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Vent Moves Up

Vent walked into the practice arena like any normal day getting ready to begin practice with his team. So far, the team was 3 and 0. Everyone was feeling great and was in high spirits. Tokek Takshak was currently loosening the caps of the water bottles hoping to prank some unsuspecting teammates to spill water all over them.  As Vent headed into the locker room to get dressed, he began to talk to both Craig Finley and Goku Muerto. Talking about the last game and going over the highs and lows of the game. The locker room began to fill up as more and more players filled in and began getting ready for practice. Vent headed for the ice with Jax Aittokallio at his side talking about the latest tv shows and how Aittokallio’s wife was doing. Vent also quickly warned Aittokallio about the water bottle prank and to just wait for someone else to fall for it. As the beginning skate around started everyone was getting warmed up and talking to either coaches or each to go over what they needed to work on for the upcoming practice. The whistle blows as the team comes together in Infront of Frost. On the board was going to be the lines and pairings for this practice. Vent quickly looked at it and then back at Frost. However, Vent quickly scanned the board again and couldn’t believe his eyes. Vent was moved up to the first pairing with McCarthy, the second penalty kill with Doskocil, and moved up in the shootout line up. Vent honestly could not comprehend the amount of responsibly he was going to have and how much the team was going to be relying on the young defensemen.

The whistle blew again, and everyone broke off into their groups and pairings to begin practice. Vent skated up next to McCarthy and gave him a wry smile as the two began to run drills together. Vent pushed himself as hard as he could to keep up with McCarthy and his skill of playing top minutes every night. At first, it was a struggle because the two never really played together and didn’t have the chemistry Vent had with either Finley or Takshak. However, after a while both McCarthy and Vent found their rhythm and were beginning to be able to shut down all the offensive rushes they were facing in practice. Vent would just feed McCarthy pucks so McCarthy could shoot, and Vent would be the more physical one of the pairing. Vent’s endurance was not up to pare as McCarthy so he knew he was going to have to get his endurance up and become a person who would be able to play at least 18 minutes a night while facing the top lines of opposing teams. As McCarthy and Vent worked on their chemistry together, they knew their personalities would be fine. Both were huge friends off the ice so he would be easy to play alongside each other throughout the season. Off the ice both Vent and McCarthy were huge into Apex Legends and would frequently play together and have long gaming sessions together.

It was time for the special teams part of the practice and for once Vent was actually on the special teams for his team and not the opposing teams. Even though he was on the second pk and wouldn’t be seeing a lot of minutes for the put would need to come in clutch and work with his teammates to kill off the powerplays of the other team. At first, Vent felt overwhelmed. This was the first time he was being played on a special team in the SHL. He was constantly asking his coaches and teammates questions on how he should play and about special situations that might happen. Vent at first was hurting his team but after some encouragement from Doskocil and Coach Frost Vent began to get some confidence. After some time Doskocil and Vent were able to get some chemistry on the PK together and work with Jax Aittokallio and Goku Muerto to begin killing off some of these penalty kill situations.  Vent was glad to be on the penalty kill with Jax because he trusted Jax to always steer Vent in the right direction and always try to help him with his knowledge he has gathered throughout the years in the league. After the penalty kill practice, they went straight to 5 on 3 or 4 on 3 penalty kill.  Vent was once again on the ice with Jax and Doskocil to begin working on their penalty kill practice. They really had to trust each other to cover their spots and play to the best of their ability to be able to kill off these penalties. The trio began to form very good chemistry and bond together working together and calling out spots to cover for each other. Even Crawfling and Larson were impressed by the trios hard work and chemistry they were building in front of their crease. Vent’s legs were on fire with all the work he was putting on the ice with all the extra work he was getting put into.

Vent was on the side filling up with water when he saw it. Rainbow Dash had grabbed the water bottle that Takshak had unscrewed to fall off. As Dash brought it to their face, they squeezed the bottle and the cap came flying off and water drenched their front.

“What the hell??” Dash exclaimed as Takshak exploded into laughter as did some of the other players who saw what had happened.  Vent smirked to himself and handed Dash a small towel and elbowed Dash in the side softly. Dash looked over to Vent as Vent looked pointedly over at Takshak who was doubled over in laughter.  Dash seemed to get the messaged because they skated off after giving Vent a simple nod.

As practice was nearing the end it was time for the shootout. Vent knew he was brought up higher in the shootout, so he had a better chance of actually having to go out and be used in the shootout. The team was split in half and everyone was going to get one attempt on the other goalie. The teams consisted of Jax Aittokallio, Matthew Auston, David Kastrba, Alex Winters, James Dekens, Backdoor Barnacle, Reginald MacIntyre, David Vent, and Craig Finley with Scottey Crawfling backstopping them.  The other team consisted of Goku Muerto, Luke Thomason, Rainbow Dash, Sophia Bennett, William Goose, Ryan Mason, Barret McCarthy, Andrej Doskocil, Tokek Takshak with Peter Larson backstopping them.  Goals and saves were being made back and forth and it was then Vent’s turn. Vent didn’t know what to do for his shot as he skated to center ice. As he got there he remembered the one time he scored of Larson in a game. It was in the gold medal game in World Juniors Championships. He was going to try that high blocker shot and see if he can beat him again as he did back then. Vent build up his speed and skated to the right. He kept his eyes on Larson waiting to see when to shoot. He saw Larson look up at Vent quickly and Vent ripped the puck off his stick. Just like it did in the gold medal game, the puck sailed past Larson and into the net scoring a point for Vent’s team. Larson couldn’t believe Vent had just scored the same way he did last time and was a little upset with himself. Vent skated to his bench and was high fived for his goal. The shootout ended with Larson’s team winning and everyone got together in the center of the ice. The team did their ending cheer, and all headed for the locker room. Vent was very tired, but he felt confident in his ability to be able to compete on the first pairing and on special teams. He also knows the coaches brought him up because they must have belief in Vent to get the job done and be able to contribute to the team.

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