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Prospect Showcase Claim Thread
(This post was last modified: 01-17-2020, 01:09 PM by Mediocre_Fred.)

Day 24 please

Maybe 12? If no one else has that one. I haven't done one yet.

Or any of the non-claimed ones.

[Image: PXL_20210417_141640654.jpg]
[Image: PeZ8eh1.png] [Image: r2pSvNf.png]

I'm good with any game left unclaimed as a rookie and 1st one.

[Image: 1rdovVs.gif]

[Image: X6NDpNM.png][Image: 6eXcLdf.png]

01-17-2020, 12:40 PMLordBirdman Wrote: I'll take Day 12 if no other rookies want it (this would be my second prospect recap)

sorry only one game per person

[Image: Evok.gif]
[Image: X1byvfg.png]


If Day 29 is still unclaimed, i can do a write-up of that one.


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