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Weretarantula 1/19

Banner for Anchorage
[Image: lyP2Xqy.png]

Original Size
[Image: Q7dF3Wn.png]

[Image: first.png]
[Image: rWt4AB3.png][Image: rWt4AB3.png]
Armada Dragons Info - Updates  Dragons Armada

I love this banner. It's amazing. I am in no way biased. Good work WT!

[Image: dylan.png?width=300&height=300]
Sig by @Nokazoa
#3's awesome! great work!

[Image: 6yGtNq1.png]
Sig by Carpy48
[Image: ZdvabGY.png]
Sig by Carpy48

blessed banner

[Image: bYlOFne.png]
Specters Armada Switzerland

Scarecrows Ireland Stars pride Riot Blizzard

“guys did you know im retiring” - @bluesfan55

that's my mvp right there


[Image: dankestmemes69420.gif]

[Image: vhY18i8.png] [Image: gs89eGV.png] [Image: nBgNUTY.png]
Armada        Canada        Stampede

Oh that looks good.

[Image: Capt_Blitzkrieg.gif]
Thank You Carpy, Weretarantula, Geekusoid for the Sigs. GIF sig is my own.

we doin J banners now? littttt

[Image: GeckoeyGecko.gif]


I'll essentially grade this as a sig (just a different format):

Good job with cutting out the render and adding the team logo, however it looks weird that the render is just cut off at the bottom and seems to float in the image. Some blending work would've helped here, similar to how you merged the top of the image into this 3D-graphic. It just doesn't work at the bottom. The overlay on the white jersey also looks a little odd and it not using additional lighting makes it look rather flat and as if just slapped into the background. Working with lighting/shadows/highlights is an area you could try to explore a little as it helps to create depth. I like the use of the SMJHL logo, but considering the very busy background it just looks chaotic. The yellow font on top of the logo actually makes it even more chaotic, but at least it looks relatively clean compared to the text at the bottom of the image. Perhaps different blending options or just more text layers could help here.
Overall I can see a lot of work put into it and you had some good ideas about the individual elements, the challenge is to put them all together to make 'one' image out of them that has a nice flow. According to our grading rubic it's somewhere between a 2 and a 3.

2/5 + 150k

Total: 650k

[Image: Niz2wua.png]  [Image: egAspOO.png]
[Image: carpy48.gif]
all sigs made by me + special thanks to @Wasty

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