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PGS S51: Game 48 - Halifax at Kelowna

raiders Halifax (4-4-1) at   Knights  Kelowna (4-4-1)
With both teams having the same amount of points they both are looking for the Big W to get the step up in the standings. This is the Raiders and Knights first meeting of the season, so let's see how the two match up.

Starting Lines
raiders The Halifax Raiders 
        Thicc Cheezy  - Julien Villeneuve - Karl Krashwagen  
Adam Barron - Abel Skinner
Biz Nasty
Knights Kelowna Knights 
       Kalevolaripaavo Kaspertommevisnapuu - Ryan Shepard - Andrey Barbashev II                                        
Luciano Vessot - Noah Nystrom  
Luca Del Vecchio 
Period 1
The Halifax Raiders come out of the gate swinging with the first 4 shots of the game ending with the first goal, Scored by Adam Barron at 4:37 of the 1st Period, his first of the season, with  Assists by Abel Skinner and Thicc Cheesy. But the Knights bounce back and just shy of 2 ½ minutes later Ebenezer Virtanen will bury the puck past Biz Nasty off a great effort by Alex Ranch. The Knight continue the pressure and again anotehr 2 ½ minutes after his last goal, Ebenezer Virtanen puts another puck past Biz Nasty, on a pass from Theo Golury and Alex Ranch. The Raiders and Knight continue to fight the rest of the period, but no one else is able to find the back of the net.
raiders Halifax Raiders : 1
Knights Kelowna Knights : 2
Shot Totals are Halifax - 8 and Kelowna - 10

Period 2
The second period starts off with a game tying goal by Thicc Cheezy at 3:44 of the 2nd period, with assists going to Karl Krashwagen and Haley Knight. Even though that ends the goal scoring of the second that definitely doesn't mean an end to the action. Their were a total of 4 penalties this period, with Halifax taking three penalties back to back to back, at 10:32, 12:58, and 15:16. But the Halifax have an amazing penalty kill allowing only 2 shots on net throughout all three penalties.

raiders Halifax Raiders : 2
Knights Kelowna Knights : 2
Shot Totals are Halifax - 13 and Kelowna - 18

Period 3
The third period begins with the Raiders and Knights trading off offensive pushes with both Luca Del Vecchio and Biz Nasty putting on a goalie seminar making 5 and 6 saves respectively in the 1st half of the period. But at 11:09 of the 3rd period the Knight's Captain Ryan Shepard puts the Game winning goal past Biz Nasty. Assists going to Andrey Barbashev and Kalevolaripaavo Kaspertommevisnapuu. The Raiders put on a great effort to tie the game, pulling Biz Nastey in the final seconds of the game, but the Knight's defense got the job done and secured their 5th win of the season

Final Score 
raiders Halifax Raiders : 2
Knights Kelowna Knights : 3
Final Shots Halifax - 21 and Kelowna - 30

Your three stars of the game are
*** Ryan Shepard with the game winning goal 
  ** Thicc Cheezy with a goal and an assist
    *  Ebenezer Virtanen with two goals   

Great game by both teams, but what won it for the Knights was puck possession. The Knights out shot the Raiders 30 to 21, and on top of that the knight center were on fire on the draws. Winning 53 of 83 faceoffs for 64%. One thing that could have helped both teams are their power plays. The Halifax Raiders were 0 for 3 on Power plays, and the Kelowna Knights were 0 for 6. The Raiders return to Kelowna in a few games time and we will see how they respond.

[Image: 60133_s.gif]
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Comment 1 - Highlight Reel
Kelowna Knights scored three goals in the game to get the victory. Let's look how they all ended up in the net.

Halifax Raiders 1 - 1 Kelowna Knights
Alex protected the puck really well and was able to hand it off to Ebenezer for Kelowna's first.

Ebenezer Virtane assisted by Alex Ranch @ 7:04 in the 1st period.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Halifax Raiders 1 - 2 Kelowna Knights
Ebenezer picks up the loose puck and pokes it into the net.

