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S50 PT#2 - Phobias

One of Daniel Smeb's biggest issues is that he suffers from flanphobia. Daniel fears flan's for 2 very different reasons. The first one was he used to be addicted to flans and as a result it took a great toll on his health making him fat and cranky due to how much he consumed them and couldn't survive without them. The second reason Daniel fears flan's is that one day Daniel had the worst flan of his whole life, it was awful he felt sick for weeks and his whole body was in pain because of this flan. Because of this traumatic experience as well his previous addiction Daniel stays as far away from flan's as possible as even just being near a flan or especially someone else eating a flan can trigger him. This fear however hasn't had too much of an impact on Daniel's daily lives as flan's aren't that popular at least in areas where he spends most of his time.

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Marques Brownlee, the legendary YouTuber as well as rising hockey star, cannot go a couple minutes without his phone, not because he's addicted, but because he has been diagnosed with the phobia titled "Nomophobia". The condition got so bad in the juniors that Marques had to smuggle his phone along with his Gatorade just so his Nomophobia wouldn't be triggered during the game, putting him off his focus and potentially causing the Scarecrows the game, which he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has already occurred. According to that interview, he states that the fear mainly stems from his YouTube channel, MKBHD, as he wants to check in with his fans, and from his lack of connection with his family, being that his team is located in the Midwest while Brownlee's family lives on the east coast. Brownlee's Nomophobia has given the skaters of the SHL another achievement to obtain, score so that the phone gets knocked off the net.

Like a fuckin' bitch, Anastasia O'Koivu has always been colossally afraid of spiders. She has been afraid of spiders since she was a small child, and this phobia was only exacerbated by a traumatic incident in which her brother Aleksi hid a massive spider he found in the backyard in her hockey bag when they were in bantam together. She absolutely refuses to get close to any sort of spider no matter where it is, inside or outside. This is something that has brought endless teasing upon her from everyone around her, including her parents, who stubbornly refuse to kill a spider in the house if she's complaining about it, thinking that she needs to face her fear eventually. Nastya will not. She will just hole herself up in another room until the issue is taken care of or until she can no longer see it, at the very least. Like I said. She's a bitch.

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Dom Montgomery has coulrophobia. The man does not like clowns and won't be seeing IT Chapter 2 any time soon despite what some have said about Bill Hader's amazing performance. It started when he was four. His friend Ryan had a birthday party and a clown was invited. The clown's makeup had started to sweat off in the summer heat and that detail made it into his dreams where he had nightmares about a clown's face melting off quite frequently. At age six, Dom's uncle was a clown for Halloween, and not knowing that Dom was already afraid of clowns, scared him with a clown mask on, now making Dom afraid of clowns and also not great with people in masks. So now, every time he sees a clown or knows one may be at a carnival, he stays clear of that area and it will take all of his cool-guy persona to make him not freak out if you make him go near a clown.

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Members of the LA Panthers made Dayudie climb a tall building against his will.

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Kubinec is afraid of empty rooms. Not as in empty of people, but empty of furniture. He gets very uncomfortable and has to stick to the walls. Can't go to the center of the room or he will have to lay down. He gets very dizzy and wobbly. He isn't sure where this originated and his teammates have tried to force him to face his fear. They left him on the rink by himself during practice one day but he just laid down on the ice and stopped moving. Finally they drug his limp body off the ice and he started moving again.

"He's like a big possum. It doesn't make sense. He will fight anyone and play against anyone but he just drops when he gets triggered. He can never be by himself in large spaces."

When asked for comment, Kubinec said "It feels like I'm going to fall through the floor. I can't help it. I've been to therapists and I've even been hypnotized. Nothing works."

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Slip McScruff is most afraid of neutral ghosts.  You know where you stand with evil ghosts and good ghosts.  You avoid the evil ones and maybe call in for an exorcism.  You chill with the good ones and introduce your girlfriend to them.  Neutral ghosts leave you in unclear territory because you don't want to let your guard down, but don't want to be the asshole.  When Slip was a teenager, he went into a moderately haunted house on a dare and thought the weird occurrences were malevolent, so he got it exorcised.  The ghost only had a hobby of shifting dishes around because of their compulsion and was "survived" by a large family of other neutral ghosts.  Slip has never lived down this traumatic experience of tearing apart a ghost family for no good reason.

Luckily he doesn't encounter ghosts much in his hockey career because these arenas are all new and state of the art.  Only a couple are built on top of burial grounds, but they took all league standard spiritual cleansing precautions.  In a very on brand move, the New Orleans Specters actually have a ghost on their roster.  Slip isn't bothered by this however, because that particular spirit, Nicholas Williams @Nictox, is mostly harmless.

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Geoff Moore is absolutely terrified of snakes, also known as ophidophobia. He doesn't really know when it started, as Moore has never been bitten by a snake or had any other real experiences with them, Moore said that it's more so of the way snakes look and how they move around. As snakes are a lot harder to hear or detect out in the nature compared to other creatures like bears or sharks or even lions and tigers. Moore, now residing in Minnesota has surrounded his ranch yard with a concrete fence installed 1 meter underground and rising to a total height of 1,5 meters above ground. This way no snakes can get to his yard, keeping Moore happy and safe and also allows Geoff to let his dogs and cats roam around the ranch in peace. Moore did have a confrontation with a snake during his early days in Minnesota, not having his multi-million dollar ranch at the time, Moore decided to be brave about it, throwing his shirt on the snake and running to his car and speeding off and never returning to the same place again.

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