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S50 HOF Ceremony
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Hi Everyone,

I will be running the HOF ceremony again this season and it is looking like things will begin at 3pm EST on Sunday 11/17. Hope to see all of you there. There might be some movement of the time as I will be driving home in the morning so it might be a bit late but as of now plan of 3pm. Hope to see all of you then.
(Update 1: Ceremony is written and ready to go, will begin as soon as I get back on Sunday)

[Image: 220px-Hockey_Hall_of_Fame_Logo.svg.png]
Eligible Players:
Jason Aittokallio
Nicolas Winter
Eero Hamalainen
Mattias Holmberg
Harry Hans
Michael Boychuk

Patrikov Bure*****
Don Pellegrino*****
Mikke Laukkanen*****
Danny Foster*****
Ronnie Westbrook****
Kelly Rivet****
Viktor Vorkampfer***
Nikolaus Scholz***
Jack Durden***
Pietra Volkova***
Isaac Cormier Hale***
Jon Ross***
Jordin FourFour Jr.***
Jean-Luc Reflieux***
Maximilian Wächter**
Leafer Rielly**
Mia Landvik**
Eduard Selich**
Noro Wozy*
Toivo Kosonen*
Xander Green
Crossfit Jesus
Connor Tanner
Ben Dover
Artom Zhumbayev
Toivo Kosonen

Fingers crossed I don't miss it by a point this time...

[Image: lOeaPSa.png]
Update PageKraken | Player Page

Vincent Wolfe:
Signed as Free Agent in S54 with the Kraken

Tyler Tougard:
6th Overall Pick of the S44 SMJHL Draft Scarecrows

Jack Durden:
All-Time Renegades Points Leader  Point 605
All-Time Renegades Goals Leader Goal 240  
All-Time Renegades Assists Leader Assist 459
*Vancouver Whalers Hall of Fame*
Season 24 - *4 Star Cup Champions - Vancouver Whalers*
Season 36 - *Challenge Cup Champions - Texas Renegades*
Season 36 - *Anton Razov Trophy Winner - Playoff MVP - Texas Renegades*
Season 41 - *IIHF Gold Medalist - Team United Kingdom*
Season 41 - *Triple Gold Member*
**Hall of Fame Member**


Looking like this will be about an hour or so late. Sorry everyone

Starting in 10

Hello everyone and welcome to the S50 SHL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony where we celebrate the best that our league has had to offer. I will be your host for the next bit “GA”. For brevity and to not take hours, I will only be going over the players who received votes from this seasons HOF committee.

Before closing out the season with the inductees lets take a second to acknowledge the Tampa Bay Barracuda and the Calgary Dragons on a great final, and let us also celebrate the great victory for the Dragons, where they were able to take home the 8th Challenge Cup for their historic franchise.

For those who forgot or those unfamiliar here is how the HOF vote is decided by the committee

-Each Committee Member can vote for a maximum of five (5) players to be inducted
- Players are ranked 1-5, and given points relative to their ranking (10, 7, 5, 3, 1)
- A player needs 35 points in a given season of eligibility to be inducted
- There is no minimum or maximum of players who can be inducted each season

With that lets begin by going over those who will no longer be on the HOF ballot to acknowledge them for the work they did. These players may not have earned a spot in the hall, but they no doubt played a role in building the league.

Nicolas Winter-

Winter played 13 seasons between Buffalo and Las Angeles and amassed over 400 points. This was not enough for him to get into the Hall

Best Season: S41 (20G, 24A, 88 hits)

Eero Hamalainen

Eero played 10 seasons in the SHL for the Cheifs recording over 400 hits and well over 650 blocked shots. This was not enough for him to get into the Hall

Best Season: S38 (5G 22A 39 hits 79 SB)

Mattias Holmberg

This journey man spent 15 seasons in the SHL playing for 9 teams while also scoring 400 points. This was not enough to make it into the hall.

Best Season S31 (13G 30A 128SB)

Harry Hans

Hans played 13 seasons for the Rage scoring over 500 points during his SHL career. This was not enough to make it into the hall.

Best Season: S34 (26G 32A)

Michael Boychuk

Boychuck played 19 seasons with the Dragons scoring over 500 points with almost 475 assists. This was not enough to make it into the hall.

Best Season: S31 (8G 38A 54SB)

Now we move on to those who received votes, but before we do that lets congratulate all of the previously named players on a great career. The next group of players will be listed in order of points received. Both points and total votes will be listed for the audience to see how the committee voted. Let’s begin with another player who will no longer be on the ballot, but did receive a vote by our committee.

Jason Aittokallio 1 (1 vote)

Jason played 12 seasons between the pipes for the Rage and Steelhawks recording over 230 wins and 22 shutouts. He recorded over 20 wins in most of his seasons with a huge 26 wins in S42, his last. This was not enough to make it into the hall.

Best Season: S35 (21W 4SO)

Now for those who received votes and will remain on the ballot in the future.

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