Ebenezer Virtane assisted by Theo Golury and Alex Ranch @ 9:40 in the 1st period.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Halifax Raiders 2 - 3 Kelowna Knights
After bombarding Halifax's Luca Del Vecchio, Kelowna finally was able to score the GWG.

Ryan Shepard assisted by Andrey Barbashev II and Kalevolaripaavo Kaspertommevisnapuu @ 11:09 in the 3rd period.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Comment 2 - Penalty Kill Extravaganza
This game was heated throughout with 9 penalties taken by both teams in total. But even with these many power play opportunities, neither team was able to take advantage.

Kelowna Knights were given the most chances with six but ended up with only 8 shots on net. All which Biz Nasty could comfortable stop while only letting up a single rebound. This is something Kelowna will need to work on if they want their games to be a little less stressful in the future.

Halifax Raiders didn't do much better with only 2 shots on net during their three power plays. But it wasn't for lack of trying. Their second power play delivered 6 shots but only one reached the net thanks to deflections and blocks in front.

Comment 3 - One Man Shooting Machine
Andrey Barbashev II of the Kelowna Knights had 8 shots on net during the game. This accounted for more than a quarter of Kelowna's total shots on goal. And that's only his shots that hit the net. Andrey recorded a total 13 shot attempts. And this didn't all just come from a single strong zone presence, no he kept shooting throughout the entire game. With 5 shot attempts in the first, 3 in the second and 5 in the third.

Even with this many shots Andrey was not able to get one past Biz Nasty in front of the Halifax net. But Kelowna still owes Andrey a lot just from the pressure he alone can put on an opponent's defense and goalie. This clearly showed itself in their game winning goal where Andrey together with Ryan Shepard tired out the Halifax players to the point where they just couldn't stand against it any longer.

[Image: kenvald.gif]

[Image: YztPk3T.png] [Image: B4x6AQm.png]

Offensive defense

While all goals were scored by both teams forwards, the defensemen on both team played a role in four out of five goals in this game. Abel Skinner and Haley Knight both picked up an assist on the two Halifax goals, while Alex Ranch helped Kelowna take the lead in the first period with his involvement in the two goals by Ebenezer Virtanen.  A not so stellar performance came from Halifax defenseman Izzy Dudemiester, who ran into three penalties throughout this game and left his team with a one man disadvantage while unsuccesfully hunting for the game winning goal.

First Line Forward Showdown

Julien Villeneuve (HFX) - Ryan Shepard (KEL)
Shepards' GWG makes it rather obvious who wins this matchup. Villeneuve failed to make an impact, or even get his name on the gamesheet. He has a positive plus/minus but wasn't involved at all in the goals scored while he was on the ice. An impressive 22 out of 29 face-offs won by Shepard further cements his win in this matchup.
Left wing
Thicc Cheezy (HFX) - Kalevolaripaavo Kaspertommevisnapuu (KEL)
A thougher matchup than the centers, but Thicc Cheezy takes the win on this one. His involvement in both Halifax goals just edges it over the pass Kalevolaripaavo Kaspertommevisnapuu gave that lead to the game winning goal.
Right wing
Karl Krashwagen (HFX) - Andrey Barbashev II (KEL)
The deciding matchup for this first line forward showdown is the closest. Both guys picked up an assist, with Barbashev's leading to the game winning goal. On the other hand, Krashwagen has the better plus/minus rating and laid out three good hits. What wins it for Barbashev in this matchup is that he managed to get 8 shots off on target during this game, versus the 5 by Krashwagen and did it all with a minute and a half less icetime.

