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Buffalo sign Silverman

[Image: Buffalo.png]

The Buffalo Stampede are pleased to announce a long term extension for Nicolaj Muller!

LW - Nicolaj Muller
S52: $4,000,000
S53: $4,000,000
S54: $4,000,000
S55: $4,000,000
S56: $4,000,000
S57: $4,000,000
S58: $4,000,000
S59: $4,000,000
S60: $4,000,000

Despite being one of the fastest developing players in his draft class, Muller fell all the way to Buffalo at the 22nd pick. Since then he’s done nothing but step up his player development and has become an integral part of the Stampede locker room, management team, and site management. You’ve more than likely used one of his bots and soon you’re going to be using even more of his creations as we move towards a new sim engine. It’s hard to find a user as enjoyable and valuable as @esilverm. We are all so glad that you’ve committed to the franchise long term!

Stampede  Stampede  Stampede  Stampede  Stampede

[Image: tatumakela.gif]
[Image: falcons2.png][Image: finland.png][Image: stampede.png] | [Image: vhY18i8.png] [Image: cAVF6C6.png][Image: stampede.png][Image: finland.png][Image: falcons2.png]
[Image: detdet.png]

Nice to see you stick around Ethan!

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 [Image: dMzNWJa.png]
[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]

[Image: vhY18i8.png] [Image: czechup.png]
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]


Nicolaj Muller (LW) ● Player ProfileUpdate Page
Scarecrows Stampede Switzerland Kraken

[Image: esilverm.gif]

I made the SHL Scraper bot. You can add it to your server ➡ here ⬅


[Image: 7Ibg0PL.png]
 Knights Usa Stampede    

Quote: We are all so glad that you’ve committed to the franchise long term!

Wait, we are?

[Image: e7ndMQV.png]

[Image: czechpp.png][Image: czechup.png]


[Image: vhY18i8.png]| [Image: q95r3bg.png]
[Image: 55729_s.gif]

First SHL Goal
7. Buffalo Stampede , Hippo Passamus 1 (Charles Walker 2, Viktor Marius 1) at 17:11



[Image: Untitled-1.png]
[Image: axfYOoP.png]
Thank you Brandon, Jogurtaa, Kit, Karey, and Walrus for the sigs!


Evan stinky

[Image: rippedsig_30.png]

UsaScarecrowsSpectersBlizzard | [Image: DrbPYHV.png][Image: spectersupdate.png] | UsaScarecrowsSpectersBlizzard


[Image: japan3.png][Image: vhY18i8.png][Image: nBgNUTY.png][Image: japan3.png]
[Image: ErmcfJN.png][Image: tnlastatine.gif][Image: C9eUxOw.png]
1st SHL Point Buffalo Stampede , Oliver Konig 1 (Alexis Metzler 1, Monkey D. Luffy 1) at 8:18
1st SHL Goal Buffalo Stampede , Monkey D. Luffy 1 (Alexis Metzler 9, Viktor Marius 2) at 12:12
[Image: unknown.png?width=400&height=236]

yay eban

[Image: bYlOFne.png]
Specters Armada Switzerland

Scarecrows Ireland Stars pride Riot Blizzard

“guys did you know im retiring” - @bluesfan55


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Kraken | Switzerland | Jets

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