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PGS S51: Game 77 - Anchorage at Anaheim

Armada Anchorage (10-4-1) Vs Outlaws Anaheim (7-8-0)

Pre game: Should be a good game here at The Outlaw Saloon. The Anchorage Armada are ahead on the standings, but with them coming off a tough loss to the Lethbridge Lions the game prior and the Anaheim outlaws currently on a 4 game winning streak, lets see who can pull off the victory tonight.

Starting Lineups
Away: Anchorage Armada  Armada
Jay Reeves, Jake Primeau,Andrei Petrikov
Augustus Wang, Joe Kerr
Ian Venables
Home Anaheim Outlaws  Outlaws
Leonid Kofix,Ivan Maximus, Raquel Castillo Gutierrez
Ursin Zimmermann, Nicholas Owens
Abroop Dham

1st Period:
The Anchorage Armada come out pushing off the drop, dominating the first few minutes of the period, with 5 shots by 4 different Armada players. They are rewarded at 3:44 of the First period with a goal by Ryan Cvitkovich assisted by Cyril Vyskoc. The rest of the period goes scoreless, but was still an exciting time with 27 shot attempts between the two teams and 18 of them reaching the nets

Score after the 1st
Armada Anchorage Armada : 1 
Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws: 0
Shots Armada :11 Outlaws :7

2nd Period:
This was another great period for the two teams with a whopping 38 combined shot attempts with 19 reaching the goalies. The Anchorage Armada again lit the lamp with a goal by Andrei Petrikov off feeds from Joe Kerr and Augustus Wang at 10:52 of the 2nd period. But the Anaheim outlaws responded at 15:08 with a goal by Leonid Kofix, assists going to Raquel Castillo Gutierrez and Ivan Maximus. It was a great effort by the Outlaws just peppering the Armada goalie with 5 shot attempts in the 8 seconds leading up to the goal.

Score after the 2nd:
Armada Anchorage Armada: 2
Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws: 1
Shots: Armada : 22 Outlaws :15
3rd Period:
Again we had a blistering 3rd period in regard to shot attempts with 41 attempts but this time only 14 reached the netminders. The only goal this period came early at 3:51 with a power play goal for the Anaheim Outlaws, scored by Rath Mcleod assisted by Mike Richard and Alex Petrenko. The rest of the game went scoreless with the Armada failing to capitalize on the 2 power plays they were given later in the period, and so we go into overtime.

Score after the 3rd:
Armada Anchorage Armada: 2
Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws: 2
Shots: Armada : 29 Outlaws :22

The overtime period was polar opposite to the rest of the game, there was alot more passing to set up a goal rather than just throwing the puck on net, showing how much both teams favored puck possession rather than taking a big risk with a low percentage shot on net. Only 3 shots reached the netminders in the overtime period, and with no goal we move into the shootout.

Score after Overtime:
Armada Anchorage Armada: 2
Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws: 2
Shots: Armada : 30 Outlaws :24

Round 1:
The Armada are up first in the ShootoutJake Primeau takes the shot and scores on Abroop Dhami.......(1-0)
Kevin Robinson takes the first shot for the Outlaws and it is saved by Ian Venables..................................(1-0)
Round 2:
Andrei Petrikov is next for Anchorage, and his shot is stopped by Abroop Dhami....................................(1-0)
James Hendricks take the puck down for Anaheim and rifles a shot past Ian Venables............................(1-1)
Round 3:.
Up next for the Armada is Jay Reaeves, who scores on Dhami......................................................................(2-1)
With the game on the line Mike Richard lights the lamp on his attempt......................................................(2-2)

Round 4:
Daniel Bischoff puts the pressure on the Outlaws again, putting the puck past Dhami............................(3-2)
But the Outlaws Raquel Castillo Gutierrez responds with a goal on Ian Venables.....................................(3-3)

Round 5:
All of the players goals seem to be effortless at this point as Mitchell van der Heijden scores................(4-3)
And then Ivan Maximus also scores on his shot bring us to round 6...........................................................(4-4)

Round 6:
HE MISSES! Berry Blue loses the puck on his attempt and it goes wide......................................................(4-4)
With the game on his stick Jacob Riley take his shot, which is blocked by Ian Venebles............................(4-4)

