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Buffalo Hair
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[Image: Buffalo.png]

The Buffalo Stampede are pleased to announce a 3-year contract extension for top prospect Steve Harrington!

F - Steve Harrington
S55: $3,000,000
S56: $3,000,000
S57: $3,000,000

@NeonLime is big sexy with big sexy hair and a big sexy body he's a great hockey player and looks really sexy in his jersey it just really makes me want to cuddle up next to him and pay him these millions of dollars because of how sexy sex he is

[Image: 3fnj2KI.jpg?1]

Stampede  Stampede  Stampede  Stampede  Stampede  Stampede  Stampede

[Image: koljasig.gif]
[Image: falcons2.png][Image: finland.png][Image: stampede.png] | [Image: vhY18i8.png] [Image: cAVF6C6.png][Image: stampede.png][Image: finland.png][Image: falcons2.png]
[Image: detdet.png]

yay buff still wants me


[Image: S55FourStarCupChampions.png][Image: wasty.jpg]

Sexy lime

[Image: Grum45.gif]

3 more years of Steve's hair

[Image: ZguhLDq.gif]
[Image: aroach.gif]
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he hair

[Image: Evok.gif]



[Image: 41373_s.png]
[Image: vHNIXVO.png][Image: vg8xHBp.png][Image: xWxrSn9.png]


hair and buffabros is rly a true love story :,)

[Image: slatt.gif]
[Image: slatter.png]

[Image: 6eXcLdf.png][Image: X6NDpNM.png]
[Image: poMWrY8.jpg]


[Image: Dextaria.gif]

[Image: Niz2wua.png]  [Image: iB9r7kM.png]  [Image: 6by0kBi.png]
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