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[x2 media] Festive thanks

So I have to be perfectly honest when I am writing this. This will be done a handful of days before the festive christmas period and if I did not finish it then I imagine it will be posted on Boxing Day (The day after christmas here in the United Kingdom) just to finish it off (Small future addition here: Oops took a bit longer than that but you know how busy people can get around this time of year. Better late than never I guess?) cause I have a few little things I have been meaning to say and it is not purely just cause I need a lot more money for my player or I need it to enter Luke's raffle media. Although though are bloody good motivators to have going on in the background.

No this is more player focused but since the double media is focused on more festive things I have decided to make them try to be about both.

Whether or not this will actually work I will leave to you, the readers, judgement. Either way Christmas for me has 9 times out of 10 times been about family, friends and good times. Now sadly I have also had a few rough Christmas' in the past 10 years depending on health issues or other stresses of real life and I am not alone. Statistically speaking the happiest time of the year can also genuinely be the most miserable or stressful time of the year. Financial issues, family or health issues, etc. Look, I do not really want to be a debbie downer to begin with this media but it genuinely is true. That shit makes you feel alone, depressed or for some worse.

I do not want to bring up a depressing stat I am sad to know first hand but if you are feeling like this or having a rough time please feel free to vent to me if you like. A lot of people do not like sim league me and I do not blame you. I LOVE being an ass to people but I am not a monster and more importantly I have been there and you deserve that outlet I desperately needed at times and got thanks to good people.

Is it nice to bring this up? No, it is very ugly but it is important to state this and whilst I might not have stated it perfectly life is not always perfect for everyone so I hope you find a way to stay strong at the very least. It does get better sometimes.

Okay fine I will be more positive! God damn, sorry! In happier news, I am very lucky to be able to say it has gotten much better and the last few Christmas' have been some of my best I can remember past maybe my super young Christmas' so I genuinely hope if anything for this media you all are too <3

So this Christmas I would like to just say thank you to a couple of people/groups in the SHL this Christmas for making this league the best sim league going. No, I mean it. I like Pro Baseball Experience, CWSFL and a couple of other smaller sim leagues but here are the reasons (Or people) this is the best:

- Anyone and everyone who helped make the portal - Come the fuck on lads. We all know updating here is the easiest and absolute best going. Like...Remember when the bank was new and ISFL eventually figured out how to copy it. Now this place has something the new blood can easily get into and have fun with. I am far too boomer to understand how it was made but I imagine it was not easy to do that or a checklist of tasks, etc but just major respect. I look forward to future stuff. Do not take 1 gingerbread cookie, take them all! Well, earned.

- @Aneeqs - I will be honest. You are an irl mate now and 1 of my best friends going. I have you back regardless and I know you have mine.

If I was with you right now I would be pushing you know who (I aint doxxing my bestie, though she is the best thing about the Pro Baseball Experience now) out of the way to stand under the mistletoe with you. I know exactly what your true response to this would be and I agree, we should not fight this christmas love we feel for each other!

I don’t care what Santa say! You’re at the top of my nice list. Are you the Grinch? Because you’ve stolen my heart this Christmas. I’m fa-la-la-la-la-ing for you! I’d come down the chimney for you any day. You’re prettier than a partridge in a pear tree! Santa must have really worked his magic if there’s an angel like you in our midst. I’m going chestnuts over you! I’d risk my spot on the nice list for you. The tree may be fake, but this connection isn’t. I think we’re orna-meant to be. In the words of Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas is you!

*violent coughing* Sorry I do not know what got over me there not gunna lie. Got a bit carried away with the love. Where was i?

We're basically triplets. Speaking of triplets, you know [Insert your brothers name I do not wanna dox] / Chuck De Baull! Who is an amazing lad! Be more like him! I love having calls with you, I will always have time for you and I will always be there to help listen or whatever you need. Or hell if you wanna laugh at sim league silliness I am always down <3 You make being in Sim Hockey League even easier for me. No for real, I would not be able to do a poddy by myself and I am glad you gave it a chance just for Team Switzerland and I genuinely hope you have at least enjoyed trying it and us dominating as Team Dach, even past the dumb shit in the middle.

Speaking of which!

