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PGS S51: Game 46 - Carolina at Detroit

The Kraken Clip the Falcons Wings in OT Sending them Spiraling Down

Kraken (6-3-0) at Falcons  (7-2-0)
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This was sure to be a game to remember.  The Kraken were riding the high seas of a 3 game winning streak while the Falcons were flying high with their own 2 game win streak along with winning 7 of their first 9 games.  Both teams were looking to continue their hot streaks but knew that only one would come away with their streak intact.  Not only were their streaks on the line, but possibly the top spot in the standings as every point counts.  The Detroit Falcon home crowd was loud from the start and continued to be in full force until the finish.  

Starting Lines


Alexei Rykov - Phineas Gold - Ricky Bobby
Hans Schweinsteiger - Padraig Sarantez

Nolan McMahon


Kenny Kreller - Ville Virta - Kaarlo Kekkonen

Travis Bitties - Joakim Ohlund

Elle Rush

The 1st Period:
Pre-game jitters carried over into the opening minute of the game.  Both teams could be visibly seen not being comfortable with the puck on their sticks.  This could also be seen on the stat sheet as a combined 10 turn-overs happened in the first minute of the game.  Khabib Nurmagomedov of the Falcons did his part to help try and settle his teams nerves as he sent a rocket one-timer screaming over the left shoulder of the Kraken's goalie, Nolan McMahon at 1:27 of the first period.  The teams seemed content to stay out of the box, as neither team wanted to give their opponent a man advantage in the first period but Kaarlo Kekkonen of the Falcons took a hooking minor at 3:07.  Carolina was not able to capitalize on the man advantage.  About 15 minutes after scoring the opening goal, Khabib Nurmagomedov struck again, this time scoring on a two-on-one with a quick give-and-go with Travis Bitties, making it 2-0 Falcons.  The lead wouldn't hold up though as a little over a minute later, Michael Fitted of the Kraken scored off the face-off, cutting the deficit in half.

Shots after the 1st:  Kraken 9 - Falcons  6

Score after the 1st:  Kraken 1 - Falcons 2

The 2nd Period:
Carolina seemed to be playing with more purpose heading into the second period and after a slick tic-tac-toe play, the Kraken knotted the score at 2 at 2:37 of the second period.  Bobby Lane scored his fourth goal of the year.  The Kraken seemed to be trying to get the refs attention, for the wrong reasons as Zbigniew Pokrywka was given a minor for  diving at 7:32.  At 14:03, Padraig Sarantez was called for Interference.  There was a lot of jawing and some hard hits dished out, but no one tried to fight or throw a dirty hit.


Shots after the 2nd:  Kraken 14 - Falcons 14

Score after the 2nd:  Kraken  2 -   Falcons 2

The 3rd Period:

The third period saw the most action, as each team took more shots this period than in the previous two.  Each goalie came up with clutch saves and each had a contender for save of the year.  Neither team was able to score in the 3rd period and the game remained tied at 2 a piece.  Tensions were higher than normal during the period as Hans Schweinsteiger was called for a holding minor at 1:11.  Both Cassidy Lhotsky (DET) and Alexander Wachter were called for minors at 14:33.  Lhotsky was given a hooking  minor while Wachter was called for holding.  The penalties resulted in an electrifying 4 on 4 session of back and forth shooting, but both goalies stood on their heads and made sure that the score remained tied after 3 periods of play.

Shots after the 3rd:  
Kraken  22 -  Falcons  24

Score after the 3rd:   Kraken   2 -  Falcons 2


Entering overtime with the score tied at 2, both teams came out roaring.  The extra frame was not much different from the rest of the game.  No penalties were taken in the extra session.  No goals were given up, as the goalies continued their clinic in overtime.  There was however, a lot of jawing back and forth between the benches.  Although no one acted on it.  Both goalies were in their zone and were primed and ready for the action that awaited them in the shoot-out.    

Shots after OT:    Kraken 24 - Falcons 28

Score after OT:   Kraken  2  -  Falcons 2

In the shoot-out, Tom Fiddler of the Kraken took the first attempt.  He skated in low and shot a low rising puck into the pads of Falcons goalie Elle Rush.  The Falcons Khabib Nurmagomedov, who had both Falcons goals earlier in the game, was trying to get his 3rd of the game and came in quick.  He thought he had Kraken goalie Nolan McMahon beat on his stick side, but McMahon used the butt-end of his goalie stick to make the save.  Alexei Rykov of the Kraken was up next.  As he skated in, he faked going to his strong side.  Rush bit at the fake as Rykov went to his back-hand, stretched out his stick and scored.  It was reminiscent of Peter Forsberg's olympic goal.  Jmac Ncheese was up next for the Falcons.  He skated in fast, but the puck ended up rolling off his stick before he could get a shot away.  Bobby Lane of the Kraken skated in zigging and zagging as he tried to deke Rush, but Rush wasn't rushed and out waited Lane for the save.  In their last attempt, Kaarlo Kekkonen of the Falcons took off into the zone taking a straight path to the goalie like a man on a mission.  He was about 2 feet away before winding up and taking a slop shot that hit McMahon in the chest.  The Kraken won 3-2 and continue on with a 4 game win streak.  The Falcons pick up a point and have earned 7 points in their last 4 games.  

3 Stars of the Game:
1 - Khabib Nurmagomedov (DET)
2 - Michael Fitted (CAR)
3 - Bobby Lane (CAR)

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