Round 7:
A great save by Abroop Dhami on Gart Cheezit give the Outlaws another chance to end the game.......(4-4)
Ursin Zimmermann goes to take his shot, AND SCORES!, its in and the game is finally over....................(4-5)

The Anaheim Outlaws win the game 3-2 after a shooting gallery of a Shoot out going seven rounds. This extend the Outlaws win streak to 5 games, and another tough loss for the Armada

Final Score
Armada Anchorage Armada: 2
Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws :3
The 3 Stars of the Game:
*** Augustus Wang(1A, +1, 3S,3H) Armada
** Leonid Kofix (1G, 4S) Outlaws
* Andrei Petrokiv (1G,+1,5S, 25:05MP) Armada

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Consistent shooting yields opportunity

One of the mainstay advantages that Anchorage has is keeping an equal or superior amount of shots on goal, per period, over their opponents.  Despite losing in the shootout, Anchorage out-shot anaheim 30 to 24 and did will maintaining shot leads per period:  11-7, 11-7, 7-7, and 1-2 in overtime.  Leading the way in shots for Anchorage was Daniel Bischoff (6) followed closely by Andrei Petrikov (5).  Augustus Wang, Cyril Vyskoc, Gart Cheezit, Jake Primeau, Jay Reeves, Joe Kerr, Lando Norris, Mitchell van der Heijden, Ryan Cvitkovich, and Shelby Schmackers all tallied additional shots for Anchorage.

The most shots in the game though went to Anaheim Center Kevin Robinson, who alone ticked up seven shots on goal by himself.  The next closest person in the game would be the aforementioned Bischoff.  The next closest person however on Anaheim would only have four goals (Kofix) to attribute.  

Big Hits
Its surprising that hits aren't a big consideration for star of the game, especially when it comes to forcing loss of the puck.  Anchorage was able to outhit Anaheim 18 to 15 in this match-up.  These hits lead to eleven situations by Anaheim where turnovers could have, or did happen, and that sort of rate goes hand in hand with increased scoring opportunities.  Anchorage's Stan Hanson was a hitting machine in this game, serving up seven hits on his own.  Of those seven hits, six of them caused or nearly caused turnovers on the ice.  An impressive eighty-five percent rate on hits.  

Of Anaheim's fifteen hits, thirteen of the fifteen hits lead to situations where a turnover almost, or did happen.  This eighty-six percent chance of opportunity definitely outshines the fact they were outhit by Anchorage, but just shows that their puck control on contact is a smidgen better and potentially what helped keep the game so low.

Power Plays
Both teams did well this game in both managing their penalties and killing the man-advantage opportunities of the opposition.  Anaheim offered up more time in this match up, giving six minutes of advantage to Anchorage, however their penalty-kill unit stopped everything that was thrown at them.   Anchorage on the other hand only was able to keep one of two undermanned opportunities from happening and allowed Anaheim to score on the power play thanks to a roughing call on Joe Kerr at the three minute mark.  Otherwise, both teams were quite disciplined in this match, giving up no penalties in the first period and only one, hooking, late in the second period.  The third period racked up the remaining penalties, two apiece but overall as we have seen from earlier games in the could have been quite different for either of these teams.

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Comment 1 - Shootout Highlight Reel
The game needed a shootout to be decided and what a shootout it was. It took seven full rounds to find the victor and plenty of goals were scored. But the final two shots from each team were what made this a real nailbiter. Let's look at them again!

Round 6
Penalty #11 - Anchorage Armada, Berry Blue
[Image: giphy.gif]
Berry Blue misses the net!

Penalty #12 - Anaheim Outlaws, Jacob Riley
[Image: giphy.gif]
A very nice save by Ian Venables!

Round 7
Penalty #13 - Anchorage Armada, Gart Cheezit
[Image: giphy.gif]
Abroop Dhami comes up big and gives his teammates a chance to win it!

Penalty #14 - Anaheim Outlaws, Ursin Zimmermann
[Image: giphy.gif]
Ursin takes advantages and wins it for Anaheim!