Rookie of the game
All of the rookies failed to get points in this game, but there were still some impressive performances by the freshmen out on the ice. Kelowna had a rookie defenseman play in all of their first three 5-a-side lines. Noah Nystrom and Adam Scianna were present on the penalty kill and power play as well, both of them played over 20 minutes in the game. Adam Scianna is tonights Rookie of the Game, managing to stay out of the penalty box for the entire game and leave the ice with a positive plus/minus rating. Only downside to his defensive play today was the lack of hits layed out, but I doubt his GM will let that keep him from a good nights sleep.

[Image: Skree.gif]
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Credit for the images goes to @Carpy48, @soulja and @Wasty

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Comment 1:
Today we will be going over the ones who have shown the highest propensity to miss shots this game. The gods of puck luck hasn't shined today on these poor fellows whom have had the worst luck of the night. Surprisingly we have a sweep in the top three tonight with the Kelowna Knights boasting an incredible 10 missed shots between the three. Accordingly we have a tie for the second spot here so they will be awarded the least loser spot. Those two with three missed shots a piece are Ebenezer Virtanen and Gylfi Eriksson. As the worst loser we have the unfortunate Andrey Barbashev II whom along with his 4 missed shots had 8 that found the net. The man is a machine and sometimes you want to be here with the most missed. 136 Words

Comment 2:
Here we will see whom amongst the two teams is the best baker by seeing just who has the most experience with icing. Now it’s always nice to see a team sweep a podium, but that’s not always the case here with the Kelowna Knights. Unfortunately for Smelowna, they iced the whole cake, sending the puck back for a defensive zone faceoff the most times this game, with some repeat offenders. Tied for the second highest total of icings with two a piece are Capp Hatter and Andrey Barbashev II. To finish off the top three with the worst offender we have Luciano Vessot who managed to double the icings of anyone else with four in this game. Ultimately the Knights won the game, it’s just fun to pick on them when the stars align. 135 Words

Comment 3:
Today on Versus, we have the hottest matchups of the night on the dot. We’re going to look at the best rivalries and see who is coming out on top. Honestly, this probably helped Kelowna find their win tonight more than anything as they dominated almost all matchups. Starting with the closest of them all and the one that wasn’t absolute, we have Josef Novotny versus Timmo Kyllonen, where each won five for a draw. Next up we again feature Kylonen but not in the same light, for he was dominated by Ryan Shepard, who took seven wins to Kyllonen’s three. Lastly we have Shepard versus Julien Villeneuve, where SHepard again dominated seven to three. 115 Words.

[Image: 4TPF2OA7ZVhB5-CyPuYumXOre03JtX1GnVqqxXpG...fU=s300-no]
[Image: Rg6BJlT.png]

Virtanen Shines Unexpectadly
In any hockey game, you expect the star players to be the ones who get the most time on the ice. You expect the goal scorers to be the ones taking the most shots on net. For instance, looking at the stat sheets, one would guess that the top goal scorer of the evening might be Kelowna's Andrei Barbashev II, with a whopping 8 shots on net, or Kalevolaripaavo Kasperto with almost 22 and a half minutes of ice time - and yet, both only ended up with a single assist. Instead, tonight's unexpected star was the Knight's Ebenezer Virtanen who somehow managed to score two even strength goals in under three minutes in the first period, with his only two shots on goal. Virtanen also did his best elsewhere in the 9:26 he was on the ice - he didn't take that many faceoffs, but managed to win 5 of the 6 and give his team the win in this close game.

3 Stars
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3 underrated players of the game!

1. Haley Knight - Over 5 minutes of penalty kill time as well as putting up an assist in a losing effort. Also was able to go +1 when most of her teammates were -2 or -3.

2. Ryan Sheperd - While he did get a star of the game, getting the 3rd star after getting a goal and going 22 out of 29 on faceoffs is a slap in the face. Add 2 shots and 3 hits and it's easy to see why he's here.

3. Noah Nystrom - Almost 2 minutes on the penalty kill as well as 4 bone crushing hits. Add a shot blocked just for a little extra on top and this is a peak get no glory but help the team performance.

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