has becoming an increasingly large part of my life over the past few months, from something I'd check in on once or twice a week to something I check on compulsively through the day... for better or worse. When I first came to the league I entered with zero expectations, and @Acsolap helped show me the ropes early on, and I can't possibly thank him enough for that. @artermis, too.

In my days early on in Anchorage I made quick friends with @Gwdjohnson and @DaftRaincloud, and we're still good friends to this day. @Jenny and @ej27 were the PT directors for the SHL when I was coming up, and I was lucky enough to share a LR with the two of them in Anchorage. I'm lucky enough to have Jenny with me in NOLA now as well. Early on in my SHL proper days, I could count on @JKortesi81 and @TheDangaZone to help me out, remind me of PTs, or just be there for me when I needed it. They both helped me through some hard times and kept me going, and that goes for everyone else previously mentioned as well.

Anchorage's alumni network has some huge names it in, and I couldn't possibly thank them all. I know for a fact I'm forgetting a few, but @Weretarantula, @ml002, @Tomen, @Tomasnz, thank you all for everything you've done for me. Thank you all for being great friends. Thank you for helping me get a job in the league, or inspiring me to coach, or even just being a guest on my podcast so I could get more money.

There are a million other people I'd like to thank, and chances are if you're reading this you're one of them. All of the players I've played with, all of the players I've coached, all of the people who've taught me something along the way. All the rookies in ANC that I never got a chance to play with. @Budgie for being a fucking guy.

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My fondest memory would likely be the moment that I got traded to the West Kendall Platoon. As my contract was expiring they didn't pay too much as they were not sure if I would resign with them. After being traded they of course wanted to negotiate for a longer term deal. So what do you do at a moment like this? You of course let your wife do the negotiations. So while discussing the conditions with the general manager she came up with the condition that for each year my player would play for the West Kendall Platoon the general manager had to write a My Little Pony related story about the team and our players. I was surprised to hear they had actually accepted this condition.

So I want to thank Syckez (not sure what name he uses nowadays, his player used to be Julien Marshall I think back then) for doing this deal. And later Bojo for actually continuing this deal. This still might be one of my all time best free agency stories. I still regret the day my player regressed so much he wouldn't be usefull anymore, as I would have stayed around even longer there just for them having to come up with more stories :p

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Former players:
Ivo Willems (S9) (S10-28 SHL)  
Xander Green  (S33-35) (S36-47 SHL)
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Gotta say, most of my favorite memories come from back in the days of old, OLD SHL. Can't forget the times of Team Latvia being an absolute powerhouse in the IIHF while all of our OG pesky Lats were still active on this site. Those were the times of controversy and thunderdome articles. Times of lowkey tampering and gotta say, some times the games in PO seemed a bit too extreme as well. The most fun I had on this site was with my first player, Oliver Pettyfer. Sadly, none of my players got to the hall of fame and for that I AM LOWKEY PISSED. But that may be a different story for the future. All in all the times with my first player where pretty good. From West Kendall becoming a powerhouse and blowing almost a certain championship, to moving from WKP to Texas in a wild 2 player FA signing that should have made Texas a force to be reckoned with, but at the end we choked and I had to wait for my first SHL cup till my second player. What I didn't achieve with my SHL teams, I did with Team Latvia. From playing a minor role, to becoming a GM in the times of NEW SHL. Since joining in 2014 I have had some great memories and some not so great. But hopefully I can once again regain the joy I had from back in the days of my first player.

I will just leave a list of things so nobody needs to go trough that paragraph, lol
1)The era of Pesky Lats
2)WKP becoming a powerhouse and then blowing a certain championship win @bojo (What is your nickname, boy) @LB.
3)Leaving WKP for Texas in a wild 2 MONSTER PLAYER move trough FA, just to not get the cup again and coming back to WKP after a few seasons
4)Managing Team Latvia for a veeeeeeeery long time
6)FINALLY, winning that darn cup in S37

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Oliver Pettyfer / Isaac Cormier Hale / Eva Lykke Aparjode

This is the end of my first season in the Simulation Hockey League and everything about it has been a blast. Even after just a few months its hard for me to pick a favorite instance. This whole community has been so inviting and helpful with learning how to play for a new player. Guys like (@hhh81) that signed me to dfa contract right after I started my player just to help me fill in my bank account a little give me a little boost to begin with even though the Raptors did not need a center. Then when draft day came I got a chance the join the Maine Timber and I haven't looked back. I tend to be kinda quiet and shy in new discords, but the Maine LR pulled me in almost instantly and I was contributing there daily from day 1. Even though it was a rough first season for the Timber the locker room stayed loose and fun while we all tried to figure out FHM6 together and improve. I think the biggest thing that shows how highly I think of the SHL is that I went from having never heard of this site prior to February this year and now I help to host a weekly show about it. Hockey Talk Tonight is just the start of a deep dive into this site that will hopefully lead to me still being here for the 20 year anniversary post and building more friendships through this site.

