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S61 mPT #4- Heroes

I think the first player I looked up to was Aumy Jr. because they were performing well as a defenseman on Colorado at the time, really kind of set the bar with where I could go as a player

I was a rookie in the SMJHL in S54. The season after Edward Williams @Aephino just went off. I already wanted to build a big powerful player, so it was perfect timing for me since I had the perfect player as a role model for my game. Still check him out from time to time. Thanks

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Thanks to @DELIRIVM @sköldpaddor @Merica for the Sigs

Who was the hero for Justin Keahi as he grew up? No one. He plays his own unique brand of hockey. He isn't trying to copy someone, to be the next one. He is playing to be himself

Sven Holmberg

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Since I was the first of my kind to arrive on this planet there were none that I could aspire to become like.  I hope that one day I will the one young Sardangians, shortly after they acquire their own hosts, will look to for inspiration and respect as they begin their own journey on this planet and in the league.

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Signature courtesy of sulovilen.  May his name be exalted in Sardangian lore.

The player that I looked up to the most when I was coming up was probably Mats Marner. I was never going to have the play style of Mats Marner as he was a tall power forward center. But I was a small winger. But I always admired his offensive ability.

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[Image: X6NDpNM.png][Image: 6eXcLdf.png]
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I won’t get into tagging or making a list because if they stumble upon this, they know who I’m talking about. But anyone who has listened to me rant, sent me words of encouragement, told me to fuck right off and figure it out, thanks. Lots of people made my experience better here. Those have made me better here.

From the moment I set foot on the ice, I wanted to be like Walton Stromberg. Whether it was goal scoring, setting up teammates with an assist, or just being an overall exceptional teammate, I wanted to be just like him. Not to mention the incredible graphics Sulo makes - truly a legend in Maine!

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when i was younger i looked up to Viktor Marius he was so good with his stick and quick and strong and always left me feeling incredible on the inside

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@DELIRIVM has been someone I look up to in this league since I joined the rookie discord for the S55 class.  He's been a great influence on me and to be able to play side by side with him in Baltimore is really awesome

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I looked up to Jimmy Slothface @slothfacekilla because of how beautiful he is. He is the hottest man on earth. He is also very good at hockey. I hope to follow in his footsteps.

Taylor was a pretty bad hockey player in the beginning of his career. He is still a bad hockey player but at least he can get counting stats. I mostly looked up to my fellow Swedish countrymen Ola Wagstrom. He was one of the first people I tried to emulate.

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Yngve Simonsson was always super excited about the game style of Flacko Lagerfield. An absolute gem of a player in the early S50s without giving the most effort on the ice. Yngve knew that energy could be conserved and used in such a manner

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I looked about Ben Dover as he was the best player for a steelhawk team that was bad for a bit and he was a great player lol.

While there weren’t really any SHL players I wanted to model my game after when I first joined the league (mostly because I was too new to really understand who on the site was building the way I wanted to), I drew a lot of inspiration from the NHL, and wanted to put together an offensively gifted and physical winger in the same vein as Brad Marchand and Gabriel Landeskog.

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**First GM in SMJHL history to win 3 Four Star Cups back-to-back-to-back**

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