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S51 - Regular Season

9-8, that is an OHL score lol

[Image: 39alaska39.gif]
[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
[Image: czechpp.png]||[Image: czechup.png]
S45 Jesster Trophy Winner
Second Player in SHL History to have 2 Hat Tricks in a Playoff Series

Gotta love those standings.

[Image: 57290_s.gif]

[Image: specterspp.png] - [Image: spectersupdate.png]

Should Thunderdome this but this twat is not worth the fucking thread.

You're garbage. You're pathetic. The worst fucking person in the whole cunting league. Just fucking retire already.

Anyone else hate Jon Forty-One?

Just a prick honestly...

Mr. 41
Season 48 Play-off Most Valuable Player
Season 49 Former Whalers Captain
[Image: jon41.gif]
S47 Bronze + S49 Silver in WJC | S49 Silver in IIHF
Update page for Jon Forty-One
Chiefs The cultist wanting revenge on the SHL Uk

Where sim

[Image: rippedsig_30.png]

UsaScarecrowsSpectersBlizzard | [Image: DrbPYHV.png][Image: spectersupdate.png] | UsaScarecrowsSpectersBlizzard


[Image: ross.png]
[Image: 52zzdi7.jpg]

West Kendall Platoon GM

Let's go baybee Steelhawks

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