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San Francisco Front Office Change

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With S50 coming to an end, there was a sense that changes were coming within the San Francisco organization, whether that be personnel or management. Personnel changes are essentially a guarantee for this team in the coming offseason, but several positions within the management structure of the team were vacant or in jeopardy. Rumours had been circulating that long-time GM Jeff Kirkstone was on the chopping block, but in a brazen display of self-preservation he canned his co-GM Geronimo Otto and blamed him for everything. Otto’s departure came out of the blue to most, even those close to the situation, and especially to Geronimo himself. The day after Otto was fired, Kirkstone called a press conference to announce the Pride’s new co-GM:

“As many of you know, yesterday we terminated the contract of co-GM, Geronimo Otto. I think it’s obvious to everyone that this team has struggled over the seasons, and even though Otto had to take the fall, I acknowledge that these struggles can’t be attributed to one person. There’s no reason to act like the reigning President’s Trophy holders need a rebuild, because this team is strong, and this team is deep, but we’re going to try and shake things up a bit. I’ve been working for this franchise for 15 seasons now, and I don’t know if I’ll make it 15 more. With that in mind I knew we would need a co-GM who could be groomed into the role of head GM some day. Geronimo Otto was a dear dear friend of mine, but his ambitions weren’t in line with this. Our new co-GM is someone who has a bright future ahead of them in management, and someone I personally believe will be head GM one day. Please welcome Chad Johnson!”

Now if the name Johnson sounds familiar to you… well you probably live in North America. However, specifically related to the SHL, Chad Johnson is the father of Hamilton Steelhawks defenseman Gabriel Johnson. Jeff Kirkstone cited Johnson’s impressive interviews, and his commitment to locker room culture, as the key reasons he sees a bright future for his new partner. Certainly Kirkstone has a wealth of experience and knowledge that Johnson can use to grow as a manager, and his ties to the league should help him develop into a top rate GM in the long run.

@tweedledunn all jokes aside, you’ve been amazing to work with, and I know this isn’t the end of our working relationship by any means, but I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for our team <3

@DaftRaincloud I had a good feeling about you before your draft, and here you are taking on a management role with the team. I’m excited to work with you, and to see what we can accomplish together. Oh and I apologize in advance for the stream of consciousness DMs you’re sure to receive Wink

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Congrats Daft, get us a cup!

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I'm honored to take on the role. Thank you for trusting me with this.

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Congrats Daft, good luck dude!

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11-11-2019, 07:53 PMhotdog Wrote: DRINK DILK


CONGRATS @DaftRaincloud

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Hello son.

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Congrats via shl forums!!

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If this man wont give @Boomcheck his 10x10 no one will!!!

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