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S50 SMJHL PT 2 - Looking Forward

Being from Ukraine, Ruslan Zaporozhets hasn't really had many countrymen to emulate. However that opens the door for being able to appreciate the league and all her players much more. One player who has caught his eye as of recent is Austrian born sharpshooter of the Toronto North Stars, Mikhail Lokitonov. @ml002 That speedy winger is always in position weather to set someone up or to take the shot himself. Like he, I plan to max my scoring attribute as well and collect a ton of TPE while im at it. Young Russian, Mika Kandinsky @Mika_Kandinsky has caught his eye as well due in part to her being a Scarecrows recent alumni and due to her rocketing start as a rookie in the SHL. Her 62 point pace is providing him with proof that a rookie can come in and make their mark on a league, something Zapo surely wants to do.

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Thicc Cheezy of the SMJHL is having himself a rough start to the season with only 5 points 19 games so far this year. It's tough to stay positive when things aren't exactly going your way, but consistency in training on and off the ice should do the trick for this young star. Someone like Cheezy will look to emulate his career after someone like Roberto Martucci. With a phenomenal career of 258 assists in 494 regular season games and an additional 41 assists in 87 playoff games Cheezy could really see himself being a comparable star in the SHL. It will certainly take some hard work and dedication to achieve this, and with the rumblings around Halifax of Thicc Cheezy having a bad attitude many wonder if he will have what it takes to battle out of the first little bit of adversity he is experiencing in his successful career. Only time will tell.

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Growing up in Japan there weren't a ton of Japanese hockey players I really looked up to and wanted to emulate my play after. Then one day I was watching a hockey game and Monkey D. Luffy hit the ice. I was instantly amazed by his scoring abilities and his beautiful puck handling. He wasn't just amazing off the ice, he seemed to get along with everyone and was an incredibly hard worker. Really he is the whole reason I started taking hockey seriously. However when trying to emulate what he did I found I was really bad at it. Offense just wasn't for me so I decided to be a defenseman who one day would stop Luffy and the quest for a defenseman that I could emulate my game after continued. 

That was pretty short lived once I got drafted by the Anaheim Outlaws. During the preseason I was placed on the first line with Ursin Zimmerman and during those games I came to really idolize his play. Ursin has amazing passing and defensive abilities that someday I hope to match. It wasn't just his abilities on the ice that I was hoping to emulate though. In the locker room he is always joining in on the conversation and gives words to encouragement anytime someone did anything remotely good. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be his line mate as he can get called up to the SHL anytime and our other rookie defenseman, Alex Patrenko, is absolutely killing it out there but I hope to learn a lot from Ursin and maybe I can be as great as him.


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Walter Hobbs has had a stellar career. Rookie of the year, Twice nominated as goalie of the year, 2 semi finals appearances, losing both times to eventual Cup winners. It would normal to want to emulate a career like that. White Goodman has idolized Hobbs for many years. Like Hobbs, strengths are similar to Hand Speed, Reaction Time, Rebound Control, Both are hybrid goalies, While Hobbs is coming to the end of his career his attributes are all at the 90ish number. That, for White Goodman, is a target. HE wants to meet he same targets and wants to surpass Hobbs by winning a challenge cup. As far as stats are concerned, Goodman has yet to start any games. He has played 30 minutes in 2 games and stopped everything he's faced. Hobbs, in his time in the Juniors, played 83 games he had 37 wins and 36 losses, He was in 12 games and went 2 wins and 5 losses, the rest he came into games. Time will tell what happens with Goodman and how many games he plays and what his record is.

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oh man there are some serious greats to look up to but if i had to take a pick of course i want to be like Goku. Who the heck would want to be like goku an expert 90 passing and 85 scoring hes also a strong ass man with 88 strength a true chad im not near chad level with my 60 strength it is a very sad fact. other than those 8 points in penalty shot i like his build it seems hes got him most important peices far into the 90s and his catching the rest of it up to 90 even and i think thats a solid rounded way to build a high preformance player. I can only imagine what its like to play with stats near 99 at this time having that much TPE to work with seems like a dream man. So yea Gokus a chad and i want to be like him.

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My hero is my father, growing up in LA while he was playing for the Panthers I always cheered for him. After he retired from the SHL I was looking for a new favorite player I can cheer for. It was a pretty easy decision, Philipp Alexander Winter was living just a few houses down the road. He is a great guy not only a great player. My style of playing the game is more like Winters, run and gun, scoring some nice goals not running into bodies, fighting alongside the boards like my father loved to play the game. Winter is the typical sniper, quick on his feet, great puck handling and a thrilling shoot to put the lamp on night in night out. That's something a young player looks for. But to be honest, I probably never will be as fast as him, but my scoring touch and puck handling is probably at the same level like he was in juniors, my defensive play is a little bit better than his was.

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