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Alexi Piastri - undrafted

[Image: oy16ZFm.png]
[Image: or8VMxO.gif]

Pawter Meowski

[Image: andyj18.gif]

[Image: andybj18.gif]


Manon Graves Aurora Battleborn

Louis Perreault

Nibbles the Squirrel  Timber

[Image: SouthPaw.gif]

mvdh Forge

[Image: bluesfan55.gif]
Armada Switzerland

Armada Specters Wolfpack Steelhawks Forge Switzerland

Scarecrows pride Chiefs Riot Stars Blizzard Ireland

ty to @High Stick King and @Ragnar for the sigs

Jonas Johansson Aurora

[Image: JohanssonPNG.png][Image: johanseen.jpg]

August Von Hecht

[Image: CptSquall.gif]
[Image: x17WALp.png]    [Image: uNh8ZtE.png]

Golden Face

[Image: f7.png]

Zak Wilson  Patriotes

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: lIYTYDN.png] [Image: 9pUocRs.png] [Image: tCcIWQC.png] 
[Image: Skree.gif]

Ryan Shepard syndicate

[Image: jrousseau.gif]
[Image: j7ebBxQ.png] [Image: FbT2Pb1.png]
Canada Knights Canada Knights Canada


[Image: ORXakvi.png]


[Image: jackkanoff.gif]

[Image: jeffiesigs.gif]
Nour is pretty hot ngl

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