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Apricast #1
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Here is a quick pod i did talking about some of the things smjhl HO did this season and then some of the questons asked by @dylanjj37 @Gwdjohnson @thiefofcheeseand @SpartanGibbles 

Audio quality is bad and i have a cold but i needed to get this done before the reddit post and didnt so here it is...

Link to POD

(playtime 1:03)

This is some quality ASMR tbh. ZZZZZ

[Image: DaftRaincloud.gif]

[Image: SwHNBAO.jpg]

I had to max my volume and hold my phone speaker up to my ear just to hear the podcast at all but very interesting.

Honestly I had already forgotten that you were a stay at home dman when you created, but I can't complain since it helped you fall to Hammy at 17 lol. It's nice that you finally get to build the defensive dman STHS wouldn't allow you to without being a big liability. Maybe if I go down the big offence route you can be the guy who covers my ass when I play as a 4th forward lmao.

Also interesting to hear that the TPE players will have more of a quality gap than basically 1.1k being as good as 2k like on STHS, although that's not surprising given the new update scale. Not being able to go crazy and max out a whole bunch of stats is something I really like, especially considering the amount of stats there are.

I'm so hyped for the new engine aaaaaaaaa Ahh

[Image: gwdjohnson.gif]


This is cool.

If you would like to do a similar, joint shl/smjhl version later in the season let me know.

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Player Page
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Thanks for the insight GA. I like hearing a bit from HO so please keep it up!

Side note - the first mic boom made me think I hit something with my car. Scared the shit out of me for 2 seconds.

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