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S69 SMJHL mPT #6 - Thank you

Thank you @BadWolf for all of the help getting up to speed with the website.  As a completely new user I really appreciate it!  Go Malamutes!  Malamutes

02-20-2023, 08:02 PMJosh Latreille Wrote: I’d like to shout out @McGriddy10  for being so supportive during my first few weeks of the season, he made me feel welcome and really got me in the spirit to be a locker room presence. He could’ve stopped talking to me after I was drafted to a different team but instead he was happy for me and always wished me luck when we played against eachother. Thank you for everything, it means a lot to have a great friend in the league.

Thank you so much man, I hope your first season was a blast.

[Image: McGriddy10.gif]
Credit to @KaleSalad, @Ragnar, @ValorX77, @sulovilen, and @enigmatic for my Sigs


I have to thank @sköldpaddor & @Aleris for taking a chance on me in the draft, despite them being better players. @vbottas17 for giving a warm welcome to the team.

And finally you grader(s) as I know doing PT work is hard.

RIP Mac & 701


I don't have anyone specific member to thank, but I'd just like to give a shoutout to @JKortesi81 for always being around and being a good friend, for keeping in touch while I was away. Thanks to @TheGreatToeJam and @SouthPaw for reaching out and getting my recreate involved, and welcoming me into the Timbers organization. It's been a blast.

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I want to thank @sköldpaddor and @Aleris for taking a chance on me in the draft and for making the Nevada locker room such a positive place to be!

Thanks to @Faelax for telling me where to put my tpe so I score points and stuff. You are the real mvp.

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It's really hard to just pick 1 person, so I'm picking the entire QCC LR. They have been truly amazing this season and have helped reinvigorate an old timers interest in the league like never before. I'm really grateful to have been drafted there!

I came back to this league and made it clear that there was only one team that I wanted to play for because of @artermis . They're a fine lad and were incredibly helpful with player creation and coming back to the league. I've had a lot of bad experiences in this league, but it's people like him that keep me coming back in hopes that I find more like him.

[Image: KouSaotomeUndraftedSigSmol.png]
Jamie T Wrote:But I wish I'd been a little more exceptional
And I wish I'd been a little unconventional
But I was not enough, no, I'm not enough

I want to thank Gabe for being such a sexy beast and being a W line maker. Overall he is a beauty and he should get all the praise possible.

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there are so few people i appriciate in this league but rags is a good dude who does some good stuff and likely does not get the credit he deserves. this is for both managment and graphics.

@ItsFrenchie is an incredibly fun and nice person who has made my time being a general manager a lot more fun. Even if he does send me that cursed banana gif. Love ya Frenchie.

[Image: 7CKADUU.png?ex=65a890a0&is=65961ba0&hm=d...ac7df194a&][Image: of1yZSs.png]
[Image: regina_test_1.png?ex=65a89112&is=65961c1...733c7ba9c&]


@ItsFrenchiehas been super cool keeping up with me through the season. He's been messaging me on discord every now and then and it seems like we have a ton of things in common. Really hoping to get to play on his team one day.
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First big thank you has to go to the Kraken locker room as a whole; the site wouldn't be the same without y'all. But an especially big thanks to @ItsFrenchie and @sve7en for putting in the work to get me back here. Can't wait to keep it going with this crew!

[Image: I1sSxD7.gif]

There are so many fantastic people in this league, I don't want to start a list because i'll surely forget some! But my ATL crew rocks and I have loved both my stints on QCC, I am very thankful for all my guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!

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S58 Elias Armia Award Winner

Thanks to the Colorado guys for having me again for my new player, even if I may not be even half as active as I used (or ought) to be.

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