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PBP Illegal Substitution
(This post was last modified: 11-15-2019, 05:24 PM by ErM.)

Since I keep getting asked about this I'm going to make a little post to point people to.

During this season playoffs @BDonini signed up for a PBP and accepted it.

Nearly six hours later he decided to hand the PBP off @DieselJ to do.

This is an issue for several reasons, most importantly there is a limited number of PBPs each season and many people sign up and are still not given the opportunity to do one. PBPs requiring alternates are opened up to those that signed up, as has been the case for the last many seasons.

Per the existing PBP rules Bdonni will not be eligible to sign up for PBPs next season due to his failure to give 24 hour notice that he could not complete his PBP.

DieselJ stepped up and did a PBP, however, he did not partake in the initial process of PBP signups and took away the opportunity from another user. As a result he will only be able to earn a maximum of 5 TPE for his PBP and will not be eligible for monetary bonuses for this PBP.

I talked over this issue with HO and this is where things landed.

Going forward the following rules updates will be made for PBPs:
1. If you are unable to complete your PBP and do not give notice to the PBP Director or a member of head office you will be banned from participating in PBPs for FIVE seasons. Leniency may be granted with discretion for extreme circumstances.
2. If you complete a PBP that was not assigned to you by the PBP Director you will receive 0 TPE or other awards and receive a ban from participating in PBPs for the following season.

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