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S69 mPT #2: Choose Your Enemy February 5th @ 11:59 PM (PST)

I think I remove Winnipeg or NOLA. Here lately both have been good and as a member of Chicago its a struggle with a dominant three teams in a single division. Gib San Francisco instead.


Were gonna get Hamilton outta here, we all know why… and I think I’m gonna have to replace them with Edmonton so that I can play my ex team that traded me and so I can embarrass them more often

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Nothing against the organization but I'd probably remove Minnesota as an Avalanche fan.
I'd then love to see a team in Denver or Colorado Springs in the SHL


In the SHL, I'd remove the Patriotes as I've seen some salty answers in this thread from them. Replace them with Seattle because I like Tig.


For the SMJHL, I would replace Great Falls with St. Louis, strictly because Great Falls is at the top of the division and St, Louis is at the bottom of the league
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No clue who is in my division so just get rid of Vancouver from the league since they are garbage right now. Bring back the Montreal Militia instead since it has been so long. Why? Shiggles.

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Now I am free <3

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The team that I would remove from the Central division would be the Chicago Syndicate. I would replace them with the Hamilton Steelhawks, as I would like to win in Hamilton more!

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Going off of my J team that I GM, I would replace the Great Falls Grizzlies with St. Louis so that the Malamutes can be first in the division.

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I dont even know what Division I am in, but I don't like the Maple Leafs so I want Toronto gone. Florida weather is pretty dope so give me Tampa for my division.

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From the Bastien Marchessault division in the SMJHL, I would remove Great Falls and replace them with Kelowna. This would allow for the division to have all three teams from Canada, allowing for easier travel when visiting division opponents.

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I would remove Seattle from my division. This is strictly because they're better than us and if they were gone we would be the best team. I would replace them with whoever the worst team is. I guess Hamilton.

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I would swap out Atlanta for Hamilton in our division. Why? Just so we won't be the worst team in our division this season and we will have someone we can consistently beat

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For St. Louis, I am swapping out Kelowna and bringing in Nevada because I want to travel somewhere warm every now and then. Plus, it's Vegas, which has plenty of other perks too.

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I would drop Atlanta from the Atlantic, because then we could rename it the Philadelphic division. I would replace them with San Francisco, because I have a lot of old teammates there, so it would be nice to see them more often.

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I would remove Chicago from the central division and replace them with Montreal because why not bring back the Great Lakes division where we have three of the most successful franchise in the SHL battles off with one another as it use to be with Buffalo, Hamilton and Chicago.

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