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S51 PT #2 - New Attributes

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(08-24-2018, 01:08 PM)WannabeFinn Wrote: Ah yes, the veteran meme player. A surefire bet for maybe 400 TPE Tongue
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On a personal level i'd love to see some attributes related to being a pest. There is nothing better than winding someone up into a complete rage. In fact i'd say that the real sport in most cases is getting inside your opponents skin and aggravating them until they snap and do something stupid. 'Chirping' would obviously be a good start but I would also like to see something around manipulating the referees so that you can slash, trip, cross check and hook players and not get called for it. Possibly even a penalty draw ability were you goad the other team into taking bad penalties or instigator calls. Picture Sean Avery in the SHL skating around doing a mediocre job of being a hockey player but doing an A++ job of riling up the glory boys of the league. This would truly add a new dimension to the game as well as adding a touch of realism to the SHL.

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I think an attribute we could add to the league to help your player out is big games. I would love to make that a strength and increase it to 99 so I can finally be fucking consistent in this shithole of a sim. I'd also like star power as an attribute that takes 200 or so tpe to upgrade. That way you could save up once you're near capped and really up your game and become one of the best players in the league. These attributes would really make our players different in unique scenarios like playoff or gold medal games and you can actually rely on your player instead of praying to the stupid Simon god that you do alright and don't shit the bed. Especially being a goalie, all I do is shit the bed and even though I'm maxed there's nothing I can do about choking in big games

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Personally I really like having mental attributes to add to. Stats like how much of a team player they, determination, aggression, leadership, and such could add a lot of variety in builds depending how we utilize it. I would really like to see how much these attributes really affect a player compared to the regular attributes such as passing. I just wish there was like an adaptability or patience attribute here. I guess aggression could somewhat be patience or at least impatience but adaptability would be a really cool addition. 
Another attribute that I like is acceleration and agility. Not sure if agility encompasses things like hand speed and stuff or if it's just related to speed. However I think having more stats that relate to a players movement speed will make things a lot more interesting as you will probably have to add to all three if you really want to make a speedy player.

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I think that we need to look a br idging the gap between the forum and the sim by bringing in a thunderdome rating. This rating can be used to judge a person's propensity to be involved in a thunderdome thread either by creating it or being the subject. Participation can also be used to contribute to this (though it would just mean finn is #1 in this stat if we go this route). This could then be applied in game as sort of an agitator time stat where it would mean they're more likely to be in scrums, chirping people from the bench, or in general causing some shit. As the stat develops, we could start to try and develop thunderdome rivalry stats by judging how often two users get into that. That could lead to bad blood on the ice and make these players more likely to play chippily towards each other, fight, or get angry with them. Since it's such a core spot on the site, it would allow it to have an effect in the sim

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A funny stat to add to a new sim engine would be something like composure on the ice. This basically would be something that would enable a player to either stay composed in a tight game and make them more clutch in overtime, or the dying moments of a period if their team was up. It would also lead to less retalitory penalties as the player would stay composed and disciplined in a sense to not take the extra penalty. A cool stat to add would be something like shot IQ (not sure if that is in there), but this would make it so players would not take stupid shots (Ie. into a bunch of traffic) or somewhere on the ice that has a low % of going in. Personally I would add into Shot IQ so my shot do not get blocked as much, and composure would help out a player to draw more penalties and be a clutch player.

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I think it would be cool if there was intimidation and poise style attributes. Right now there's no way to wear out your opponent with hitting and physicality. It may not be the most effective strategy, but there is definitely an effect when going up against a hard-hitting physical team in hockey that isn't quantified by our sim. The poise attribute would be your ability to not be phased by the opposing team's physical play and maybe even your ability to not take retaliatory penalties. It would be nice if there was a real role for power forwards and enforcers to make their mark on the league. It would also be nice if our defense attribute was split into two. An offensive and defensive awareness rather than just calling it defense. Offensive awareness would be your ability to position yourself offensively, defensive awareness would be your ability to position yourself defensively. It would help reduce confusion and allow people to create offensive-minded players without having to have their defense stat very high.

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I would like to see a new attribute for the quality of "intangibles." These could include a wide range of qualities that affect a player's performance on the ice. Does the player have a loyal pet who boosts his mood and makes him in a better frame of mind to develop his play in practice? Does that pet keep him up at night and result in some sleep deprivation causing him to not retain any information he learns at practice? Maybe he's a good drinking buddy, which makes the other guys on his team want to play better when they're with him. Maybe he has really good hair, so it distracts the other team when he does warmups without his helmet on. Maybe his name is Tanner Glass, and his coach is Alain Vigneault. All of these things combined make up factors that seemingly have nothing to do with hockey, but which can have a very real impact on a player's daily level of play. To simulate the truly unreliable nature of these intangibles, the attribute should be reset and randomly generated prior to every sim.