- Team Switzerland - I enjoy our locker room. Some really lovely users talk in there and honestly the future looks pretty good and fun. We are in good hands. I wish my dude was more useful to you guys but whatever helps us hopefully go further in the present. I look forward to seeing all the cool new people join the squad! Also I can only apologise on introducing you to the TOXIC sim league user Aneeq. I just never expected him to be THIS EVIL!

- Team Great Britain - I do not know really I have not been on the team for almost a year but I loved being there and getting Forward of the Season and 200+ points. Shout out to Steve and Premier as well. You made it fun! I have no idea how it is going now but I appreciate you guys.

- The Buffalo Stampede - So, I remember happily leaving the other team to join you guys and was pretty scared cause I know how close a lot of the Stampede people are and whilst I was correct about how close you all are I can say nothing but positive things about all of you. I really loved my time with you all and whilst I genuinely can not contribute to talking about modern day ice hockey leagues (I just do not follow it enough any more and not enough players are still kicking from early 2010s sadly) I can still say you all made me feel welcomed and a part of a great team.

To finally win a majors cup in this specific league after doing everything else multiple times felt really good and it was quite hype to see. I may be leaving to try to gun stats (I will be honest, I am in way, way, waaaaaay too many sim leagues and won in them all so the whole wanting to win a cup thing after nearly 5 years is kinda boring to me) for a Hall of Fame career but I will always treasure my short time with the squad.

So yeah, I am sad to leave but grateful I got to play with this team. Nothing but respect and I hope we leave on pleasant terms. I also hope you all had a lovely christmas too <3

- Pau Adrian - You're a max earner by the way laugh my fucking behind off ECKS DEE kek double you.

- The Edmonton Blizzard - It feels very weird to be back home to my first ever players first home. Damn near all but Crazy Mojito is gone from what I can tell. Oh, shout out to you Mojito you are easily 1 of the better Sim Hockey League members going too. But I hope I can thrive and be a bit help to the team offensively and get stats to either get Team Hall of Fame (Is that even a thing here? Probably not lmao) or the actual Hall of Fame. I may have no bloody clue what the criteria to get into that is but one can hope I do reach it. This team does want to win more rings so, that would be a neat bonus I guess but the focus is that. Hopefully I can repay Edmonton for trusting in me.

Thank you for having me back I guess, I hope we enjoy Christmas together and making the lead at the top wider by New Years!

- @Bauer - Henlo.

- MIke Liut - Yeah, I am going to simp the bloke who did x2 media week for the holidays. I do not give a fuck. We all know he is a lovely bloke anyway but thank you for putting on the event. You are a bit of a life saver cause I could do with some extra festive cash! I sadly used all the christmas pick up lines on Aneeq but hope you have a good Christmas!

- @RaidTheArcade - Going to be honest James. I did not expect you to be into a sim league like this but I am damn sure glad to see Kenny Omega thriving! Now you are becoming a genuine monster in the other sim league too. You are 1 of the best people I know. No period. I do not mean in the niche fuck off depths of the sim league world where nothing actually matters. I mean overall. You have been fun to watch sports with, suffer as Jacksonville Jags fans with, do dumb wrestling stuff with, run Beblos with Aneeq and the other turnip. Just since damn near day 1 in our old group in voice calls. I fucking appreciate you and loved meeting you every damn time bro. Whether its comics or games or dumb stuff you make me laugh and I consider you 1 of the best people I know. Merry Christmas <3 Also I can only apologise on introducing you to the TOXIC sim league user Aneeq. I just never expected him to be THIS EVIL!

I now REGRET wasting my christmas pick up lines on Aneeq when I could have saved them for yooou!

- Hanhan ( @mer ) - You're great. I wanted to give you a shout out cause you have done things to help me out in small things with a poddy or 2 or who to copy and stuff. That means a lot. You and Evok are the best things about QCC! You are always fun to be in voice calls with and you are 1 of the best users in this sim league.