Comment 2 - Game-Tying Penalty
Penalties is not something you ever want to give up to one of the top powerplay units in the league. But that is unfortunately what happened to the Anchorage Armada in the early 3rd period. They took two early penalties, their only two in the game, and the Anaheim Outlaws made sure to take advantage. Anaheim tied the game at 2 during their second powerplay after Rath McLeod picked up a rebound from Ian Venables and put it into the net. This turned out to be the game-tying goal which took the game to overtime and then onward to the shootout where Anaheim sealed their comeback victory.

Comment 3 - Clairvoyant
If you would have the ability to see the future, how many passes would you be able to intercept in a single game? Well, if I did not see it myself in person I would have doubted the number of interceptions that came out of Anchorage Armada's Berry Blue this game. Counting up a total of 24 interceptions, or "steals" if you will, Berry Blue clearly where inside the minds of the Anaheim Outlaw players and knew exactly where any pass would go. While no interception directly led to an Anchorage goal, it for sure made an indirect impact on Anchorage's 2nd goal when Berry intercepted a pass from Ursin Zimmermann and started a counter attack that would only allow Anaheim's offense one more dump-in before Anchorage scored a minute later.

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Quality > Quantity

While the first period went to the Anchorage Armada, who scored the lone goal 3 and a half minutes in, this was the only period in which the team that got more shots off scored more goals than their opponent. The Armada out-shot the Outlaws in the second period as well, and saw Petrikov shooting them to a two - zero lead, but the team from Anaheim scored the connecting goal with a little under five minutes to play in the period. In the second period, Achorage's shots dwindled a little, while Anaheim stuck to their pace and scored on their second power play of the game. Over the course of the game, the Anaheim Outlaws found themselves out-shot by 24 to 30 shots but managed to hang in there until the shootout. Better quality of shots, and a higher efficiency ultimately got them the win in this thight game.

Squad depth

For this game, Anchorage Armada chose to play with only three forward lines, versus the four lines that tied their laces and stepped onto the ice for Anaheim Outlaws. While the Boats pressed hard in the first two periods of the game, out shooting the Outlaws by 22 to 15, their lack of depth saw their offensive effort grind to a halt in the third period and OT. Anaheim actually managed to turn the tide, shut down the Anchorage shooting to tie them in the last period of regulation and register 2 shots versus 1 shot for the Armada in overtime.

Power play efficiency

 Neither team took a lot of penalties during this close game, they kept the penalty boxes clean until late in the second period. And while skating with a man down, especially the Anaheim team did a good job of shutting down the two equally strong Anchorage power play units on all three occassion. The Armada however gave up a goal on one of their two penalty kills. Though Anaheim chose to play with one really strong power play unit and put them on the ice for 70% of the time, it was the less experienced second unit that eventuall converted a power play and scored the game tying goal for the Anaheim Outlaws.

[Image: Skree.gif]
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Credit for the images goes to @Carpy48, @soulja and @Wasty

Comment 1 - On the Rebound

We had a close night with the two goaltenders, the two being neck and neck for the duration of the game. When it comes to differentiating between Ian Venebles and Abroop Dhami, it's not immediately clear whom is the better goalie, even with the score in mind, the play of the game itself speaks for itself. First and foremost, we are going to go over the rebound control for the two goalies. When it comes to smothering the puck it’s almost an identical case for both, with 20 smothered rebound for Dhami and 19 for Venebles. When looking instead at the rebounds allowed though it becomes pretty clear who has a better grip on their glove. Dhami unfortunately had 7 uncontrolled rebound to the three of Venebles which is a stark difference and should be kept in mind. 138 Words.

Comment 2 - Hockeys next Best Baker

We had a close night with the two goaltenders, the two being neck and neck for the duration of the game. When it comes to differentiating between Ian Venebles and Abroop Dhami, it's not immediately clear whom is the better goalie, even with the score in mind, the play of the game itself speaks for itself. First and foremost, we are going to go over the rebound control for the two goalies. When it comes to smothering the puck it’s almost an identical case for both, with 20 smothered rebound for Dhami and 19 for Venebles. When looking instead at the rebounds allowed though it becomes pretty clear who has a better grip on their glove. Dhami unfortunately had 7 uncontrolled rebound to the three of Venebles which is a stark difference and should be kept in mind. 103 Words.