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I think two attributes that would be key to any hockey simulator are forechecking and backchecking. Neither of these attributes are in the current format of the STHS. While the defense attribute can help with positioning on the ice, it doesn’t necessarily commit to how hard one works to get in certain positioning. Forecheckig and backchecking are two of the biggest parts in any team’s or player’s game. The reason I would have them as separate attributes is because we know that some players are strictly offensive minded and like to forecheck, but don’t like to backcheck, and vice versa.

Forechecking is vital in creating turnovers, especially in the opposing team’s defensive zone. Making the other team turn the puck over in their own zone will usually net the forechecking a great scoring opportunity. Forechecking, however, does not just apply to a player’s offensive zone, it can be applied to the neutral and to a certain extent defensive zones as well. It would determine how aggressively a player may be pursue the player with the puck in their own zone, where overcommitment can happen. So, discipline can be tied into this attribute, instead of just keeping overly physical players out of the box. Discipline would allow the player to pursue the puck, but not overcommiting to where they run themselves out of position.

Backchecking is a vital part of any team’s success to defense. A strong backcheck minimizes odd man breaks, and allows the defense to be more aggressive to the puck carrier, possibly creating a turnover or takeaway. Backchecking can be tied into the defense or discipline attribute, in that it determines the positioning of the player backchecking as to which opposing player they need to cover. Some players are strong at coming back to the defensive zone, but don’t necessarily take the player they are suppose to, thus still leaving an open player. A strong defensive or discipline attribute would have them find the player they are suppose to take, thereby limiting the possiblity of an open opponent.

I believe that forechecking and backchecking, with tie ins to either or both of defense and discipline, would be key attributes to providing a more realistic, and perhaps more fun in term stats not looked at as closely (takeaways, giveaways, turnovers, etc) to the league. I am sure other attributes that we do not currently have can provide more realism and more fun as well, but these two I think would be key in those directions.

~400 words

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Larry Foulke: This will be a weird thing for us GMs to take into account. An entierly new system would mean new ways to find our star players. Now all of what I'm interested in may be in its works, but I do like to have a potshot wih what I say.

One of the qualities I would be interested in would be Professionalism. I know that my past is less being noble and more being the most rebelious maverick in the skies, but I do like a guy that can keep his cool when all sorts of shade is going his way. I mean he's not getting his calls, fans are heckling him and the opponents spew some shade at him, yet the same guy just whips a game winner like its Tuesday. I like a guy like that.

Another one would definetly be shooting range, but that just tingles my inner sniper. I mean who doesn't love a guy that can hit the five-hole from the otherside of the field.

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I think having some sort of instigation and heckling stat would be cool. Having the ability to get under the skin of your opponents and make them play worse would be really interesting. I could imagine a start player getting heated over something that someone else said on the ice, maybe taking a bad penalty or get into a fight as a result of being so hotheaded about getting heckled. Not only would it bring an interesting new angle to the game, it would allow for more expression in people's builds other than "me shoot puck, me pass puck, me hit." Perhaps even to go along with that you could have another stat that's like "mental fortitude" or something that would make it harder to get under that player's skin. Some players could be skilled with the puck and at heckling, but then also be vulnerable to getting heckled themselves. Alternatively as a superstar, you might want to put a lot of points into your mental fortitude so that you dont lose your cool in a crucial moment and cost your team the game.

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Sauce/Style would 100% be a fun rating to add into a sim engine. Obviously, it's not really going to add too much the game itself. I mean it's a sim engine, nothing is visual. But with the amount of talent in the SHL, players should be able to show off some sort of flair on the ice, and not just post media. We're all not robots or that only care about efficiency, that's just Hamilton (lmao forgive me). Perhaps the more you add to style points, the more likely you're going to deke in the open ice, make an unlikely pass that could work (get your passing up too in this case), go between the legs on a breakaway/shootout, or just have a different kind of swagger out on the ice. As someone who looks at the PBPs on the index every now and then, I think that would make it a bit cooler, and probably help out the people who try to do PBPs for the 4-Star or Challenge Cup.

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I think a good attribute to add would be swagger. Being able to showcase on the ice your emotions would be amazing. Upgrading this attribute will give your player a cockiness and an ability to do some amazing celebrations after they score. Another interesting attribute to add would be to be able to fully custom slap shot, and wrist shot stats. Some guys will prefer to build their player with a heavy shot and some will want a softer shot. Having both of these options will give players more choses and more diverse builds in the shl. I think we really struggle with this now and it would be cool to see more different builds, like strictly playmakers and shooters or players who have an OVI like shot versus someone with apatrick kane like shot. The shl should implemt these to make the league better and get more new players to join

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