- Head Office - I will be brutally honest with you. I never keep up with any sim leagues' head office past knowing who the commish of the leagues are. So I have no idea who I will be saying this part to but I do not really care who is on this one cause it does not matter. If you are in the IIHF one the minors one...Does WJC have a HO? Well them too! Just all of them. It is usually a thankless job of you dealing with karens cause well...It is everywhere so thank you for the jobs you may or may avoid doing. Unless you are in ISFL Head Office as well...I contractually cant then, long story but still the rest thank you and Merry Christmas! <3

- Bayley - You maaay not like Sim Hockey League me right now and I get it but I still absolutely love talking to you about anything. Wrestling, sim league dramas, real sim league stuff, laughing at Spurs pulling a Spurs, Man City never scoring in your new stadium, etc. I know you will be busy come mid year next year for some 100% random reason but I love talking to you. Also I can only apologise on introducing you to the TOXIC sim league user Aneeq. I just never expected him to be THIS EVIL!

- Wild Fire Micro and Kahri - Okay this one might be a tad of a stretch because I just wanted to give random shout outs to anyone in the SHL Discord (Shout out to Discord? To Mee6? To Clyde?) to literally anyone who wanted a shout out and well both of you lovely users wanted 1 so both of you shall get 1!

Kahri I have never had the pleasure of being on any of your sim league teams off top of my head but you always seem so nice in your posts so I assume you are in locker rooms. For Wildfire, I have had the pleasure of being on a couple of your teams. You're always 1 of the more actives and a nice guy! Also fair sure we've won rings at the Kingpins and OBX before together so yay success? I hope you both have an excellent Christmas <3

- Micool - I heard a pretty big rumour about you recently. Word on the street is you're going to win the cup. At Christmas time no less!

Fun fact, that was the 20th time I said the word 'Christmas' in this media. I am just saying! 21 if you include me saying this stat too!

- The Colorado Raptors - My minors team home. S I cannot stress how many lovely users exist with this team and I love damn near all of them. Being captain for those 3 seasons meant a lot. Made the Vancouver season I was captain over shadowed since that ended in misery and whilst we might not have gotten the ring, I do not really care about that. I got a couple already previously in minor leagues from just here alone, what matters is having a locker room that is fun to hang out in and I can say that filled it. I do not check in it very often now since I stretch myself so thin with a lot of things and other locker rooms in other sim leagues but popping in every now and then and seeing Ruggsy and co. show off some of the cards they have is quite fun. If I had more schmoney I would get more into the card collecting. It is pretty damn cool here I do have to say.

I hope if I do 1 more player I return to this team and have the same amount of fun as I did the first time <3 Chess Safari shield your eyes cause Merry FUCKING Christmas Raptors <3

So I guess there we have it. I did make this more festive than I thought even though I am just saying thank you or giving nice compliments to the best Sim Hockey League people. Next year I will hit the 5th year in sim leagues officially and also hit my prime seasons with this player. I do not know if a good new years resolution can be "Git gud wiv my playa" cause well, the sim will do whatever it wants or in real life stuff will happen but I will continue to progress and hope I guess? I do not know what else I could do. I have more serious real life personal goals but that is not for this environment. Plus why would I wait to try and do that specific thing instead of days, weeks, months or seasons before. I did not need Jan 1st to pop around on a calendar to do it even if it was actually possible to pull out of a hat. Surely more people would do it and this would look like american football or cricket score lines.

I hope I do just git gud wiv my playa innit. Maybe make more medias or podcasts with my 2 closest friends? That could be a good goal to focus. Unlike in ISFL, SSL and PBE where I will not be recreating again I may in this sim league (I know right, what awful news for some of you!) but I want to fight regression hard so hopefully I can get to 2024's christmas with high, albeit regressed, TPE to have proper focus on what I should be doing on a final career in the 1 position I have never done or calling it a day cause my story is done.

A good resolution might also be just finish this Jon-Isaac Forty-One story too. The main focus of my goals. Every other character is basically done past a couple of Owen Forty-Four SSL seasons. So more focus on him, goals and interesting medias should be a new motivation too. I dunno, resolutions in a sim league might be pushing it and this conclusions kinda dragging on into a big "Oh god I cannot think of a good sim league year resolution now!" thing. If you have one, please let me know in the comments so I can copy it. Alrighty, so until the next time I do a Sim Hockey League media, I wish you all the merriest of Christmas' and happiest of New Years beginnings regardless!

[3037 words. x2 media]

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My favorite part was where you mentioned me instead of micool in the col cards part cause I obvi have the better collection

Much love homie


Let's get Nashville a ring :D

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