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S66 SMJHL mPT #4 - OT6

Jolmi Koivu Raptors
Ricky Koivu Armada
Axel Kirby Kraken
Binko Koivu Raptors
Wide Peepo Happy 3 Koivu Scarecrows
B Jobin Whalers

You might be wondering why, well it's pretty simple. The Koivu brothers + good friend Jobin would have the best chemistry/connection on the ice. I'll just be there to help them out, but imagine playing with a whole lineup that knows where everyone is and your next move like the Sedins. How could you lose?

[Image: Otrebor13.gif]

[Image: 7MO9RpC.png]  [Image: gdppv5N.png]


My 5 are:

Skoomina 2 from the great fall grizzlies
Axel Fisk from Manhattan Rage (For higher TPE)
Toxic Neutrality from the Reno Elk
Ebjenny Petrov from the Reno Elk or Atlanta, idk who cares
Nevek Kovee from the QCC

Why? I like these people. NAY! I CRAVE THESE PEOPLE!

[50 words]

Raptors Proud S67 - S69 Colorado Raptors Captain  Raptors
Uk S57 Forward of the Season Award winner  Uk

Blizzard Now Isaac Forty-One Switzerland

[Image: 41-2.png?ex=65d9e0d0&is=65c76bd0&hm=ada7...1aae5535a&]

OK I want a team that can fight and wrestle so here we go:

F Dusty Rhodes One of the Goats of the wrestling world, need no explanation
F Edge Rocks The rated R superstar
F Godwin Lupercal Who remembers the Godwins from WWE in the 80s

D Seamus O'Slapahan We got the fighters on the back end, he'll slap the shit out of you
D Rocky Baljoa Rocky Rocky Rocky

G Adam Rage the name screams pro wrestler

So there you have it, the toughest lineup in the J

[Image: iUd7IJE.png]
[Image: rhodes.png]


RW - Mito Chondria

LD - Benjamin Devito
LW - Steven Connors
RD - Miroslav Ketil
C - Faust Faker
G - Alvin Towne

Honestly this squad is built to bully and abuse the other team. They will hit you, they will fight you, and they will spear you. A true lineup that makes you think twice in the corners.

Sven Holmberg

[Image: hexx55.gif]

[Image: mitochondriafigure1.jpg]
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F - Mats-Gunnar Kjellberg Armada - What can I say, it's crazy how long that @Wasty & I have been friends now. Great times when we were the management duo with the Panthers, PHL, and now we sit in a dark corner of discord with sloth and talk hockey cards all the time.

F - Evan Winter Raptors - A true class act, @RomanesEuntDomus is a SHL legend and somebody that Ive been lucky enough to be teammates with & even face off against as opposing GM's in the 4 Star Cup. Also ty for Casper Jakobsson!

F - Alexi Piastri Battleborn- every team needs a scrub.

D - Jonathan Mercer Scarecrows - @crutch is awesome, somebody that I've enjoyed sharing a locker room with in the past. A true leader and one of the best at writing media around.

D - Lord Farquaads Malamutes - Can't help but feel that I let @Ace down after he signed my previously player to a very player friendly contract and I never really developed into the player that he probably envisioned. Also one of my biggest rivals when I joined the league, probably motivated me to be better without me even noticing, I know you were behind Jonathan Kane being called up  Tongue

G - Base Pack Kraken - This is an easy one, @slothfacekilla and I have become pretty good friends ever since he was first drafted to the Raiders after joining the SHL. We've shared many base packs ripping hockey cards and filling each other in on how the breaks go. I'll try my best not to rip you off in trades from now on  Wink

[Image: Piastri2.png?ex=65ba64d4&is=65a7efd4&hm=...462889f09&]
[Image: or8VMxO.gif]

For me I would want to play with:

Evan winter, Alex Piastri, Myself and as an extra would be Sebatien Dubois

Rasmus Berling, Lord Farquads

For this, I mostly just took people who've been around a long time as members. While JR hasn't been around a long time I did win two cups with him. I think playing with people who have been around a long time would be a lot of fun just to have that experience and talk about old war stories to a sense. Basically an SHL retirement home team

[Image: andyj18.gif]

[Image: andybj18.gif]

[Image: pawter_meowski.png]
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Citadelles - Shylo Moxii - C
Malamutes - Oles Kobliska - LW
Whalers - Miroslav Ketil - D
Battleborn - Seamus O'Slapahan - D
Battleborn Valérian Sauveterre - G

All five of these guys are the absolute pinnacle of the junior league in some area, and having Kobliska swap from center to LW and slotting me in at RW we would be a real threat, especially considering how strong of an offensive one-two punch we could have with Ketil and O'Slapahan on the blue line together, plus Sauveterre in between the pipes.

[Image: OzriPox.png]

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artermis,Feb 2 2017, 04:11 PM Wrote:9gag pretty lit tho

My starting lineup is simple, its me in net with five of the best names in the SMJHL not on Anchorage.

