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(Graded) Deep Dive #2 - Rookie Game Score review
(This post was last modified: 08-20-2020, 05:05 PM by StamkosFan.)

For my second Deep Dive I will look at the GS/GP again, but this time I will dive into the rookies.
Check if there’s anything that helps the rookies achieve a higher (or lower) GS/GP.
Who has the highest GS/GP? Is it the players with the most TPE? Or perhaps Time on Ice? Perhaps the RelCF is what’s helping someone to shoot above the rest? Or can it be as simple as it all depends on which team they are playing on and the TPE and other stats don’t matter as much?

Same formula applies as last time.

(0.75*G)+(0.5*A)+(0.075*SOG)+(0.05*BLK)+((0.05*TkA)-(0.05*GvA))+(0.05*RelCF)+(0.15*PlusMinus) = GS

The average GS/TP achieved by our rookies is 0.242 with a median of 0.249.

[Image: Y56aomu.png]

As we can see from the TPE Rank column, only 1 of the top 10 TPE earners is in the top 10 for GS/GP, Rock Strongo, who’s also the player with the highest GS/GP at 0.462 and ahead of the second place by a relatively big margin of 0.042. Strongo has, with 11 goals, scored the most goals among the rookies (tied with Helminen and his insane shooting % of 28.95%) while also assisting 9 goals.

Second on the ranking with 0.420 GS/GP among the rookies is Jonas Kahnwald who has not reached his score by being overly productive pointwise. Kahnwald has produces 12 points (6+6) but has an impressive +/- at 19. Kahnwald also has a positive RelCF at 0.90. Interestingly, only 17 out of our 64 rookies have a positive RelCF. All the players in the top 5 for GS/GP has a positive +/-, but on 6th (0.378 GS/GP) and 7th (0.368) place in the GS/GP ranking we have 2 players, Sachimo Zoidberg III and Alexis Vermette with -26 and -21 respectively.

Third and last above 0.400 GS/GP is Michael Withecheck at 0.415. Withecheck has only scored 5 goals, but reaches his GS/GP on his 13 assists. He’s also the player in the trio with the most ice-time at just over 20 minutes per game. There’s only 4 rookies with more ice time than Withecheck, and interestingly the player with the most ice time, Vili Afalava, has the lowest of the 5 players that plays more than 20 minutes per game.
Withecheck is the only player in the top five with a significant amount of time on the power-play with 03:45.

Subsequently there seems to be no direct correlation between a high GS/GP and minutes played. While for the bottom 10 there is only 1 player (Bobov Petrov) that plays significantly more than 10 minutes. With all the other 9 hover around 10 minutes per game.

Interestingly enough, 2 of the bottom 3 players are from the leader in the west, Anchorage Armada, Lemo Pihl has only 0.064 GS/GP and Halldor Ragnarsson has 0.035.
The only player with less GS/GP is William Hunt at 0.002, but Hunt has only played 10 games and should probably be removed from this as well.

I have removed Oliver Setzinger from the data as he’s currently the most elite player of all with a GS/GP of 1.52. He’s only played 2 games and it skews the data too much.

APPROVED +5 TPE @krazko

[Image: m59RPb7.png]   [Image: FcWmVTl.png]
[Image: krazkoSEA.gif]
credit to amazing @Carpy48, @Ragnar @sköldpaddor, @the_paytonium & @sulovilen !

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