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S69 Colorado Raptors Awards

[Image: Colorado-min.png]
Well it's been 10 seasons of me doing Raptors awards. A special post might drop soon as a 10 season celebration. 
The Troy McClure Trophy - Awarded to the best player that exemplifies the best leadership
S69 Winner: Erik Bergmark @NYR73
The Alexander Zajac Award - Awarded to the most dedicated player
S69 Winner: Erik Bergmark - NYR73
The Nick Brain Trophy - Awarded to the best two-way forward
S69 Winner: Erik Bergmark - NYR73
The Bo Kane Trophy - Awarded to the top offensive forward
S69 Winner: Adrian O'Rugg @Ruggsy
The Kristoffer Ruud Trophy - Awarded to the top defenseman
S69 Winner: Isaac Forty-One @C9Van
The Aleksandr Aleksandrov Trophy - Awarded to the top goaltender
S69 Winner: Grzegorz Brzeczyszczkyiewicz @Zerg
The Cassius Darrow Trophy - Awarded to the most outstanding rookie
S69 Winner: Robin Nyckel @Henrik
The Zinaida Titova Trophy - Awarded to the Seasonal MVP
S69 Winner: Adrian O'Rugg - Ruggsy
The Scottey Crawfling Bowl sadly goes unawarded as we did not make the playoffs.
Well, that wraps up S69 for us. It was a bit of a rough season, but I'm confident that we will bounce back and come back stronger for next season. Super excited to see what our current group can do for S70.
Congrats to NYR, Ruggsy, Van, Zerg and Henrik again! 
We welcome new Raptors on Sunday Raptors 

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Thanks to @Ragnar, @High Stick King and @Maxy for the sigs!

Raptors Argonauts 
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[Image: NYR73.gif]
sigs from @sulovilen @_Blitz_ @Ragnar and @enigmatic

[Image: 9tINabI.png] [Image: c97iD9R.png] [Image: cEbgUph.png]

Let's go Raptors! Feel honored to win another Darrow!

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[Image: 9tINabI.png] [Image: c97iD9R.png]

[Image: uDjThoa.png]


Genuine thank you for everything. I love the best Colorado team in sim leagues <3

Was an honour being your captain for 3 seasons!

Raptors Proud S67 - S69 Colorado Raptors Captain  Raptors
Uk S57 Forward of the Season Award winner  Uk

Now I am free <3

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