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Fuhrberg retires
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Sometimes unexpected things happen sometimes you do things you don't want to sometimes you rush smt and didn't think it to the end I'm in this league around for maybe 5-6 years in total and somewhere between retiring and recreation I lost the fun for this league and in the moment I don't see the opportunity to take the time this league will deserve from me I thank anyone for the faith they had put in me and am sorry for any one I let down but in the moment it makes no sense to stay here and struggle I will stay at discord if u wanna talk don't hasitate to hit me up so long till the next time and go chiefs Chiefs

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No point trying to force yourself to keep up a player if you aren't having fun, best of luck with everything! Chiefs

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<3 hope we'll see you around again another time

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Take care, my Lion/Chief friendo <3

Know you're always welcome to chat us up!

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Lions Chiefs Switzerland

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luv u fiveever

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Take care my brother Cheers

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take care big bear Germany

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