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S50 Post Game Show TPE Claim Thread
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PGS Game 118: (Week 5)
Mitchell van der Heijden PGS Cap: 15/15

Updated! +3 TPE @bluesfan55

[Image: bluesfan55.gif]
Specters Armada Switzerland

Scarecrows Ireland Stars pride Riot Blizzard

“guys did you know im retiring” - @bluesfan55
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Week 5 (3/3)

PGS Cap: 9/15
Kaarlo Kekkonen Falcons

Updated! +3 TPE @dankoa

[Image: MJ7oFkM.png]

[Image: tEeiPJH.png]
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Sim week 1 - 3/3
sim week 2 -  3/3
comment game 45
comment on game 49

Sim week 3 - 3/3
2 comments on game 71
comment on game 72

Sim week 4 - 3/3
Sim week 5 - 3/3

PGS Cap: 15/15

Updated! +5 TPE @MP7

[Image: ErhIysL.png]
Alexander Wachter, RW, S51
Carolina Kraken

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