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Akashi SixNine Updates

ay yo

Sometimes plays nice with others
Keep on Skankin'

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4-0-1 fight record

Emeka Valentine-Okoli RaptorsRenegades

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Sig Credit: Flappy

First SMJHL Goal: Colorado Raptors, Emeka Valentine-Okoli 1 (Mikelis Ozoliņš 4, Loki Odinsson 3) at 3:12, 2nd Period (GWG) / SMJHL S47 Game 47 Day 12: Colorado Raptors vs Detroit Falcons
First SHL Goal: Texas Renegades, Emeka Valentine-Okoli 1 (Josef Kubinec 5, Ricky Spanish 4) at 16:23, 2nd Period / SHL S51 Game 71 Day 16: Edmonton Blizzard vs Texas Renegades

Eternal Raptors, onwards we roll Renegades
Current Fight Song: Play ("Shut Up") - TEK.LUN]

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