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S52 Dragons Interested Prospect Thread
(This post was last modified: 01-16-2020, 08:54 AM by Wiad.)

1. How interested are you in joining the Dragons? Scale of 1-10. What do you know or like about the current team?

10! I know that the team is active, with a good locker room. I also know that the cup they won was covered with CHEESE and not cum! Smile

2. What kind of player are you looking to build? Are you open to advice to help you achieve personal and team success?

I'm definitely open to advice on how to make my player benefit the team the most. Especially with the switch to FHM, I will rely on experienced users to make the best build I can. I'm looking to make a two way defender that is very strong defensively with offensive upside. I really wanted to be pass-first but that might not be a great idea with STHS. Maybe I can re-focus on that after the switch to FHM.

3. Do you see yourself always having time for the SHL, is there anything that could negatively effect your activity level over the next year or so? (New Job, School program, travel, etc)

I'm out of school and I've started working. I expect life and my SHL activity to be very stable.

4. What Age group are you in, Under 20? Over 20? Over 30? (No worries if you don't want to reveal this).

Mid 20's.

5. Are you a hockey fan? What is your favorite NHL team?

I LOVE hockey! My favorite team is the CAPS!

6. What have you enjoyed most so far about the SHL? 

The people! Everyone has been warm, welcoming, fun, and helpful! It really is what makes this league super enjoyable.

7. Have you done any Media, GFX or Podcasts? Feel free to link one for us!

Not yet, but I will do one before the draft.

8. Currently the Dragons have a very deep young roster, anyone we pick will need to be patient. How would you feel about being a star for your SMJHL team another 2-3 seasons?

I would be super happy about that. I love Anchorage and would make more of an impact there than in the SHL at my current TPE.

9. Please let us know anything else you think would help us evaluate you as a potential future Dragons Superstar!!

I'm fairly active on the website and make sure to check in at least every other day. I am super active on Discord though. If I'm awake, then I'm on Discord.

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