Comment 3 - Puck Luck Sagas
We have had some bad puck luck tonight with a total of 42 shots missing their mark, which is substantial when realizing the shot total combined stayed at 54 for what actually made it to the net. Without much further introduction, here are the unluckiest of the night. Tied for the runner up spot are the unlucky Ivan Maximus and Joe Kerr who managed three misses each, Kerr being able to double his total with a shot on net instead. The worst of the bunch tonight though was Daniel Bischoff whom missed the net four times, however this isn’t always a bad sign as a high shot total shows he is atleast making the effort, that combined with 6 shots that actually did make it through onto the net. 129 Words.

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Unsung Hero of the Game:
Tonight's unsung hero of the game was Kevin Robinson. Even though he didn't register any points and had a 0 +/-, he set a tone for the Outlaws that carried the team all the way through this 3 period grind. Robinson finished 13 for 23 (57%) on the draw with 2 hits in his 18 minutes of ice time. Robinson also peppered Venables with shots, putting seven pucks on goal. This undoubtedly wore Venables down and helped Anaheim capitalize in the eventual shootout win. Sometimes numbers don't fully quantify the impact that a player makes and I think tonight was one of those nights for Kevin Robinson.

Turning Point of the Game:
The first two periods of this game saw Anchorage out-shoot Anaheim 22 to 15 and it looked more lopsided than that at times. The outlaws could have considered themselves lucky to be within 1 goal after one period. All of that highlights how critical the team's play in the 3rd period was. Anaheim came out much more physical in period 3, goading the Armada into two early penalties. They turned the 2nd of those into a game tying power play goal from Rath McLeod. They kept the shots even at 7 to 7 and the momentum gained eventually carried them to a shootout win.

Difference Maker of the Game:
On the other side of the penalty coin, there was the Outlaws kill unit. Where Anchorage allowed a key goal on their second kill, Anaheim took care of business on all three penalty kills on the night. This included killing off minor infractions by Mike Richard (Holding) at 9:37 of the 3rd and Nicholas Owens (Tripping) at 17:45. That second kill in particular stands out, as there were under three minutes left to play in a tie game. Taking a bad penalty that late in the game could have ended Anaheim's night early but their PK unit did a fantastic job of shutting the Armada down and forcing overtime and eventually a shootout victory.

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Outlaws Stars
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3 Stars
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Saving Goals Till the End
What a strange game this was for goalies on both sides - both played extremely well throughout three periods and overtime, and then completely fell apart in the shootout. Anchorage Armada goalie Ian Venables stopped 22 of 24 shots for a save percentage of 0.917%, before letting in 5 of 7 shots he faced in the shootout (a sad 0.286% saved). Anaheim Outlaws goalie Abroop Dhami stopped an impressive 28 of 30 for a save percentage of 0.93% through regulaiton and overtime, before letting in 4 of 6 faced in the shootout (an also sad 0.333%, although enough to win the game). With a shootout lasting so long and with so many pucks finding their way into the net, a viewer could be forgiven for wondering if they'd been transported to the All-Star Skills Competition.

Shootout Spotlight
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Top 3 underrated players of the game

1. Augustus Wang of the Anchorage Armada had a nice underrated game in a game full of nothing happening. He got an assist though as well as 3 shots, 3 hits, and logged over a min of penalty kill time just for the cherry on top.

2. Stan Hanson of Anchorage makes the list for one reason and one reason only. Having only 16 minutes of ice time and just shattering everyone's bones on the ice with 7 hits is insane.

3. Jacob Riley - While he was a -1 for the game he also was very selfless in his time selling out to make the plays. He had a very painful 3 shots blocked, 1 hit, and well over 3 minutes of penalty kill time.

Top 3 overrated player of the game.

1. Leonid Kofix for Anaheim somehow gets the 2nd star of the game because he had a goal. He had 4 shots yea but he also had as much powerplay time as anyone else on his team so is it really special launching shots with a man advantage.

2. Kevin Robinson for Anaheim might stand out on the score sheet to some because of his 7 shots on goal which is impressive from an accuracy standpoint, if he could actually score a goal from all that. His stat sheet is devoid of anything except shots.

3. Daniel Bischoff for Anchorage much like Robinson above has a lot of shots on goal with 6 but adds basically nothing to it. Except for adding a 25% faceoff percentage.

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