RW - Toxic Neutrality: How can someone so diplomatic be so aggravating? Imagine trying to get Toxic off their game, only to become frustrated.

LW - Boom Stick: How can you not love a simple musket who shoots the puck? Or maybe he is named after his stick? Who knows.

C - Taco Salad: Most delicious meal on skates.

RD - Tres Sombreros II: Three, Magical Sombreros bound by magic, spinning their way down the ice to score or to stand you up at the line, sounds terrifying.

LD - Holden Steady - A little sailor humour just for me. Sounds like a reliable defenceman too.

G - August Von Hecht - Hey its me, the name isn't in the same league as these five. But hey, a decent goalie i guess.

If i didn't have to use myself, names like Inda Bagg, and Gangly Arms would be just perfect.

[Image: CptSquall.gif]


Diablo Rose - Oles Kobliska - Evan Winter
Tam Bunnings - Seamus O'Slapahan

I choose this line-up as it's the pure offensive line-up. Rose loves to score and this line-up would be ripping goals non-stop. (he would be getting carried though)

Falcons Canada

LW = Luke Laraque Battleborn 52 TA
C = Me, Meta Knight Whalers 67 TA
RW = Outdoor Truck Scarecrows 54 TA
RD = Binko Koivu Raptors 101 TA
LD = Lord Farquaads Malamutes 68 TA

I have put together the best line in the league of taking the puck away from you, I call it the stick fiddlers, cause we fiddle with your stick and steal your lunch money. I figured I would do something that would lean into what I have been doing well at this season, and that was being a solid defensive player to help out on the PK and at 5on5, and I think it was fun seeing how things were going around the league.
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My squad is going to consist entirely of S67 players like me joining forces for a rookie showcase if you will.

In goal I’m taking Carolina’s Adam Prpich. Prpich has been part of a 3-player rotation of Kraken netminders and has played solid so far despite Carolina having a bit of a down season. He will make a good addition to the squad.  

Playing right D alongside me is going to Antonio Flusso. Massive Coiler is my fellow SMJHL intern, and his player also complements mine well. Davies can be the defensive defenseman, while Flusso can provide the offense. Together they should make a good pair.

Our starting center is going to be Theodor Larsson. Zema drafted me in the SSL, so I’m contractually obligated to put him on this list. Jokes aside, Larsson is a good faceoff man, who is strong on the offensive side of the ice, while also chipping in adequately on defense. With his elite passing, he should be able to find our next player..

Right wing Daniel Swift! Much like his name, Swift is a rapid skater with an elite shot. With his mobility he’s going to be able to slip into open space easy, then use that shot to torch opposing goalies. Swift isn’t a great defender, but that’s not his role. He’s here to snipe goals all day, and that’s what he’ll do.

Last, but certainly not least is Left Winger Bobby McGinnis. McGinnis is a big, strong winger with a good shot and knack for getting open. He loves using his his frame to establish a strong net front presence and he isn’t afraid to make some hits when asked to play defense. McGinnis will ad some toughness and grit to this team, something every team needs.


i would do just one thing and that is to go to the colorado raptors to yell at @Aneeqs whose player is chuchichäschtli zopf just to annoy the living hell out of him

August von hecht as my back up Conner McKeil, sean davies, dusty rhodes, Bruno tooyo, and D Jobin this would be the team i would have been on if anchorage drafted the 2 goalies they actually needed just saying ffs

[Image: il_fullxfull.2951208976_e3ir.jpg]

[Image: zFE0mSA.png] [Image: HKi05IH.png] [Image: KS8UYv9.png]

C - Brennan Kennedy IIII
LW - Brennan Kennedy III
RW - Brennan Kennedy
LD - Brennan Kennedy V
RD - Brennan Kennedy Jr
G - Brennan Kennedy VI

A whole team of Kennedys would absolutely dominate every facet of the game.

[Image: Bk1689.gif]

I am an avid fan of high scoring, and offensive. With that said my dream line would be one that puts up a lot of points

LW- Bohdan Jarovsky. I would take the Left wing as it is the position I have played all year.
C- Shylo Moxii, this man has had a dominate season finding the back of the net 48 times. 16 more than anyone else
RW- Outdoor Truck, He is the sauce king this season. Who better to feed Shylo 48 more goals.
D- Miroslav Ketil, With his rocket from the point we are now a threat anywhere in the offensive end
D- Seamus O'Slapahan, this guy just always seems to find a way onto the scoresheet. The vision is there.
G- Shiny Shuckle, Goalie was a hard pick, but the name pushed me over the edge!

[Image: Svatos2.png?ex=660626ee&is=65f3b1ee&hm=4...height=350] [Image: sig.png?ex=660330ca&is=65f0bbca&hm=574bd...9bdc77fda&]

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