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S50 SMJHL PT 6: Self Evaluation

Thicc Cheezy has a decent rookie campaign in S50. He certainly wasn't deadweight on a young Halifax Raiders team with 16 points in 50 games. Being a playmaker seeing 12 assists was certainly a positive; however, there is certainly big expectations for a jump in points next year. Am doing if this doesn't happen there will definitely be some cause for concern. I was hoping for a little bit stronger of a season some Cheezy to be honest, was hoping to see him in the 20-25 point range. But 16 points will do, and as the season progressed Cheezy was a little more prevalent on the scoresheet than the beginning, so there was some definite progress as the year went on, and Cheezy will be looking to build off of that process heading into next year. Cheezy is a playmaker, so scoring is not of utmost importance for him, but seeing a shot percentage of 5.3% on the season was definitely a shock, look for Cheezy to improve upon that next year. Overall I would call Thicc Cheezy's rookie season a success and I am looking forward to seeing what he can do next season!

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Going into my rookie season I had what I thought would be realistic expectations of myself which where to just get double digit points with at least 50 hits and 40 shots blocked. I predicted a stat line of that after not doing much during my first run with team World during the WJC and to put it lightly, I crushed those expectations. I ended up with 21 points, 75 hits, and 61 shots blocked. That would be good enough for 9th in shots blocked for the entire league, and 9th in rookie points! The season had it's up and downs however as in the beginning I struggled hard on the offensive end. I kind of expected that as my build is more focused on physical defensive play but I should have produced something off of 21 minutes on the ice. I was really fortunate to go on a 9 or so point streak late in the season that carried my point total to what it is, but a lot of the credit of that should go to my great teammates who converted many of my passes into assist. 
Going into my second season I will look to be able to carry some of the offensive burden off of my teammates and to hopefully not have to stay in the penalty box for 50 minutes a season.
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Well, overall it was a bit of a disappointing for the team this season. At first it looked like we were going to make another strong push for the finals, but things really went over the cliff around the half-way mark. As for Vessot, as a rookie defender it really couldn't have gone any better. Playing top pairing minutes (22.47 per game, leading the entire team) he was able to get 21 points, good for the top spot on the team for rookies (with Zhernov coming in second with 13 points). Defensively, he was pretty sound as well since he tied Prince Devitt in shots blocked with 56, good for second on the team behind Simon LeBlanc. He was also able to standout with his +/-, posting a +11 for the season... WAY ahead of the pack for rookies on the squad, with the next highest being a -4 by fellow defender Danila Zhernov. Looking forward to what the next few seasons bring.

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When Vancouver Called White Goodmans name at the draft, they did not hide the fact he would be a back up this season. However at the end of the season Goodman took over the Starters job from Braulin.

The Expectations were not to high once the word Backup was used. Goodman didn’t think he’d get to play in 22 games. Of those he went on to start 16. In 990 minutes played, he posted a 0.876 save percentage and a 2.97 goals against average. In this category Goodman was hoping to be upwards of 0.900 save percentage and 2.60 goals against average.

In the playoffs Goodman went on to play every game for Vancouver. Getting out of round 1 in 6 games. However round 2 was a little bit of a disappointment as Vancouver lost in 4 games. To Goodman that stung hard. While Goodman wasn’t really sure how far they would go to be swept, even but a top 2 team, was something he really did not want to happen.

With next season not so far away, the targets are simple. Get the stats better. BE someone who can help carry the team and be the guy the team can’t live without. With his sights set on being an elite goalie at the SMJHL level, the work will be cut out for him.

The Goals for the playoffs are equally high. Get past the second round. Make sure its done with elite goaltending and do everything he can to help his team become 4 star Champions.

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Elizabeth Doyle’s season started with a few bumps and there’s no denying it. In her initial conversation with the St. Louis Scarecrows management, she was under the impression that she would be the starting goaltender from the beginning. ‘We need you’, they said. Well, as soon as she arrived for training camp, she quickly realized that Marques Brownlee was still around. She had expected to start over 40 games in the season but she started only 37. It was to her to win the starting position and she put herself at work for it. She finished the season with a decent save percentage for a rookie, with 0.877. She was aiming for anything over 0.870 in the season. She had hoped to have at least one shutout in the season but unfortunately didn’t manage to get any. She still have to improve her play overall as she know she will have huge competition next season.


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I ended up playing in 14 games this season supporting Nolan McMahon and giving him a breather every once in a while. I am not super familiar with hockey stats, but I will attempt to give a bit of a recap of my rookie season. I finished the year with a 3-8 record, plus another loss in overtime. Not the greatest, but hey, it's my rookie season! Lay off, bud. My save percentage was 0.859 which wasn't quite enough to get the milestone claim, it would have been cool to get the extra TPE. I will work on trying to block more shots for next season. I played 657 minutes and posted a 3.74 GAA. My 41 goals allowed was worse than Shiqa Vitalievich, who had 24, but was better than Monty Montgomery, who had 62. The stat that I really care about, however, is wins from the Carolina Kraken overall. We were 28-18, good for third overall in the league, and now we're playing in the finals. How cool is that?

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