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S52 Anaheim Outlaws Interested Prospects

First time player in a Sim League and learning as I go. Looking to become a smooth skating Offensive Forward - Center that leans more on passing than shooting (Think Elias Pettersson) - I love the Canucks and love watching me some Dota (been following it for over a decade) - Looking forward to meeting you all!  tam#4509

Hi I'm MasterSh33p#1111 and I'm generally a fairly mellow person so I'm pretty easy to get along with. I've been working in accounting for nearly a decade and really like my job, have the best bosses, etc. I play a fair bit of PC games: CK2, OSRS, NHL 2004. Hope to be a solid member of this team.


I'm brand new to this site. I've played a sports simulation game before but it was years ago and it was completely different. I quite enjoyed it though. Unfortunately it was a soccer simulator which I'm not a big fan of so I'm happy to find a hockey simulator. 

To tell you about myself, I'm an old geezer (38, but I have two young kids so I feel 58) and I don't have a ton of free time but I'm really excited to learn how things work here. Hopefully I can make my player into a stud. That's the goal.


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