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S60 mPT #5: Simulation Heist League

my crew would definitely have to be outsourced as the buffalo stampede do not field a roster with brains or brawn, we are all just wild cards. That being said we could field an entire squad of wild cards and probably come out as the best heist team, like we are at the top of the standings.

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- let’s be honest, love me or hate me, I have a way of worming my way into power. I’ve been a Co-GM twice and a GM during the height of the SHLs disdain for me, and followed that up by ascending to the top of the SMJHL HO. Im a fucking mastermind.

The BRAWN: @Ragnar
- Ragnar is jacked. The dude eats 50lb dumbbells for breakfast and drinks the blood from the cuts in his hands at the gym so that he doesn’t lose any gains. Ragnar will body anybody and make Tom Wilson look like child’s play. Throw a plate carrier on this man and it won’t even be a heist, they’ll just hand it over.

The COUNTER THINKER: @RomanesEuntDomus
- Thats right. Every good crew needs someone that can provide a counter opinion, and if I know Roman at all, he will make sure we consider all aspects of the operation. I guarantee if he had been part of the Death Star’s crew they wouldn’t have been blown up.

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Less moving parts the better. It is also helpful to plan any heist with your crew in such a way where you can break them down a bit.
For this purpose, I sometimes favor the two man approach. I know what you are expecting, Brains and Brawn right?

Well i have the brawn covered, but i LOVE pairing that with the WILDCARD! @Moreorless89 is the absolute epidemy of a wildcard.

[Image: CptSquall.gif]

1;332;Ruslan Zaporozhets closes in on goal and snaps one...
1;332;Peter Larson fooled, Ruslan Zaporozhets scores!

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[Image: rfEgNHF.gif]

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The #Izzy Crew is deep and determined… some are Zestful.. others thrive on vigor.

The philosopher - When in need of deep thought at the cerebellum level, I veer towards @Kierkan

The Poultry - Meat byproducts is where @BarnabasCollins shines…

The Parmtriarch - when the world needs a virtual hero… @Steelhead77 may appear.

Matters of the Goat - @retuperkele

The shield - @Wally and @Katth are my magnetic field.

The People - love my Dragons! @Calgary

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[Image: cgv4vCv.png]|[Image: 95lCCDx.png]|[Image: KgwtJeY.png]

I’m going to assemble my crew of Detroit Falcons players, Lillehammersson will be in charge  of lock picking and opening the doors that new to be open, the Murphys would be in charge of getting the money and Podanovic would cover our back and make sure nobody surprise us during the heist.

52 words

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[Image: salz58.png]

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Easy. I am the brain of the operation, my plans always go off flawlessly and without a hitch. @inverted is the brawn, after playing D&D with him I know his first thought is to try and smash something. @Asked Madden, @Urq660, and @Mooty99 provide the accents for the crew so it feels like a Guy Ritchie movie. @r0tzbua does the computer stuff. Perfect 6 man heist crew with tons of international representation.

[Image: gucci57541.gif]

I'm straight up using the crew from the Mission Impossible movie, except only Tom Cruise as the brain, the brawn, and the guy who can pull off literally anything and still survive. You'll find me situated in the van, on headphones, talking to Tom Cruise. Thanks Tom!

The Brain: Aaron Wilson. Never underestimate the power of this man's brain @aaronwilson
The Brawn: Samuel Michaud. The guy is jacked and would be able to lift or move anything we need from him @golden_apricot
The Wildcard: A Jobin. This guy can be so helpful, but you never know what you might get from him @Jobin
The stealthy one that we need to cut the wires and give surveillance: Dale Miller. The smallest guy on the squad, but he manages to fuck something up and he has to get out of a sticky situation. His size helps him and he helps us clutch up for the heist @dmills3
Tactician: Me. I come up with the plan with Aaron and we figure out how to infiltrate and get the money.

[Image: Otrebor13.gif]
[Image: ohmEd0h.png] [Image: apAE8qn.png]

Given the task, my 5 man squad for any heist would look as such,

Leader: Luukas Lilja @retuperkele - perfectionist and organisational specialist. Enough said
Brains: Cale Amundsen @Wally - just your only guy who can arrange and time everything by the nanosecond
Mechanic/Technician: Anton Mihailov @Mr. Finland - this guy is an IT genious, also a perfectionist.
Mr. Insider: Jimmy Wagner @sve7en - Wagner is the mastermind of disguise, he even changed his identity recently
Sassy bazookas: Linda. Dragonite

[Image: cccccc.png]

The brain of my operation is Evident Rogue because he is incredibly smart. The brawn is Ragnar because he has the muscles & the wildcard would be Guriin because sometimes he gets distracted by doggos, if he doesn't get distracted I know he would be down for the heist.

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If we're going to assemble a heist crew, we need diversity. We need people that know the ins and outs of the SHL. We need people with a vendetta. @Titan comes to mind right away. He's the resident old guy, so there's plenty of experience in his head. Besides, people think he's IA when he's rlly not, so what better way to fire back at those who doubt him? @trashae is also on the squad. He's been in FO, is a co-GM, and knows people. That goes a long way in this business. @Roamus is next. He's another sleeper pick but shows up when needed. @Pythonic makes my squad simply because people won't expect a 7yo to be part of a heist crew. We'll use that to our advantage. And ofc, myself. I'm starting to amass quite some wealth myself, so I can pull some strings here and there. Also, I've had a few jobs (FO Intern, Updater, Recruitment, Deep Dives) so I know my way around as well. Who's gonna stop us?

[Image: leafs1997.gif]
[Image: Eo2nBCt.png] [Image: gs89eGV.png] [Image: QtEp67y.png]

It's a crew of two, both of us equally adept at what we need to do to get the bag and get out. Daniel Merica, Jr. and Jonathon Hagan will infiltrate luke's vault after getting him blackout at a party and make off with the stash.


[Image: CampinKiller.gif]

Brain - bbjygm: me of course, plus I have two b's in my name
Brawn - nour: other commish to help oust the top dog
Wild card - LukeTD: who better to be the wild card than the lukemeister himself

[Image: bbjygm2.gif]

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Never forget

The brain: Galaxy Brain you free? @ml002

The brawn: @juniped need I say more? SHL hits record and all-out legendary guy.

The wild card: FN LN... also known as ME. We never know which player is going to show up, to start the season it was league destroyer FN LN... but since then it's been Tellitubbies FN LN. SO YEAH... a very big wild card. Hopefully, he shows up during the heist.

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My heist plan needs one member and one member only, Fitted. He can serve as the brain, the brawn, the driver, and the wild card all in one. He's already promised to overthrow the bourgeois class so I think he can handle this one all on his own.

48 words

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