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As cheesy as it is, my favourite SHL memory is the friends that I made along the way. Back in the S10-S20 era I was fortunate enough to meet a group of guys here that would end up becoming "the Crew". My days of being an unemployed teenager meant I would spend countless hours in a chatzy with these guys talking about anything. Lots of laughs were had and I'm forever grateful for them because they're probably the reason that I stuck around at that time instead of losing interested. For the sake of protecting the identity of other Crew members, I will not be tagging anyone.

Otherwise, I have been very grateful to meet a couple of friends outside the site. @teztify bought me pizza and let me win at NCAA and @HabsFanFromOntario would become one of my closest friends from the site. We murdered some goblins and defended the world at Hell's Gate. There are countless others I want to tag who I'm happy to call a friend from my time here. Definitely some catching up is overdue in some cases. @JNH @Wasty @vbottas17 @leafsftw1967

And now the Newfoundland Berserkers. Instead of coming back for another failed attempt at returning to activity, I actually found myself on a team that is probably the most active bunch I've had the honour of being part of. While our season was not what we imagined I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

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Berserkers Monarchs Berserkers Monarchs Berserkers Monarchs Berserkers Monarchs Berserkers
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First great memories were the tournaments before SMJHL draft. The prospect tourny and WJC with a prospect world team were the first time I saw my guy play. As a underdog teams we had no pressure and the spirits were good in both teams during these tournaments. It was still a huge learning experience during first weeks on the site but people were super helpful and nice the whole time.  

After that I got drafted by Colorado  Raptors and that was the first real team feeling I had on the site. Guys like @hhh81, @Esso2264, @Thatguy91 and @Duff101 gave us rookies a really warm welcome and immediately I felt part of the team. Us rookies had a great time in the team and in PTs and medias we had a little bit of prank war going on with @MarlinManiac4 and @LordBirdman. This was the time I really got into the Simulation Hockey League and understood how fun it can be.

Also special shoutout towards my CHOMP CHOMP gang  Barracuda who drafted me in the second round as a highest goalie and that draft day hype was real! The boys at Barracuda LR had me and the other rookies really hyped about our future and I'm sure that it's bright. @MCP_ @JSS

Also also huge thanks to @StamkosFan and @LordBirdman on talking me into Sweden  Sweden roster as went and had great success in WJC and more is coming!

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 Raptors Raptors Sweden Thanks to @JSS for the sig! Sweden Barracuda Barracuda 

Overwhelmingly positive post for this huh? Well, I do have a few great moments in my short time here. The Season 48 play-offs and first half of season 49 were arguably my most fun times within the minors. Jon was really good during that time and it felt pretty good to be important for them whilst I was a Whalers player.

IIHF memories is purely last season. Mainly when Jon Forty-One got the semi final game winning goal against the irish and then got the 2nd goal in the final when we dicked Sweden. Was a bit of a struggle up until that point but really helping them get a gold medal felt pretty good overall.

Finally in majors, its been a pretty dull time until recently but joining the Blizzard was 1 of the biggest highlights. Joining one of the best historical teams is pretty magical and getting the 3OT series winning goal to send us to the recent finals over the Los Angeles Panthers is quite a great feeling too. Personally unsure we can win the final but never know what can happen in this game.

This league has had a lot of highs and a lot of lows for me overall. I have made a couple of friends like Sloth and a few others who I really respect and like and whilst some bollocks drama pops up or idiots won't shut up I overall think it was worth joining Smile

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Mr. 41
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Uk Season 52 & 54 Gold Medal winner! (Also 2 silvers and 1 bronze since S48) Uk
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While I haven’t been around for too long, I have already made some good memories on this site. Getting picked up by the team formerly known as the Halifax Raiders as a free agent, and immediately getting good ice time made me feel welcome. I have no doubts that we will take home a cup before we all head up to the big leagues. I've had a ton of fun in the Maine LR, shoutout to all the guys and girls in there. Special shoutouts to @suavemente and @Carbine, you guys are great.

Same goes with the fine folks in the Buffalo LR. There is always conversation going on in there and everyone has been super friendly and helpful to me while I learn the ins and outs of the site. I'm excited to see what this team can accomplish in the coming seasons!

My other favorite thing I've done here is start up Hockey Talk Tonight with the boys (@sve7en, @Cobbenstein, and @hockeyiscool). It's a blast getting to sit down every week with these guys and go back and forth about the SHL. Interacting with everyone in the chat live has been great, and I'm glad people are enjoying the show.

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